best ipads for pilots and aviations use

Best iPad for Foreflight and Pilots for Aviation Use

Aviation enthusiasts look for an iPad for Pilots to run many apps like Foreflight. It’s the right time to get one for you. Finding the right device for such situations can really be a challenge for those that lack the proper knowledge, which is exactly where we come in.

These are five of the best iPads that you will come across on the market for pilots.

Top iPads for Pilots and Foreflight App in 2021

Choosing an iPad is a complicated thing for Pilots. We are here to help you with our complete guide for all of Aviations persons.

In today’s world, imagining a life without handheld devices is a nightmare. Since their inception, they have taken over the world as the most used devices of all time. The use of computers has reduced by a great amount after these devices were invented. And with the continuous advancement in the technology that makes these devices, they are becoming capable of doing advanced calculations that were previously thought to be impossible.

These handheld devices have different types and are built by different manufacturers across the globe. The variations are in terms of technology and operating systems. These devices are of two types: Android and iOS devices. Android is an open-source operating system, which was developed using Linux. And iOS devices, on the other hand, are a variety of different devices manufactured by Apple Inc. and are one of the most used platforms in the world.

iPad is one of those platforms, which features a wider display. These devices are used for many purposes, including education, entertainment, gaming, and much more. They are also used by most aviation industries for in-flight calculations and simulations. These calculations play an important role in helping pilots through a safe flight. But in some cases, the time that these calculations take can really be a matter of life and death, which is why these devices always need to be reliable and fast.

1. New Apple iPad Pro

First on our list for best iPad for aviation use is the New Apple iPad Pro. This is fourth-generation tablet from Apple featuring eight different types and color variations. 

The iPad features a wide display with vibrant colors and high resolution needed for aviation to satisfy pilots. It also comes with a high-quality chipset and a fast processor, which makes it convenient for heavy use. The iPad Pro also has a wider camera angle making it easier to capture moments.

It also features extra security to make sure that your personal data is encrypted. And does not allow unauthorized access. It’s wider and brighter screen takes entertainment to the next level. It also features fast connectivity and a long-lasting battery, making it convenient for full day use on a single charge.

  • The iPad Pro features a 12.9 inches extra-wide display with vibrant colors and Apple’s TrueTone. It features a 2732×2048 px resolution, which increases the quality of the display to a great extent.
  • The screen of the iPad also features a multi-touch feature, allowing you to do more than one task simultaneously. The display of the iPad features an anti-reflective coating, which decreases the reflectiveness of the screen by a huge amount.
  • The iPad Pro features two main variants, based on connectivity. It features a WiFi-only model and a Cellular + WiFi model. So, you can purchase the model that best matches your needs.
  • It also comes with four different features based on its storage. It features a 128 Gb model, a 256 Gb model, a 512 Gb model, and a 1 Tb model.
  • The iPad Pro features fast charging and comes with an 18 W fast charger. It features USB Type-C, which makes charging and data transfer a lot faster.

Based on the proposed features, we put this tremendous iPad at the top of our list of best iPad for Foreflight during Pilots recruitment and training.


  • Multiple models
  • High-res display
  • USB-C


  • Multiple models

2. Apple iPad Pro – 11-inch

A second-generation tablet from Apple featuring over eight different variants of hardware and color. This iPad also features high-end chipsets to make operations a lot faster. The wide display of this iPad makes it easier to complete aviation tasks for pilots and run different apps like Foreflight.

The iPad Pro is also lightweight, which makes it convenient for carrying around, just like a regular smartphone. It features a long-lasting battery with reduced power consumption to help you keep your day going. The iPad also features a high-resolution camera, which is capable of capturing at higher frame rates and quality. 

  • The iPad Pro features five different microphones to record audio in its highest quality. This also makes the recorded sound a stereo quality.
  • It also comes with four speakers to make your listening experience a lot more entertaining by creating a stereo sound effect.
  • The iPad Pro also features a USB Type-C charging system, which ensures faster power and data transmission rates. This type of connector is also a lot safer to use.
  • As mentioned, the iPad Pro comes in four variants in terms of storage. It features a 128 Gb, a 256 Gb, a 512 Gb, and a 1024 Gb model.
  • The iPad also has two variants in terms of their connectivity. The iPad Pro comes in a cellular + WiFi variant and a WiFi-only variant.
  • The iPad Pro features an 11-inch display, with an LED-backlit, IPS technology. This display also features an anti-reflective coating.
  • It has a 12+10 Megapixel back camera and a 7 inches front camera with depth-sensing technology and face detection for restricting unauthorized access.


  • Stereo recording and playback
  • 4K video recording
  • Face Detection


  • No fingerprint sensor

3. Apple iPad Air – 10.5-inch

Next on our list of best iPads for aviation use is the Apple iPad Air. 

A high-performance tablet from Apple featuring four different variants. The iPad Air features a sleek design with rounded edges and a decent screen size for extra entertainment. The iPad features a manageable size and is lightweight, which makes carrying it a lot easier.

The iPad Air is fitted with a high-end chip, which increases its processing speed. It also comes with a fast data transmission system, which proves the overall performance of the iPad when pilots use it during a flight operation. The iPad features a high-resolution camera, which is designed for video conferencing. It also features high-quality audio recording and audio playback.

  • The iPad Air comes in three different color variants, namely, space gray, Silver, and Gold, so you can get the color that you like the most.
  • It also comes in two different storage variants. It has a 64 Gb variant and an additional 128 Gb storage variant.
  • The iPad Air features stereo speakers for producing the best sounds. It also features a dual-microphone system for quality recording.
  • The iPad Air comes with a 10.5-inch retina display, with a fingerprint-resistant coating on top. The 500-nit display also features a 1.8% reflectivity, which is very helpful while using the iPad outdoors.
  • It features an A12 Bionic chip that has a 64-bit architecture for extra fast processing.
  • The iPad Air features an 8 MP camera with an f/2.4 aperture for high-quality video recording. The iPad also features burst photos, panoramas, and exposure control.
  • It also comes with a 7 MP front camera for HD video conferencing and high-quality selfies.
  • Just like other iPads, the iPad Air comes with a cellular+WiFi and a WiFi-only variant.


  • Multiple color variants
  • Fingerprint resistant coating
  • Lightning to USB converter included


  • Less storage

4. Apple iPad – 10.2-inch

A previous model of the iPad from Apple, featuring seven different types and variants. The iPad comes with a wide display and has a sensor on its front panel, which represents the traditional button that was provided with most Apple products. This sensor increases the overall functionality and improves the look of the device.

It comes with quality cameras, microphones, and speakers for perfect entertainment. The iPad also features a strong design with durable quality required by Pilots. The iPad also has a long-lasting battery and provides extra features and performance. Its processor is of very high quality and can process large amounts of data without much effort. It also features a high-end connectivity module for fast data transmission.

  • It comes with a four-core processor that can process data faster than ever. Its processing speed can easily exceed other tabs on the market.
  • It comes with a 3 Gb RAM, which is quite a lot and can handle large processes with ease.
  • It comes with a 10.2-inch large LCD IPS Display. With oleophobic coating on top, which is oil repellent. It also features an anti-reflective coating on top, which prevents glare and helps you focus on your work while working outdoors.
  • The display of the iPad is multi-touch, so you can perform multiple actions on the screen at once.
  • It features a lightning Sync and Charges port for fast data communication with other devices and for extra fast charging.
  • It comes in two different storage variants, a 32Gb variant, and a 128Gb variant. It also comes in three different colors, namely silver, space gray, and gold, so you can purchase the one that best suits you.
iPad is quite good and offers efficient processing when being used by Foreflight and other aviation Apps.


  • Multiple color variants
  • IPS display
  • Fingerprint


  • Less storage

5. iPad Mini

A mini version of an iPad from Apple featuring six different variants of type and storage. The iPad mini comes with a relatively smaller display, but its performance is almost the same as the other iPads. The iPad mini also features a fingerprint sensor on its panel, which is shaped like the home button on most iPhones.

The iPad mini features a top-quality LCD display with scratch-resistant glass on top. The iPad also features a high-end CPU and GPU. With high-quality recording and much more. This iPad is one of the best iPads for Pilots on the market.

  • The iPad mini comes with a long-lasting 5124 mAh battery, which is capable of keeping the iPad running for an entire day of full use.
  • It features two storage variants, a 64 Gb variant and a 256 Gb variant. So, you can get additional storage if you like.
  • It comes with a 7.9-inch LCD IPS display with a scratch-resistant digitizer on top. It also features a high resolution of about 1536 x 2048 px at 324 PPI, which makes it one of the best displays of this size.
  • It comes with an 8 MP rear camera with an f/2.4 aperture, which is capable of recording in 1080p quality at 30 frames a second. It comes with a 7 MP front camera, which features HDR.
  • It comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic 7nm chipset for high-end performance. It features a Hexa-core 2.5 GHz CPU, with a 4-core Apple GPU to take its performance to the next level.
  • It features Bluetooth 5.0 with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi support for fast connectivity and data transfer.


  • High-end CPU
  • Fingerprint
  • High-Res display


  • USB supports 2.0 only

Buyer’s Guide Things you should consider before buying an iPad for Pilots and Aviation Use

iPads come in a huge variety in the market. Each of these has its own ups and downs and fulfills certain buyer requirements. Finding the iPad that best matches your requirements can really get challenging. That is exactly why we are here.

This buying guide will provide you with all the information and details that will help you choose the right product on the market and help you avoid the common mistakes that buyers make while purchasing different products. After reading this guide, you will certainly have found the best iPad for Pilots on the internet.

Here are a few things to be taken into consideration before buying an iPad.


A major point to check before buying an iPad. iPad's connectivity comes in hand to a Pilot when it comes to running Foreflight and other aviation apps.

Most large display handheld devices like the iPad come in two different types. Each is having a different type of connectivity support. There are two types of connections possible on a handheld device. A cellular connection is responsible for higher frequency communication and a WiFi connection for lower frequency communication. iPads come in two different types, based on the connectivity. One of them only supports WiFi, while the other model supports both WiFi and cellular data communication.

If your schedule is a busy one and you are looking to get an iPad for professional use, then cellular + WiFi is the model to go for as this also enables you to use the iPad as a phone. But if you want an iPad for entertainment purposes and normal daily use, then a WiFi model is a better choice.


Another important point to check is the display of the device that you are buying. iPads come in a variety of different display sizes, as mentioned above. They can vary from 7 inches all the way to 13 inches in size. But a larger display means more battery power consumption. And thus, a lesser backup time. So, if you are someone that uses the device for normal reading or entertainment, then getting a larger screen is a better choice as it makes the experience more entertaining. But, if you want the iPad for other uses like gaming or work, then try to get an iPad with a medium screen size with lesser battery consumption.


Different variants of the iPad feature different camera pixels and recording quality. But this may come at a cost. So, if you are a person that enjoys taking pictures, then try getting an iPad with a good camera, as this can provide you with the best results of a larger display. Most iPads these days come with a dual rear camera for extraordinary results. Purchasing one of these can surely fulfill your needs for high-quality pictures and recordings. However, if this feature does not matter for you, then try to get an iPad with the best camera quality within your budget.


Perhaps the most important factor that contributes to the overall performance of the iPad. An iPad features a larger screen and, thus, a higher resolution. This increases the overall battery consumption of the iPad by a great amount. So, if you are getting an iPad with a larger screen, then try to get the one that provides the user with the most battery backup.

User Reviews

Another important feature to check is the user reviews of the product. Doing so, in most cases, reveals the true quality and performance of a product. As these reviews reveal the experience of a user with the product, these reviews, in most cases, disprove most of the claims that a seller makes about its product.

Best iPad Apps and Software for Pilots and Aviation Recruitment Experts

There are a large number of iPad apps out there that are designed to help and assist pilots and Aviation experts in their jobs. Providing different services that are useful in aviation. If not for these apps and services, getting these services would have come at a huge effort and cost.

Given below are a few apps that are designed to be used by aviation experts to seek help.


A great aviation app that is designed to help pilots and aviation experts. The app is designed to hold in-flight instructions and briefing of the pilots. This makes their job much easier by providing them with proper guidance on time. It also features a de-brief option for the pilots after the flight has landed. The CloudAhoy app is available for iOS devices on the Apple Appstore.


Flightradar24 is a huge system that is cross-platform compatible. The app is designed to be used not only by Aviation experts and pilots but also by Aviation enthusiasts. This app contains the radar information of almost all commercial and private flights on the planet. This information includes Altitude, Heading, Airspeed, the plane's registration, and much more. The app is accurate and provides the user with the live location of every plane on the planet.

ForeFlight Mobile

A great iPad app for pilots. This app provides pilots with a huge advantage. It provides the pilots with in-flight checklist data and is also capable of making notes like flightpath. This app, therefore, eliminates the use of paperwork aboard the plane by making all processes digital.

In our list, we have all the iPads compatible with Foreflight.

E6B Aviation Calculator

An important app that stores navigation data of flights and is also able to calculate routes and solve navigation problems. The app fetches real-time information about the weather conditions of the upcoming routes and makes navigating through a route very easy. This app is very similar to CloudAhoy, except it also keeps track of the fuel consumption for a certain route.

London Pro X

A great app for pilots that are designed to act as a logbook for flights. This iPad app can automatically sync with the cloud and keeps track of flight times. It also contains information like the currency requirements of a certain location.

See our review about the top iPads for marine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have Questions in Mind? Several questions come to a customer's mind before buying a product. We have looked up some of the most common questions asked about iPads.

1.     Do iPads support Bluetooth?

Yes, most iPads do offer support for Bluetooth. But this connection is only limited to other Apple devices. The Bluetooth connection of an iPad can not connect to other mobile devices for fast data transfer. However, you can still use your wireless speakers, mice, keyboards, and earbuds with the iPad.

2.     What does the term generation mean?

iPads these days are developed frequently with continuous developments and improvements to the product. So, every time Apple is announcing a newer version of an already released device, it does not rename it but rather names it as the next(th) generation of that particular device.

3.     Can external controllers be attached to an iPad?

Yes, different accessories like keyboards and mice can easily be connected to iPads. In fact, most iPads are designed to be used with keyboards. The iPad Air comes with a keyboard in its package. Keyboards may be connected to the iPad through a Bluetooth connection.

4.     Does the iPad support SIM cards?

Yes, most iPads do offer support for SIM cards. Depending on the model of the iPad, the size of the SIM card may change. Some support Micro SIMs, while others support Nano SIMs. Some iPad devices also come with an e-SIM, which is a module present on the motherboard of the device. All it needs is the configuration, and you are good to go. This technology thus eliminated the use of SIM cards by manually storing the information that a SIM card has.

5.     Are WiFi iPads better or Cellular ones?

While WiFi is a good feature. Cellular data can provide a user with a wider range of services. It is thereby making the cellular models of iPads better than the WiFi models. But in the end, it is all down to preference and the use of the iPad that determines which model is best for you.

6.      Which iPad is best for Foreflight?

All we have the above list for aviation iPads. But if you are still looking for one pick. Then go with the New Apple iPad Pro, the latest iPad released by Apple.


In our review guide for the best iPads for foreflight and aviation use, we have done up with top-rated iPads from Apple. The review is well researched and reliable. You can choose an iPad for aviation use to perfect Pilots flights and run many Applications like Foreflight, etc.

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