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Best Hiking Watch Under 100: Top 10 Watches Reviewed

Everyone wants to live on the mountain but actual happiness and satisfaction transpire when you are climbing it. Hiking is kind of a long walk habitually on the pathways in the homeland. So, if you are deeply passionate about hiking, you need a reliable, trustworthy hiking watch that best suits your budget of under 100 dollars.

Hiking is followed by almost 47.86 million in the U.S because of its health interests such as reducing possibilities of heart attacks, improving sugar level, enhancing blood pressure level, supporting the bone density, and strengthening your joints, etc. 

But with all these advantages it also requires some sort of tools or gadgets for climbing mountains to make it comfortable and easy to continue. People go hiking and suddenly they see showers coming down or the temperature gets unusual or pleasant weather is suddenly transformed into black clouds. These situations cause problems for hikers and make their experiences unpleasant and unforgettable.

Well, Brandvela is a platform that comes with the idea to provide a possible solution to these problems. The most optimal solution according to our experts is “having a hiking smartwatch that can undertake these situations”. 

In the world of innovation and digitalization, you may go through words like smartwatches but are you still confuse about Hiking or outdoor smartwatches? Let me explain to you A Hiking smartwatch is a digital outdoor smartwatch that comes with the features of navigation, weather, health stats such as blood pressure and sugar level, fitness motivations, and other features”. 

Right now you would be yelling at me by saying that these features in an outdoor or hiking smartwatch would be really expensive? Well if that’s the case you should hold your horses for a second. Because no doubt the best hiking watch with these features is expensive but there are hundreds of smartwatches that you can buy for under 100 dollars. 

You should take the design and the stuff of the watch into consideration before paying anything. The design must be consistent and manufacturing must provide you comfort.

Things To Consider While Buying the Best Hiking Watch Under 100

Barometer and Compass

Outdoor or hiking smartwatch must have a barometer or compass to navigate when you are hiking in the mountains. These features help you if you found yourself in some sort of direction troubles.

Build Quality

Build quality plays an important role in any hiking or outdoor smartwatch. Because a hiking smartwatch must work whether it is freezing snow or it’s too hot.


As your spending your dollars on a hiking smartwatch os in return it must be durable and usable. Durability in terms of design and manufacturing.


The hiking smartwatch must have a durable design with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-read screen.

So, without further delay let’s dive in to see what we have for you in the list of “Best hiking watch under 100 dollars“.

1. Smart Watch Compatible with iPhone and Android

When it comes to a budget watch or outdoor smartwatch under 100 dollars, then this smartwatch is just superb in all aspects whether it is design, manufacturing material, or comfort level everything is best and to the point.

Sports Mode

This hiking smartwatch comes with the feature of sports modes. This smartwatch has seven sports mode. The perfect outdoor smartwatch is compatible with Badminton, Basketball, Running, Football, Skipping, Walking, and Cycling. Smartwatch that supports seven famous sports modes that too under 100 is just insane.

Multifunctions Ability

This outdoor smartwatch can perform multi-functions such as GPS usage in the map, steps recorder. Smartwatches can also measure the calories and distance you have traveled. It also has the feature of a remote camera, music control, and waterproof. Smartwatch for outdoor or hiking comes in different variety of colors such as Black, Gray, Green, Red.

Heart Rate and Camera Monitoring

Smartwatch has mentioned premium features like heart rate monitoring. Smartwatch can monitor your heart rate and also provides you the complete detail of your heart rate on daily, weekly, or monthly reports. By using this outdoor Smartwatch you can easily monitor your fitness and other exercises. Camera monitoring is another important feature of this Outdoor Smartwatch. Camera monitoring enables you to connect the small Outdoor Smartwatch with the smartphone and enjoy taking selfies or pictures during exercise in a variety of elegant poses. Outdoor Smartwatch can connect with your phone and monitor it also.

Calls and Message Reminder, Water Proof

Outdoor Smartwatch comes with the feature of different remainders. This Outdoor Smartwatch reminds you about different activities such as calls and messages o your smartphone, making you aware of every situation. It can receive notifications from social sites like Insta, Facebook, and Twitter. You will never miss any important call or message with this Outdoor Smartwatch. 

The best thing about this Outdoor Smartwatch is that it comes with the claim of Water Proof and that seems to be working. You can wash your hands buy wearing it and don’t worry if you splash water on it

Let’s see what we loved and what we didn’t love about this Outdoor Smartwatch.

2. Nature hike Smartwatch

Here is one brand Nature hike that’s always going to have your back. With 8 different watch faces, it is a sign of good quality. If you like sports mode then it is very stylish and interactive. This hiking watch can connect to your phone so that to provide a way better user experience.

Hiking Assistant

A hiker needs a GPS watch to continue hiking. A GPS watch can provide a quick look at important data. That includes distance covered, the time elapsed, calories burnt, pace, speed, etc.

Besides all these features, this beautiful hiking watch for under 100 dollars is useful in combining pressure, altitude. This type of information makes this clear to successfully plan the hiking trip.

Hikers wishing to get proper weather information on their wrist. This hiking watch offers more detailed insights into the weather information.

Don’t Miss a Beat

The masterpiece will not miss even a minor variation in your body while tracking the data. It is responsible for tracking the number of real-time steps taken, heartbeat, etc.

The watch is equipped with many of the special sport modes such as running, treadmill, cycling, and walking. All the data, it shows, is in a quite high readable view. These views are interactive, responsive, and user-friendly according to the adjusted model.

Activity Tracking

Stay healthy and stay motivated all day with this hiking watch. It tracks your all-day activities. Tracks your sleep as well. It also helps you to keep an eye on your breathing to help you attain a relaxed mood.

Breath Guide

This smartwatch supports a breath guide. This Scientific interactive guide helps you to get relaxed in a quite effective way after high-intensity hiking.

All Notifications on Wrist

The notification manager helps you to never miss your calls, messages that matter a lot. All your phone notifications including all social media notifications are transmitted on your wrist. It retrieves all calls, SMS, calendar updates on display.

It vibrates to notify you and helps your connected to your phone in a quite easy and fast way.

Remote Control Camera

It’s not over, still, there is more to talk about this awesome best budget hiking watch. It easier with this sports watch to take photos during the travel. It is quite easy.

Turn on the app and connect to the phone. Now you can use the remote control to take photos. Click the watch to capture the beautiful moments that you wish.

Find your Phone

It is now easier to find your phone when it happens that it is missed nearby e.g. in your luggage. You can make it ring and vibrate. This function can be set ON/OFF according to one’s choice.

3. moreFit Smartwatches

In the list of Best hiking watch under 100 at number two, we have moreFit Smart Watches. This is an amazing watch forget caring about famous brands and paying a high amount of dollars just check this out


This hiking smartwatch comes with a stunning and steady design having a round face outline. The frame screen is a 1.3-inch big colored display made up of stainless metal with different time and health stats reading on it. This hiking smartwatch comes with a beautiful watchband and a button on one side. Hiking smartwatch comes in different varieties of colors i-e Black, Pink, and White.


This hiking smartwatch has several features for android and apple users. The features include sleep monitoring, it monitors your sleeping time and other activities. The hiking smartwatch also monitors the number of steps you daily take. checkout other specific pedometers for walk tracking.

The hiking smartwatch monitors blood pressure level and sugar levels with the precise reading method. You can also set the highest and lowest reading value for the blood pressure, sugar, and heartbeat level in the monitoring app of this hiking smartwatch.

It tracks all of your daily activities such as calories burned and activate minutes.

Fitness Tracker with Sports Mode

The Hiking Smartwatch has sensors to track your fitness level while doing exercises. The Hiking Smartwatch can track real-time monitoring. This Hiking Smartwatch comes with seven sport modes. It is compatible with Badminton, Football, Running, Cycling, Skipping. It has built-in advanced 3d meters or sensors to measure the number of steps and other features mentioned above.

Calls and Messages Remainder

Hiking Smartwatch can play a vital role in daily life. It never lets you miss any important message or call. It can notify you about the activities of social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Live, and Line, etc. You can achieve these features by pairing your smartwatch with smartphone Bluetooth.


This outdoor smartwatch comes with a completely customizable frame face you can set your picture or a picture of your loved ones on it.

4. COLMI Smartwatch for Hiking

Most of the hiking watches that are under 100 dollars are best for their business. We all know about smartwatches and their purposes and functions. This COLMI is equipped with all fitness tracking features.


It is easy to use as it is a full touch screen smartwatch. You can slide left, right, up, or down. It has a tempered glass panel that is scratch-resistant. Safety is a major challenge to meet for a touch screen smartwatch. For this purpose all-metal case is used.

The round screen design and stylish appearance let you stand out from the crowd.

Accurate Fitness Tracker

COLMI is responsible for tracking your all-day activities in a more accurate and precise way. This smartwatch is a health tracker that allows you to understand your heart rate, automatically track your sleep in a quite accurate and precise way.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor

This is the accurate health tracker for heart rate monitoring and determines blood pressure. So, keep your eye on the data in an easier and convienient way.

It helps you to regulate your easy breathing after a hiking session to relax your mood. It comes with 7 built-in exercise modes. These can help you to better understand the data feed.

Android and IOS Compatibility

Some watches are compatible with Android and some are with IOS. But here, the good thing about this hiking smartwatch is that it is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones.

5. GOKOO Smartwatch Sport Activity Tracker

When you are searching for hiking watches that are under 100 dollars then this smartwatch comes here with beautiful design and amazing features.


This smartwatch comes with a touchscreen display. The touchscreen of this smartwatch has a 1.3 inch 240 x 240 display. You can easily see the information on this smartwatch even in bright sunlight. 

Activity Tracker

The amazing characteristic of the Gokoo smartwatch is that it has the ability to automatically detect the activity of the person that if the person will go for walking, cycling, running, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, or breathing exercise then it will automatically set into that activity.

This smartwatch is used most of the time for hiking purposes. Because it is not specially designed for hiking. Sweaty hands do not affect this hiking smartwatch. This smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating. You can hike on snowy mountains or you go on hot deserts. This is best for you because this hiking smartwatch is designed in such a way that it can survive in hot or cold weather easily. But the bad thing about this is that it is not designed for diving, so you can not enjoy diving with this hiking smartwatch. If you are fond of diving, then pick a waterproof diving smartwatch.


This hiking smartwatch has the ability to show notifications that come from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, etc. The notifications come on this hiking smartwatch by utilizing quick icons.

Due to its features and functionality, we place this Smartwatch in the list of best hiking watch under 100.

Text Messages & Phone Calls

You can also receive text messages and calls from phones as well as you are able to respond to text messages and calls by this hiking smartwatch.


The manufacturer of this hiking smartwatch cares about Android and IOS users. So the manufacturer of this hiking smartwatch makes a ” Dafit ” app for Android users as well as IOS users. You can simply download this “Dafit” app by QR code or by simply searching on google play store for Android or searching on App Store for IOS.

6. HopoFit Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

This is another smartwatch for hiking lovers. The price of this hiking watch is only 44.99 dollars which are under 100.

We wrote this Smartwatch in the list of Best hiking watch under 100 due to its amazing features which are given below.

Sport Mode

The amazing feature which comes with this hiking smartwatch is that it can record your sports data as well as all those activities which you did all day such as hiking, run, walk, and swimming, etc.


A person can wear this hiking smartwatch while hiking in the rain or washing his or her hands. The bad thing about this hiking smartwatch is that it is not designed for diving.

Smart Reminder and GPS

You can easily connect your smartphones with this hiking smartwatch. After the successful connection with your smartphone you are able to receive the notifications of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Twitter, Wechat and etc on this hiking smartwatch easily.

Another useful feature of this hiking smartwatch is that it has the capability to connect the GPS through a smartphone.

Receive Calls & Messages

When you connect this hiking smartwatch to your smartphone then you will be able to receive text messages and phone calls easily. You are not only able to receive text messages and phone calls on this hiking smartwatch you will also reply to text messages and phone calls with this amazing hiking smartwatch.

Battery Life

This hiking smartwatch has a fast-charging function. Through the fast charging function, a person can quickly charge his or her hiking smartwatch. The battery life of this hiking smartwatch is for 6 days and standby will be up to twenty days.


This smartwatch is compatible with Android and IOS. But in Android 4.4 and the next versions of Android support this smartwatch. On the IOS side, version 8.0 and the next version will be able to support this. The first thing you do is that download the H Band app on your smartphone and then connect with this hiking smartwatch. 

The very important this which you have to keep in mind is that when you are establishing the connection between your smartphone and this hiking smartwatch make sure that the “H Band” app of this hiking smartwatch is running on your smartphone.

7. UMIDIGI Uwatch GT Smartwatch

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT Smart Watch is another  SmartWatch in our list of best hiking watch under 100. 


The price of this smartwatch is $56.99 which is approximately $60 and according to the price of this smartwatch is considered a budget-friendly smartwatch.


This smartwatch gives you a mixture of business and sports. But in reality, it gives you a sporty look. It has a 1.3 inches circular TFT color screen and the face of this smartwatch is 47mm which is metal. It has a touch screen because of this you can easily use this smartwatch. This smartwatch has two physical buttons on the right side when you see from the front which gives you an excellent look. 


If you are hiking and then the rain starts then not worry because this smartwatch is waterproof. But one thing in your when you wear this smartwatch is don’t use this smartwatch in water than the 38°C. But overall this smartwatch is good for hiking during the rainy season.

Care health

If you really care about your health then this smartwatch is best for you because this smartwatch counts your steps when you go jogging, calories burned and it also has 24 hours a day sleep quality status. It has also 12 sports modes which monitor your data some sports are given hiking, bicycling and running, etc.

Battery timing

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT Smart Watch has 260mAh which gives you good battery timing which is 10 days. The battery timing also depends on your usage and this is really good for you while hiking.

Notifications and call

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT Smart allows you to receive and read messages from Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, etc. Even you can receive your calls from this smartwatch which means that while hiking you can easily receive your and talk with anyone.

8. Anmino Smartwatch

This amino smartwatch is reliable in this series of smartwatches. This watch has a unique feature that helps to enjoy your adventure occasions. It tracks your daily life activity and guides you on a hard and beautiful journey.

Daily Activity Tracking

This watch tracks your daily life activity such as (indoor, outdoor, cycling, climbing, marathon).

Now the question is how this watch helps in such activity?

Although this is the right question if you want to buy something you must know about the term of that product.

But this is right they have all those features that are mentioned above so the question is how. Then if you don’t go to the gym you can also track your daily workout on the screen of your smartwatch that an amazing thing everyone wants that type of feature that is available in their hands. They also track your outdoor activity like cycling, climbing, and other adventure moments of life.

Health partner

This watch is not only tracking your indoor, outdoor activities, they also track your body changes. They are scientifically designed to measure your blood pressure and also your heart rate we call this is your health caring partner. A special sensor is used to monitor your sleeping habits that might be light or deep sleep. The motive of this feature is to better understand your physical conditions that are helpful to make daily exercise plans. 

Alerts and notification

The other feature that every smartphone user wants is to get new news feeds and notifications in time on the phone screen. This hiking watch has all those features that a user wants in an under 100 dollars watch, for a convenient life. You can easily connect with the Bluetooth of mobile and get a real-time notification on the screen of your smartwatch. They also provide a facility to get notifications of social apps on smartwatch screens. They also track your reminder and alarm on them.

Warranty policy

This watch has a one-year warranty of OS and external material that is used to manufacture this watch. 


This watch has a full touch screen. The screen size of this watch is 1.3 inches. This is easy to use, like a smartphone. They are well engineered in design. The stainless steel bezel metal is used in the body architecture of this smartwatch.

9. LAD WEATHER Smart Gear 2 Smartwatch

This black LAD WEATHER Smart Gear 2 has been designed for active people. They want to maintain their body fitness and time conscious person. If you have these qualities, this watch is for you. Of course, for you, the features of this Smartwatch help you to give an active and motivated life. This smartwatch is also low in budget and has massive features.

Body style and color

This black color smart has elegance in design. This watch has been well-engineered quality-wise and design-wise. The diameter of this watch is (51mm and the thickness is 17 mm). Stainless steel is used to manufacture and maintain the smoothness of the design. The band of this smartwatch is made up of Polyurethane. This band is 16 – 21.5 cm in length, and 22 mm in width. The net weight of this watch is 72g. That is the perfect combination of stiffness with a handsome design.


This watch has hundreds of features. so you can easily access every feature that is easy to use. This tracks your daily life activities like sleeping and other casual activities. This watch performs best for hiking and also cost is under 100 too. This smartwatch tracks your daily life activities.


Well, they have a lot of features. They also have different modes like Pedometer Modes, sleep modes, and different alarm modes. This smartwatch is also best for hiking.

10. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Outdoor Sports Watch

Smartwatches are not only for fashion, they are also used for many purposes. This watch is named Military Men outdoor smartwatch so they are engineered for some special persons.  This does not mean that this is only designed for Military people. All other people have also used this watch.


This smartwatch is engineered for a special purpose. They track your vertical movements means that they help you in hiking. They also show you air trends and temperature on your watch screen. This watch also has campus features that show different direction points.

Architecture and Style

With a stylish design, this watch is also available in various series so you are sure to choose the best smartwatch for yourself. This watch has a smooth and elegant design where they fit on your wrist.

Weather Trend

They have a special feature of the temperature store. There is a limit of temperature that is stored in the memory of the watch and then shows on the screen of the smartwatch. They also detect air pressure to show the storm alarm.

Warranty Policy

This watch has a 2-year warranty policy. This warranty is for everything that is quality and operating system.


What we have covered so far in this comprehensive guide to buying the best budget hiking watch under 100 dollars? Above all in the list, each hiking watch is studied and researched properly and then found best that lies under 100.

You can pick anyone without any hesitation. All perform best for adventures. Please let us know in the comment section about what you got. Best of luck! 

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