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10 Diabetes Watches for Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Hey Diabetes peepers, having a diabetic continuous glucose monitor (CGM) watch on your wrist is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This article is about tracking your diabetic data on your smartwatch where you can monitor your blood sugar.

A watch actually does not monitor glucose but it works as a receiver with Dexcom technology. It is done through the Dexcom transmitter that sends information to the Dexcom app. Diabetes monitoring having a smartwatch or smartphone painlessly monitor your glucose rate in blood. 

In return for this information, a watch displays figures and graphs and generates notifications when the glucose rate exceeds or deceives by a specified limit.

Best Diabetes Watches to Continuously Monitor Blood Sugar

The first thing you should know is that there are many different kinds of continuous glucose monitoring devices. For example, there are sports watches, heart rate monitors, and exercise watches, and even more specialized ones. There are two reasons why these many different types of devices are available. First, the market for these products is very competitive and companies want to make sure they are the first to market by introducing the most technically advanced product on the market.

Second, the size of the market for these products is very large. It can be worn all day without becoming uncomfortable and it provides the most accurate readings of your blood glucose levels than any other type of monitor. These watches are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.

In our below list, smartwatches are capable to track your diabetic data continuously day and night. For the setup, you’ll require a Dexcom G6 sensor that will monitor blood sugar and transmit readings to the Dexcom app in your smartwatch. This is a husky and distinctive way to monitor diabetes.

Best watch to monitor diabetic glucose continuously!

Just imagine for a while, you are sitting somewhere at your favorite place with a bottle of cock. You get it in, its okay. When your blood gets much amount of glucose, you feel a vibration or beep that alerts you to not take anymore. It is pretty awesome to have such a caring companion always with you.

The great thing about the Dexcom G6 is its painless insertion. You can’t see its needle that is too small. The transmitter is small-sized and chopped in shape. You can easily wear it under clothing without getting noticed by anyone around.

With the best blood sugar testing watch, you can make pre-informed decisions. You watch gets signal and warns you about the rise or fall in the glucose trend. It is usually done 20 minutes earlier before the glucose rate gets worse. This feature makes an efficient deal.

Why a Smartwatch for Diabetes?

You have often monitored diabetes at home and you would certainly know how to take a glucose reading. If you are thinking about pricking the finger with a needle and then use a handheld glucose meter.

It’s absolutely not a continuous glucose monitoring way. It’s far from the ideal process. It only gives a snapshot of blood sugar reading, not a long term and continuous view. It needs to keep repeating several times a day. Yes, it is tricky and very painful to boot.

With the arrival of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, like a smartwatch for diabetes, technology achieved a milestone for human health care and their healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, a few years back, technology became a mainstream aimed at insulin-using diabetics. It has some micro sensors that work with a diabetic’s body. It gives them a better, independent view of what their blood glucose is doing. So that they take steps to keep readings in the true range.

So finally, there are top Diabetic Glucose watches that are fairly capable of continuously receiving your glucose alerts sent by a transmitter. That may be diabetes at home.

Today, in this article we will be having the most insightful review of the best watch for diabetic continuous glucose monitoring.

1. Apple Watch Series 5 Best for Diabetes

In passing time every person wants to become familiar with new technologies. Just because of spending their life easier and faster. Although this is the right thing to attach to new technologies here we miss health activities and fall into many types of diseases.  In that time of the era of Brands, everyone wants a brand. some person has used the brand to show off and someone needs to use the brand. They are brand loyal and know that this brand has a great feature that they want. 

Apple is a brand although they are top-ranked in different other brands. They provide you a lot of features for their customers and users.

Here we talk about the Apple smartwatch. Take a deep Tour and see whether they provide facilities or not. 

Never Seen a watch like this

Yeah, this is the right phrase. Some smartwatches have great features but one thing is that every time press the button and then watch. Oh what the time is, this is quite irritating every time you press the button and then watch your face on your smartwatch. This watch provides you a facility to watch every event on a smartwatch face on an active Screen face that is really amazing for a diabetes patient. 

Keep Eye On Your Heart

Now, what does it mean?  Well, the Apple smartwatch has an ultra feature where you can track your heartbeat every time on your smartwatch screen. This watch has a quality sensor and built-in app that monitors your heart activity and shows on your smartwatch face.

Things are getting a little loud

Some people get angry at loud noises. This noise also distracts your focus when you are doing your important work, like study and sleeping and others. This app has an alert system from noise. They track different noises and show you an alert message on Screen.

Medical Assistant

This smartwatch is your medical assistant that tracks your cycle with one tap. They track your menstrual cycle and maintain a log on it where you can get your daily health report.

Fitness Goal

You can achieve your daily fitness goal on your watch screen this helps to motivate you for more exercises.

This watch also has a GPS Tracking System where you can track the location.

Stream Your Favorite Song

Streaming music to Apple Watch is a great feature for those looking to stream music to their smart phones or home theater devices. With the Apple Watch, you can stay in touch with your favorite artists and listen to their music even when you are not at home. 

Although the activity app and the Health application already offer similar functionality, the Music app gives users even more options. You can now control not only the music player, but also control the video player, alarm, and much more with the new streaming music feature.

With apple music library you can stream up to 60 million songs on your smartwatch. This is could be great entertainment for diabetic patients.

Grab Your Location

This  Diabetic smartwatch has a great sense of tracking location. With the compass and GPS of this apple smartwatch, you can also find your direction in hard areas.

Get Connection with others

Pick up your call, notification and listen to music without reaching for the smartphone. Go and catch the watch to continue monitoring your blood glucose.

2. Apple watch Series 4 to Monitor Blood Sugar

Well as a brand loyal customer you can get a massive facility from that brand because you are familiar with this brand. This Apple smartwatch series 4 gives you a lot of features and facilities in daily life activities.

With this smartwatch, you can easily track your daily life activities with the soft design of this smartwatch. So let’s get started with a great diabetes apple smartwatch.

An Elegant Design 

This smartwatch has been designed according to standard parameters. This Elegant design is eye-catching and awesome. For a handsome personality, this Apple series smartwatch is best.

Monitor Your heart beats

A health-conscious person always worries about there health and this is reality and natural. Even spends a handsome amount of money in the hospital. With this smartwatch, you can track your heart rate and ECG. This smartwatch sends a notification whenever on the low heartbeat with built-in tracking sensors. This apple watch is very suitable for continuous diabetic glucose monitor.

Your Work Partner

whenever you are busy with your regular exercise activities and can not remember their activity counts. So this smartwatch Automatic detects your work out activities and maintains a log for it.

Goal Achievement 

you can make your tasks and share them with friends for daily achievements. This achievement motivates you to work harder and achieves your daily exercise goal.

Get Connect with world

with this smart, you can get a connection with the entire world. you can make a call and also receive notification and much more on apple screen

3. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Smartwatch for diabetes Patients

Smartwatches are not only named as smart but they are smart from some extra features where you get taken advantage of and feel like a pro. They have not only different tracking systems they also have pro features like seen the location GPS tracking and much more. Other devices like smartphones also track diabetes with the help of the Dexcom G6 transmitter

It is true that they also have your medical assistant that helps to monitor your body changes and get alert from different diseases like high blood pressure and monitor your Glucose level and diabetes. This Garmin Fenix 6 Pro counts maximum in all the smartwatches in the list.

High Tracking 

The advance monitoring operating system tracks your heart rate and also you sleeping activities. Where you can maintain your sleep time in your busy life

Sensor always along with you 

The pro sensor that is used inside this smartwatch tracks your GPS location and maps system. Whenever you make a plan of outing this watch is always with you on your wrist.

Watch with diabetic glucose continuous monitoring, is helpful when receiving alarms or alerts from diabetic glucose sensor for continuous monitor of blood sugar.

Stream your music

with Garmin Fenix, you can stream your music on your wrist. whenever you are in a special place and your phone might turn off you also get the facility to stream your music on your smartwatch.

Extra Battery power

The Battery power of this smartwatch is impressive.

The performance of the power is up to 14 days in smartwatch modes.

  • up to  10 days on GPS and music mode.
  • up to 28 days in expedition GPS activity mode.

They can show their performance on battery saver mode up to 48 days. That’s a cool feature.

4. Garmin fēnix 5 Plus Medical Assistant

If you are suffering from diabetes and you want to control the diabetics disease then you need a diabetic glucose watch continuous monitor, the watch which helps you to reduce your diabetic is Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus smartwatch.


Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus smartwatch has a rugged design that looks very great while wearing. This smartwatch has a domed sapphire lens and it also scratches resistance. It is made up of stainless steel and it has a rear case.It is 2 x 0.7 x 2 inches.


If you are a gym or jogging lover then this smartwatch does not feel that you are alone because in this watch you can easily play songs. This smartwatch can store up to 500 songs. You can connect this smartwatch with the Bluetooth headphones. This means that you will not disturb by a headphone cable and you can easily do your gym or jogging because this is also the best running watch with music.

Health care

The Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus smartwatch has an Ox Acclimation sensor and it also has a non-medical device that informs you of your blood oxygen saturation levels.

Battery timing

It is the smartwatch with a long battery life. This smartwatch can be used in a simple mode for approximately 20 days and if you want to use GPS mode and with music then this smartwatch can be used for 13 hours.


The weight of the Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus smartwatch is 86 g. The weight of this smartwatch is not so good. Because the other smartwatches which are available in the market nowadays are less in weight than Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. But the Garmin Fenix range price has a very good value in the market of sports watches and smartwatches. All three watches have the same size. If you want the small one then buy the 5S plus.


The Garmin Fēnix 5X Plus smartwatch is available in the market in many colors. It is available in the market in thirteen (13) colors some of them are given below:

  1. Black W/Black Leather Band
  2. Black W/Black band
  3. Carbon Gray
  4. Silver W/Black band
  5. Titanium W/Orange Band
  6. Black w/Black Band
  7. Rose Gold W/White Band
  8. Silver W/Gray Suede Band
  9. Silver W/White Band
  10. Silver w/Black etc

Sizes and styles

The Garmin Fēnix 5X Plus smartwatch is available in market in many sizes and styles:


  • 5 Plus
  • 55 Plus
  • 5X Plus


  • Sapphire
  • Glass


It is available in three (3) patterns.

  • Watch
  • Watch and band
  • Watch and heart rate monitor

5. Fitbit Ionic Diabetes Smart Watch

If you need the best smartwatch for diabetes then Fitbit Ionic watch helps you to reduce the diabetics. It is the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. This smartwatch also has a pulse continuous heart rate tracking system


The Fitbit Ionic watch is 10 x 6 x 3 inches.It has corning gorilla glass 3 which is damage resistant. It has small and large bands for a perfect fit.


The Fitbit Ionic watch has a music player. In this smartwatch, you can store 300 songs above . In this smartwatch, the manufacturers provide a facility that you can easily access and download the stations from Pandora, and also you can download playlists from Deezer. You can connect Bluetooth headphones with this smartwatch.

Global Positioning System(GPS)

If you are a travel lover then this smartwatch is best for you because while traveling you need a map or a person that knows all the places and roads to finish this problem. Now GPS system is used in almost all the smartwatches the GPS system navigates you and reaches you to your destination. This smartwatch also has a  pulse continuous heart rate tracking system. Dexcom g6 compatibility of this watch make it clear to use for diabetic glucose continuous monitor.

Apps and payments

In this smartwatch, you can easily access your favorite apps like a workout, sports, and much more. This smartwatch has nfc chip through which you can easily pay your payments.


The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is a perfect tracker smartwatch because it tracks your run, ride, workout, swim(It is waterproof to 50 meters), sleep and it tracks your activity all day. 

Battery timing

It does not have good battery timing if we compare it with Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus. It has 4 plus days battery life and it also depends on your use, while Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus can be used in a simple mode for approximately 20 days.


  1. Blue-gray/Silver
  2. Blue-gray/Silver
  3. Charcoal/Smoke Gray
  4. Slate Blue/Burnt Orange

6. Amazfit Bip Medical Smartwatch


The Amazit Bip Smartwatch is 1.28 inches always bright display. On first impressions, it looks very cool. It has a 176 x 176-pixel color screen which is very low resolution. In this smartwatch, the manufacturers used black bezel at the surrounded.

Battery timing

The Amazit Bip Smartwatch has 30 days battery life which is good if we compare with Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus smartwatch and Fitbit Ionic watch on an only single charge of 2.5 hours.

Health care

The Amazit Bip Smartwatch has Optical heart rate monitoring. It also has GPS to monitor your daily steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Sport modes

The Amazit Bip Smartwatch comes in 4 different sport modes which are given below:

  1. Outdoor running
  2. Treadmill
  3. Cycling 
  4. Walking

Notifications and calls

In this smartwatch, you can get your email notifications, SMS and also you can receive your calls. It also informs you about your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Snapchat notifications.


The Amazit Bip Smartwatch has 32g weight which is lightweight.


The Amazit Bip Smartwatch is available in the market in many colors. It is available in four (4) colors which are given below:

  1. Cinnabar Red
  2. Kokoda Green
  3. Onyx BLACK
  4. White Cloud

7. TicWatch Pro with 4G/LTE

In TicWatch Pro with 4G/LTE used plastic frame and around the display used bezel stainless steel and at the backside the manufacturers used aluminum.

The use of metal and plastic makes TicWatch Pro smartwatch lightweight. TicWatch Pro smartwatch is MIL-STD-810G certified and IP68 water-resistant; this means that it is dust, water, cold, and hot temperature proof.

RAM, Processor, and storage

The smartwatch has 1GB RAM and Snapdragon 2100 processor and above all have 4GB storage. The processor which is used in this smartwatch is outdated.


The TicWatch Pro smartwatch 1.39-inch size LCD is used and it has a 1.39 inch AMOLED panel. It has a dual-layer display which is a low power LCD.

Battery timing

TicWatch Pro smartwatch has 2 modes the one is the smart mode and the second is Essential Mode. In smart mode, the battery timing is 2 days and in Essential mode, the battery timing is 5 days. You will get up to 18 hours if you use cellular use.

GPS Technology

The smartwatch has GPS technology through this you can easily see your location or destination.

Sleep Tracking and Heart monitoring

If you really care about your health then TicWatch Pro smartwatch is the strong choice for you because it has a sleep tracking system and heart rate monitoring system which gives you your daily reports for this you need to download an app in your TicWatch Pro smartwatch which is Tic sleep. It is a continuous glucose monitoring device.

8. TicWatch Pro Premium Smartwatch

This watch has many important medical features to track your health data along with diabetic glucose continuous monitor.

Smart Mode

In the smart mode of this smartwatch which is specially designed for monitoring the diabetic glucose includes Amoled  display, the google assistant include in it and thousands of apps which you can access easily through playstore.

Essential Mode

The essential mode has many beneficial features which includes power saving display which uses FSTN LCD. The common problem which faces so many users is to use the smartwatch under sunlight. 

Under sunlight it will be very hard to read or see the data. But do not worry its screen is highly readable in all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is sunny or cloudy.

The question may arise in your mind that what type of data we can see on this smartwatch in essential mode, so the 

The answer is that you can easily see essential information like time, date, heart rate and step counter and notification received.

Health Monitoring

From A health point of view this smartwatch has so many amazing features for monitoring the health activities which are heart rate monitoring features. So the user can easily monitor his or her heart rate during any outdoor or indoor activities. Another interesting feature in this smartwatch is that it can count calories Burned. So, keep in touch with this watch to continuous monitor the diabetic glucose. 

Battery Timing

The battery timing of this beautiful and stylish watch for monitoring the deabetic glucose at smart mode is two ( 2 ) days. And if the user set this smartwatch for monitoring the diabetic glucose at essential mode then this beautiful smartwatch will get thirty days ( 30 ) of battery life which is so much amazing feature.

Please do not use fast charging of 2.1A for charging. If you do this then there is so maximum possibility that the charger will fire.

So when the battery of this smartwatch gets low, use only a computer USB port or any USB power adapter which has 5V  1A.

9. Fossil Gen 5

Fitness Monitoring

This smartwatch not only tell time and date or set it to alarm , in this smartwatch some features are included for health monitoring. Due to health monitoring features you can easily check and update with your health, so you can easily maintain your health and try to make it more better for your life. 

Because good health is so much more important than any other thing in life.

You can easily check or read your heart rate during any physical activity or when you are in rest position. 

The feature of heart rate tracking is done possible with the only one Google fit.

GPS Tracking

When you are going camping or you are going to run or you are going cycling and you are going in the boat at sea , so in these types of situations the GPS keeps you energetic and alert in the activity. 

This smartwatch has GPS tracker so you are able to easily measure your distance from destination or you can check any distance of any place very easily just by touching your beautiful and stylish smartwatch.

Battery Life

For the purpose of diabetic glucose watch continuous monitor, the very important and noticeable thing in this is its battery timing. So now we tell you the battery timing of this smartwatch. So the battery life of this smartwatch is slightly over a day in its screen enabled mode.Magnetic charging mechanisms make it smarter in this way as much better than the pin connection charging.

Connect with Smartphone

When the smartphone is in the pocket or in the purse then it is difficult to remain updated with the notifications from facebook , whatsapp, twitter and instagram etc. So this smartwatch has the ability to connect with your smartphone notification manager and the Dexcom G6 transmitter as long as it is in Bluetooth range. Transmitter sends the diabetes data to the smartwatch on your wrist.

So, you are easily in touch with your social life even if you have a sugar threat.

10. All Call Waterproof smartwatch

Connect with smartphone

This smart watch has the ability to easily connect with the user’s smartphone to monitor diabetic glucose in a continuous way. So when the user is driving or may be busy at any other activity where the user can not check his smartphone for calls or messages or other social media notifications. So, this smartwatch provides easy access to view these notifications.

Send and Receive Data

If you want to send messages from this smartwatch so you do one more step for this purpose. You only have to insert the Sim card. 

After inserting the Sim card in this smartwatch you can easily send messages and make so many calls through this smartwatch.

Listen Music

when the person is busy at any other activity and gets bored so mostly people make the activity interesting by listening to music on their smartphone or any other digital device. So they include the feature of music in this smartwatch. 

You will do only for listening to music. You just play the music on his or her smartphone and connect with the smartwatch through bluetooth. After connecting to the smartphone through bluetooth so the user can control the playlist of his or her favorite songs through this beautiful and stylish smartwatch.

Battery Life

The battery life of this smartwatch is very well. You can do running, hiking or whatever you want to do for up to two days on just a single charge.

Bonus Tip for Buying Fitness Tracker for Diabetics

Many smartwatches have the ability to monitor the diabetic glucose level in the human body in continuous manner. But some are expensive while others are not according to their features and brand names and their level and status in the market of smartwatches. 

So if you have not enough money to buy a stylish and good smartwatch with so many features then I suggest you buy that durable smartwatch that can monitor the diabetic glucose level. Just Ignore the beauty and all the other features.

See our guide to insulin pumps for diabetes patients.

Diabetic Watch- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the Apple watch have the ability to detect the sugar level in the body?

The Apple Watch does not have any sensor that monitors the glucose levels in the body; it collects the data from the Dexcom device and displays the data on the watch through an app.

Q: Is Fitbit good for diabetics?

Yes, Fitbit is good about monitoring diabetes. Fitbit is now pairing with the company Dexcom to create a device that can monitor glucose levels in the body continuously.

Q: Is high blood sugar the cause of breathing illness?

High blood sugar may be the cause of shortness of breath or vomiting or nausea.

Q: Is a smartwatch measuring blood pressure?

Yes, these smartwatches have the ability to monitor the heart rate of the person. And show the data on the screen.

Q: Reading of the normal blood sugar?

If the reading of the blood sugar is under 100 mg/dL in fasting at least 8 hours.

Q: How to quickly low down the sugar level naturally?

  • If you do exercise regularly.
  • Every day drink water and keep your body hydrated.
  • And control the level of stress on your mind etc…

Q: Is a smartwatch detecting a heart attack?

If you are worried about a heart attack then I recommend you to use the Apple watch series. Because if your heart rate falters then this watch raises the alert.

Q: Are smartwatches harmful to the body?

The technology used in smartwatches like Bluetooth and Wifi does not cause physical damage to the body.

Q: What is the normal blood sugar level for 2 diabetes?

If your blood sugar level is under 140 mg/dl then this is normal.

Q: Which blood sugar level is dangerous?

If your blood sugar level is between 240 to 300 mg/dl then this is so high.


With these smartwatches you can check your diabetic glucose level at any place and any time. If you are in the car and driving it then it is so simple to check it during the driving through smartwatch without the fear of accident. Just to touch the finger on the screen of a smartwatch then it will tell you the diabetic glucose level. If you are so busy in your daily life then I suggest you at least buy the smartwatch which can tell the diabetic glucose level in your body at the correct time. So you can save yourself from serious issues caused by low or high glucose levels. Be careful about your diabetes and keep your eye on the smartwatch data. 

All the smartwatches in the list have almost the same features but some smartwatches are more stylish and durable, some smartwatches are very expensive on the other hand some smartwatches are not so expensive. Some are made for rich people and some for the middle class. 

So, make your decision to not let your expenses out of your pocket. Let us know about your pick in the comment section below. It helps alot to others. Thanks!

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