How to Create a Group Ride in Zwift?

What is a group ride? Group rides are led by a workout creator, called a “host”, who controls the route, duration, difficulty, and speed of the ride.

A group ride in Zwift can be just as fun and motivating to ride in as a community event. You’re in good company with other people who have chosen to get up and move around, so you’ve got someone cheering for you along the way.

It is an experience like no other. You have the opportunity to push yourself harder, improve your skills and have fun doing it.

Zwift Group Ride: Get some miles in with your friends

Group rides are a great way to connect with fellow Zwifters and stay motivated to ride. Here are a few benefits.

βœ… Enjoy the company of other cyclists

βœ… Find new training buddies 🚴🏼

βœ… Burn calories while you ride

βœ… Ride routes created by Zwift and pro riders

βœ… Compete in virtual group rides

βœ… Get in shape πŸ’ͺ🏽

My suggestion is to get a fitness tracker with you while racing in Zwift to get the most out of it.

In this guide we’ll show you how to organize a group ride in Zwift, set up the race, or even arrange casual chats and socializing within your group.

Let’s Organize a group Ride in Zwift!

Here are the steps to organize a group ride in Zwift:

  1. Get the Zwift Companion App.

First, download the Zwift Companion App on your device for zwift and open it. The icon on the right is for Events where you should create a Zwift meetup event.

Choose your date, the course, and the type of ride you want. Rides can be by distance or time.

Choose who you want to invite. You can only invite people you follow.

  1. Set up Your Route
  2. Share the Activity and Enjoy!

Open Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and send a message with your friends list to everyone on that list using their username as their display name (this will prevent them from seeing your message).

Wait for everyone to respond! If they don’t respond within 10 minutes, send another message with a new set of friends and repeat steps 2-3 until everyone has responded!

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