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Best Smartwatch For Dexcom G6 in 2022 [Ultimate Review]

A  smartwatch for Dexcom g6 allows your diabetes treatment on the go. In this article, we’ll get an insightful review of the Dexcom G6 compatible watches that work well for Dexcom G6 sensor.

Gone are the days when people have to remain for so long in the queue just to check out their glucose or heart level at a hospital.

Now you can do this at your home via the best smartwatch for Dexcom G6 after every five minutes without opening boxes of medical equipment with the help of Dexcom G6 technology and a smartwatch. If you are looking for a smartwatch of android or apple, that can check your sugar level and other health stats. I am telling you, you would not be able to find out any apple or android smartwatch like this that accomplishes your ambition. Because this can not achieve by one smartwatch only.

  • If you already own a watch, you can check here whether it is compatible with the Dexcom G6.

List of Top Rated Dexcom G6 compatible smartwatches

Choosing a Dexcom G6 to continuously monitor your diabetic blood glucose sugar level, is a great step. Our list contains the best watches of the era that are compatible with the Dexcom G6 app.

The world is fastly moving towards digitalization. People are coming smarter in choosing gadgets like the Best Smartwatch For Dexcom g6, with time which is running very short. People buying and ordering daily meals from their smartphones. We are Booking flights and trips on online platforms. Now it’s time to bring tech into your health and fitness.

What is Dexcom G6? 

Let me explain to you in detail. Dexcom G6 is the technology used to monitor your health numbers such as your sugar level, heartbeat test, blood pressure level, etc. But it’s working is a little interesting. It has a sensor that is inserted just under your skin. This sensor transmits information about your glucose levels through a small transmitter to your receiver or smart device.

You can wear it during bathing and swimming so it’s a waterproof technology as well. It will also tell you if your glucose levels are too high or too low using alarms with different tones. If you’re someone like me who always forgets to take care of their health then this is the best option for you. You can simply wear it and do your daily tasks without worrying about your health because Dexcom G6 will take care of that for you.

How to direct Dexcom g6 with a Smartwatch?

I would have to find exactly what Dexcom said to be sure.

But roughly from memory, Dexcom does not intend the watch to be able to act as a full-featured Receiver including all functionality.

The idea would be to allow direct data communication from the transmitter to the watch without needing to hop through the phone.

However, the watch would not be able to completely control the transmitter. You would still need another full-featured device such as the Tandem X2 pump, the Dexcom Receiver, or the Dexcom Mobile App running on a smartphone. (ignoring the non-Dexcom apps).

Dexcom continuously sends information to your smartphone which in return sends this information to your smartwatch, this complete process is achieved by Transmitter. It can be used by humans with a minimum age of 24 months.

When you are looking to buy a smartwatch you must know the fact that it won’t work with Dexcom G6 technology directly but with the help of a Transmitter as mentioned above.

Smartwatches such as an android watch or apple watch need Compatability. Before buying the smartwatch with Dexcom G6 technology must consider the following information mentioned below. 

  • The Dexcom G6 works with AndroidWear OS version of 1.0 to 2.0
  • The Smartwatch will work with GoogleWear OS of 2.0 to 2.9
  • The Android or Apple smartwatch should have transmitter support for sending data to a smartphone
  • A device with Watch OS of 3.0 to 5.2.1. This doesn’t mean that it won’t work with the android version greater than the 5.2.1 it will work but we have mentioned the minimum possible range for you.

The Garmin release this Garmin Fenix 6 android smartwatch in August 2019. The manufacture of this android smartwatch adds some little update in design and features over the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. This is available in 6 and 6 pro models.


The case of this smartwatch is 47mm and display is 1.3 inches, 240 x 240. Due to it’s vibrant display it is easy to read data.

Body Material

The outer cover of this smartwatch is in steel with a titanium bezel. Such materials make it one of the best-ruged smartwatch.

Watch Bands

This smartwatch comes with Interchangeable bands. The length of this smartwatch band is 22mm. you can try a variety of bands matching your dress and overall style. Normally, diabetes peepers are curious to know about the Garmin smartwatch collection that is compatible with the Dexcom G6 app. People with diabetes want their Carbs count, glucometer, and all-in-one activity tracker.


The very interesting feature of this smartwatch which I noticed is that it has Pulse Ox Sensors.

So through the beautiful feature of this smartwatch, you will check your heartbeat at any time and any place no matter what are you doing. To check your heartbeat, heart rhythm, fall detection, and Emergency SOS are so much easy because the smartwatch always on your wrist so you easily check your heart information while walking, running, swimming and sleeping, etc.


In this smartwatch, it has preloaded TOPO maps and also ski maps for its beautiful users. Another feature of this smartwatch is that it has multiple global navigation systems in it (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo).

Keep On Right Path

If you are going on any trip or you go hiking then this smartwatch will be very helpful for you during the beautiful journey of your life. With the GPS feature of this smartwatch, you will not go on the wrong track and destroy your beautiful journey. This smartwatch will always keep you on the right way.

Battery Performance

The battery performance of this smartwatch is so much amazing. The battery timing of this smartwatch in smartwatch mode is up to 14 days. This Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch will work for 10 hours in GPS mode and also in music mode. This smartwatch work for up to 28 days in expedition GPS activity mode. And this smartwatch for up to 48 days in battery saver watch mode.

See our top reviewed diabetes watches.


The screen size of this smartwatch is 1.2 inches with the 240 x 240 resolution. The screen size of this smartwatch is not new because the Garmin Fenix 5 has the same screen size.


The weight of this smartwatch is 86 g. The 86g weight of this smartwatch is not so good. Because nowadays the other smartwatches is less in weight than Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. But the Garmin Fenix range has a very good value in the market of sports watches and smartwatches.
All three watches have the same size. If you want the small one then buy the 5S plus.

Smart Watch Straps

The weight of the three smartwatches not so good but the Garmin’s silicon straps are so amazing. The strap of this smartwatch is so much nice and so much comfortable.

Health and Care

The very interesting feature of this smartwatch is that it has a built-in heartbeat sensor. If you are going for a workout then go with this smartwatch because it monitors all matrices when you are doing the workout. It will monitor your heartbeat and oxygen level etc. This smartwatch has the support of First beat Algorithms. Due to which it can do advanced Biometric Calculations.

This health smartwatch is a great source of Dexcom G6 data when it is integrated with the Dexcom app.


The data screens of this smartwatch are fully customizable according to user needs. One of the amazing features of this smartwatch is that it has fully topographic maps.

Discreetly View Your Blood Glucose Reading with Apple watch. This apple branded watch is one of the best watches in our Best smartwatch for Dexcom g6. Possibly, you have never seen an apple smartwatch like this. It comes with free  Premium Apple Care+ bundle.


The design of this apple smartwatch is very consistent overall. It consists of an oval shape dial with rounded edges making it very very smooth. This apple smartwatch supports Dexcom G6 technology. Apple smartwatch is available in matte black color. It requires IOS operating system to transmit and receive information from a smartphone. This smartwatch came with a 30% extra screen with the concept of Always-On Retina, which means that the screen always lighted up. You always have the chance to look at the time and watch face in any situation.

Heart Monitoring and ECG

This apple smartwatch comes with a feature that consistently provides information about heartbeat rate. This smartwatch allows you to check your heart rhythm with ECG application. Apple smartwatch also has something incredible, this time it has a noise scale that reminds you when the noise level reaches the limit that can hurt your ears badly.

Tracking app

Apple smartwatch has a creative feature of a cycle tracking app. This feature allows you to balance your menstrual cycle and log information related to it. Menstrual Cycle provides information about important hormones in the body to keep you fit and healthy. 

Fitness and Motivation

This apple smartwatch 5 has a very important aspect of fitness level. In this Smartwatch you can easily set your fitness goals like 50 pushups, 20 situps, and 10 jumps daily with a specific time limit. It also motivates the person that is wearing this apple smartwatch, if you miss your fitness goal on any specific time (that you have set) the apple smart watch will remind you. 

The smartwatch’s amazing graphics ring will motivate you to run quicker, relax less, drive extra and exercise every day. By using this smartwatch you can even compete with your friends and family members by comparing your exercise stats. 

This apple smart we added in our list of best smartwatch for dexcom g6. This apple brand smartwatch is a bit similar to the Apple smartwatch series 5 but this smartwatch has a variety of different colors. It requires iPhone 5s or later model with the IOS version with 12 or late.


Apple Smartwatch comes up with an elegant design and look. Frame with rounded edges and 30% extra widescreen space. Overall the design of the Apple smartwatch is very smooth with consistent front and back. There is a type of wheel shape button known as Digital Crown of Apple Smartwatch on the side of a smartwatch that helps the user to easily scroll up and down the screen. The band of Apple smartwatch comes in a loop shape that easily fits into any wrist size. The texture of the loop type band is fishy. The design has truly reset the watch criteria.


This Apple smartwatch has different color combinations for the frame and loop of the smartwatch respectively. These combinations are:

  • Smartwatch Frame of Silver with Seashell Loop
  • Smartwatch Space gray Frame with Black Sport Loop
  • Gold Frame with Pink Sand Loop Smartwatch
  • Silver Color Frame Smartwatch with White Sand Sport Loop

Effective Health Monitor

Apple smartwatch is truly for you if you are health conscious. Apple smartwatch comes up with several new features of ECG, heartbeat, heart rhythm, fall detection, and Emergency SOS. The Apple smartwatch is designed so that it can improve your health in all expedient fashions.

Workout, Activity Tracker

This Apple Smartwatch has workout and gym features. The smartwatch can automatically detect workouts. It has a vital role in hiking and yoga works. So, with this smart watch you not only handle your diabetes treatment but it can be also your yoga workout’s watch

Smartwatch Occupies premium features for runners like rhythm and movement warnings. Activity tracking another aspect of this smartwatch where you can set goals, share activities with friends, personalized challenges and weekly/monthly ends.


Apple Smartwatch 4 can easily connect to the walkie-talkie, mobile phones. It occupies Siri and other famous virtual assistants shortcuts at your wrist. You can use your favorite apps on Apple Smartwatch 4.
Make your final decision after reading the pros and cons section.

The Amazfit Verge SmartWatch is a beautiful combo of style and technology for compatibility with Dexcom G6.

Health and Care

This smartwatch is also very helpful for you to monitor your body’s progress during walking, running and sleeping, etc. This smartwatch has advanced built-in sensors and twelve tracking modes for sport like run, soccer, trail run, cycling, walking, etc. With the help of this smartwatch, you can monitor your heart rate and you can do sleep analysis and also fitness.

Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa is included in this smartwatch. So due to Amazon Alexa, it comes to a high level of smartwatches.
Due to Amazon Alexa in this smartwatch, you can hear weather forecasts. If you are a sports fan then this smartwatch is definitely for you because you can be able to hear to listen to sports updates at any time and at any place.
The following features are added in this smartwatch due to the existence of Amazon Alexa in this smartwatch.

Personalize Interest

You can set your favorite topics and also personalize your interest in news and content on this smartwatch.

Support Update

You get the latest support update by this smart watch. We can easily link the Google, Microsoft, Apple and Exchange calendars to this smart watch.

All the watches have the alarm feature. It does not matter that the watch is classical or smart. The basic requirement which the user except the watch is that it tells the time and the alarm feature.
How is this possible that this smartwatch has not the alarm feature. This smartwatch provides the alarm feature to its beautiful users.

TicWatch Pro is very famous watch because of its feature. It is an excellent smartwatch and gives handsome look. This smartwatch is also compatible with Dexcom G6 sensor to measure diabetes.


The manufacturers used plastic frame in this smart watch and they also used bezel stainless steel around the display of this smart watch and the back side of this smart watch is used aluminum.

Used of metal and plastic makes TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smart watch lightweight. TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smart watch is MIL-STD-810G certified and IP68 water-resistant it means that this watch is water, dust and very hot and cold temperature proof.

Processor, RAM and storage

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smart watch has Snapdragon 2100 processor and 1GB RAM and this smart watch has 4GB storage. The processor which is used in this smart watch is out dated.


It has a low power LCD which is a dual layer displayed and the size of LCD is 1.39 inch and it has a 1.39 inch AMOLED panel.

It has two buttons which is made up of metal is given on the right side of the smart watch. But both two buttons not work as scroll wheel.

Battery timing

There are two modes which are given in this smart watch which are smart mode and other is Essential Mode. In smart mode the battery time is 2 days and in Essential mode the battery time is 5 days. You will get up to 18 hours you use this smart watch for cellular use.

GPS Technology

We can easily link the Google, Microsoft, Apple and Exchange calendars to this smart watch. In TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch the manufacturer’s gives GPS technology for you that when you go to any tour or any place then you can easily see your location and you can go you destination.

Sleep Tracking and Heart monitoring

.If you are a person that really care about his health then TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smart watch is really a best option for you because it has a sleep tracking system in this system the smart watch check your progress of your sleep and tells you report about your sleep for this all function you need to download a app in you TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smart watch which is Ticsleep and this app is not so heavy and this smart watch also monitors your heart rating daily and gives to you proper report. In this way you can easily care about your health.

TicWatch Pro Premium Smart Watch is another smart watch which comes from TicWatch brand. This watch is perfect for you if you really care about your because those features which are given in this watch.


The carbon fiber is used in the case of TicWatch Pro Premium Smart Watch which gives you a premium look. The outer side of the straps is made up of elegant genuine leather and while the inner side of the strip is made up of silicon layer which is skin friendly. The materials which are used in the straps of this smart watch give you high level comfort and also absorb your sweat. This smart watch has ability to fight with extreme hot and cold temperature. It is also dust and water proof.

GPS technology

The TicWatch Pro Premium Smart Watch has a GPS technology if you go for a trip or journey then this smart watch is very helpful for you because this smart watch gives you your location and you will not lost in the area then you go you directly your destination.

Health care

If you are very sensitive about your health then this watch is perfect for you because this watch has sensors which provide you report of your heart rating and it also has a fitness tracker. If you regular go for jogging then this watch very helpful for you because this smart watch has a step counters and also gives your speed of running.

Operating System

The TicWatch Pro Premium Smart Watch has wear OS operating system which is made by Google.


The dimension of TicWatch Pro Premium Smart Watch is D45mm x 12.6mm

RAM, Storage and processor

The RAM which is used in this smart watch is 512mb and storage is 4GGB and the processor is Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™.

Battery timing

The battery timing of this is excellent. If you use smart mode then the battery life is 2 to 5 days. If you want more days battery life then you use Essential mode because in Essential mode the battery life is up to 30 days.


In the modern era, the new technology makes life easy and comfortable. Nowadays personality count’s in every field of life in houses, offices, meetings in daily life. Some of the personality conscious people prefer different things like smart watches, Rings, good looking tie and much more. 

Smart watches make the men personality outlooks, So and android smart watches taking some steps for personality conscious people and introduce new handsome smart watches for men/women.  Google also participates in these products to attach their modern features and OS into it. 

Fossel Gen 5 smartwatch is one of top medical and health tracking watches that work fine with Dexcom G6.

Ram and Storage Capacity

There are millions of devices in the world all of them have their unique feature that is different from another. This watch has 8GB of storage and 1G ram capacity. Users can easily install third-party applications.

Are these applications easy to use? Yes, the OS is the same as android and IOS so every person used those applications easily.


The design of this android smart watch is very incredible. Slim band, a light case that’s makes this smartwatch different from others. They give a decent look for men’s personality. Their realistic features make this smart watch ranked on high as simple watches.

Body Size

This body size of this watch is specially designed for good personality persons.

Slim band

The band size of this watch is 22mm. They are interchangeable with all Fossil 22mm bands.

Case size

The case size of this watch is 44mm.they give a handsome look on the hand.

Screen size

The screen size of this watch is 1.28 inches. This screen is well organized inside the case of the watch.

Fast Charging

Accessories that are provided with the device that is important for the durability of the product. Although they have high OS features. But they also have a fast charging facility up to 80% that is a very attractive feature about hardware accessories.
Here the question arises in the mind of every user.
What does 80% mean?
So this means that with the fast charger, charging is up to 80% within the hour.

OS Features

Although this smartwatch has a decent look, they also have decent as OS wise.
Now, what does a decent OS mean?
This is not decent as like a person personality, but there feature makes this watch decent.

1) The heart rate activity counts in per/sec feature make this android watch wonderful as compared to simple watch.

2) The notification of the smartphone is also received on this android smart watch.

3) They have a speaker that is used for alert messaging and talking phone calls.

4) This watch is also a response to the Google assistant that is embedded from Google and has an impressive feature of this watch.

In the modern era, every single person wants to spend their easy and comfortable life with new technologies. And today men are very conscious about their personality as compared to old peoples although that also have very conscious people, with the new time we can’t say that both are same as personality-wise because in the modern era they have a lot of new inventions every single day. With the new inventions, they also seek the personality of the person. Nowadays smart watches count in the personality of the person either they are men/women. This smart watch is also designed for good looking persons with high-quality material. And some extra features that make this smartwatch different from simple watches.


This watch is designed for all those persons who have a passion for work they may be swimming, hiking, skiing. All feature’s count this watch as the best sports watch. They have a unique design with low weight, every person wants that type of product whose low in weight but more in the feature. This watch is best for that type of person.


Most of the watches have some unique feature, but this waterproof feature is not common in all watches. This watch has a high water resistance quality so the swimmer can use this watch during swimming.


Although there are many smart watches of different company’s different brands there are less in count who have a camera in the android watch. This watch has a camera to capture their memorable moment with this watch.

Storage and Third part Application

This application has extra storage to add third-party applications like Google play music, Twitter, Email, Messaging, and other features. Users can install any type of application that they want in this smart watch.

Messaging and phone call

This smart watch phone has a call and message facility on It (Need Sims card). There is no need for a smartphone when all the features are provided in one device.

Monitoring and tracking mode

This watch has a highly advanced sensor system. They can be monitoring heart rate, also tracking 9 different sports modes like run, bike, walk, basketball, soccer, badminton, etc.


Different accessories are provided with this watch to make this match incredible.

1)  This watch has a removable belt so they are easily changeable.

2)  The battery timing of this watch is 2 days only a single charge so it is very efficient for sports and another occasion like hiking.

This smartwatch is the perfect combination of Style and technology.

This Tic Watch E2 has probably the same feature as the smart watches in this series. But some features of this watch makes this smartwatch differ from other series of smart watches, that is compatible with android and ISO.


Although this smartwatch has the same feature, they are also available in different colors. In different colors, they have different prices. The E2-shadow color, S2-Midnight color, S2-white color in this series of a small smart watch.


The Attractive design of the product counts in the personality of the person. This smartwatch has very attractive in design. The elegant screen of this smartwatch is looking so pretty with a handsome case and smooth corners.

Warranty Policy

This smartwatch has a very good feature but the warranty policy is very impressive.30 days of money back with every reason and 12-month warranty of cash back for quality-related issues. This is an extra accessory that is not available for all the smartwatches in this series.


They have a lot of different features but the most important feature of this watch is waterproof capability. So swimmers can easily use all the functionality of the smartphone at 50 meters in water.


There is an extra space for the third party application you can install easily and also use social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and much more.

Fast Charging

There is a fast charger available with this watch so you can easily charge the battery of this smart watch.

Connection with world

Here you can get every notification and call received on your smartwatch, so you don’t need a smartphone in your pocket. Every feature that has been provided in a smartphone this smartwatch allows getting all the same facility with this watch.

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How to Choose the Best Smartwatch for Dexcom G6? Capabilities to Consider

You probably know a smartwatch is more than a timepiece. It stays on your wrist and performs like a mini-computer. Buying a smartwatch for Dexcom G6 is probably more challenging and a hard decision. If you gonna buy a smartwatch for the first time then consider the following key factors.


Compatibility comes on the first priority. If a smartwatch isn’t compatible with your Dexcom G6 sensor, or with your smartphone. Then it could be a worthless purchase. The pairing would be only successful if both devices communicate with the same network.

Some smartwatches come with their own connectivity protocols.

Comfortable to Wear

Smartwatch should be comfortable to wear day and night. It should not feel clunky even during activities. Activity Smartwatches are designed with minimal sizes to feel less bulky. Many newly-released smartwatches come in less bulky, round screen shapes to offer more comfort to a diabetic patient.

Good Battery Life

Battery life depends on your watch selection. Many come with large battery life and others with short. Battery depends upon dedicated features and offerings of the watch. 

Water Resistance

Every smartwatch is water-resistant to some extent. But there are few who can stay in the pool for a minute long. Check the specifications according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there a Fitbit that monitors blood sugar?

Fitbit’s new glucose tracking feature allows users to log blood glucose meter data into the Fitbit app. The company says the feature is designed for people with diabetes and is not meant to replace medical devices or be used as a diagnostic tool.

Q2: Can you monitor blood sugar with Apple Watch?

Yes, you can monitor your blood glucose with the Apple Watch. One Drop is a diabetes management app that provides you with a complete picture of your health. It’s designed to help you better understand and manage your diabetes, and it works on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.


As we have mentioned above several times that there is no way to connect your watch with Dexcom. It has to be done through the transmitter that sends information to the smartphones and then that info goes to your smartwatch. If anyone claiming direct connection than it’s Bogus.

Someone who loves premium can go for the Apple watch series 5 and Fosel Gen 4 because they have a lot of features with premium design. While if you love variations you can simply choose Apple Watch Series 4 as it arrives with numerous color combinations with very nice fishy texture and loopy shape band.

If you are using any smartwatch with Dexcom G6 technology make sure to comment below. So, that it can encourage others to stay strong and salubrious or probably save their days.

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  3. I’ve been using a Ticwatch Pro (Original 2 year old version) with the Dexcom G6. It works incredibly well having my BG as my default watch face. Makes running and GPS tracking through Strava very convenient.

    Any info when Dexcom will sync directly to a watch without a smartphone tether?

    1. Yes. Check your watch compatibility with your Dexcom G6 app. If it would once compatible then you would directly sync Dexcom sensor data to your smartwatch. For this we have Apple smartwatch, compatible with Dexcom G6 app.

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