How To Freeze iPad Screen For Tracing

How To Freeze iPad Screen For Tracing?

Have you ever had a picture that you wanted to trace and you just are having a hard time because every time you touch it, it changes. You put something over it and you go to trace it and it’s like move. Well, if you have an iPad, then you can freeze the screen and trace. It’s pretty simple to do and I’m going to show you how right now.

Step 1: To freeze your iPad screen, go to “Settings” then go to “General” and then scroll down and click on “Accessibility”.

Step 2: On the left hand side of the screen select “AssistiveTouch”. You will see a switch at the top of the screen, turn it to green.

Step 3: Once the switch is turned on you’ll see a white circle appear on your screen.

Step 4: Click on the white circle and tap on the bottom left corner where it says “Device” and then tap on “More”.

Step 5: You’ll see an option that says “Lock Screen”. Tap on it. Then move the shape where you want to use it as a tracing tool by dragging it across your screen.

Now, here things come in.

First off, take your iPad out of its case and put it on a table, so that the back is facing down. Then take your tracing paper and cover the back of your iPad with it, so that there is no light coming in from underneath or around the edges of the tracing paper.

Now that everything is covered up, go over each area in your picture with a pencil or pen and mark where you want to place lines or dots for where things should be placed on your iPad screen.

If you don’t want any lines or dots then just erase them when they are done being marked down by using eraser stubs like white ones or black ones (depending on which color your screen is). After doing this, go back through each spot again with your pencil or pen and make sure there aren’t any mistakes left behind from making marks before wiping away any eraser stubs from small areas with a cloth.

Why do You need to Freeze iPad Screen For Tracing

Why do You need to Freeze iPad Screen For Tracing?

The reason why you need to freeze iPad screen for tracing is because it helps you keep your lines straight and make sure that they are evenly spaced out. This is important because if you don’t do this then the image will look messy and unprofessional when printed out or copied onto another sheet of paper.

  • Need to trace a screenshot of your iPad screen
  • Wanna convert your iPad screen into a whiteboard
  • Wanna use your iPad as an overhead projector
  • Wanna get the app icon and preview of your iPad screen on your computer
  • Wanna take a picture of the whole page on your iPad, rather than cutting it into pieces and importing them one by one into the photo editing software

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