5 Best Fitness Trackers For Walking : Step Counter Watches

Wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker watch on your wrist to count daily walking steps is a great idea to walkers. A GPS walk tracker watch not only counts the steps and calories burned but measures walked distance in feet and keeps the tracks highlighted on the map. Tracking your all-day activities with a walkmeter watch band keeps you motivated for a better living.

As walking is the most common and beneficial form of exercise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise. That is about walking 10,000 steps a day. However, it is estimated that on average an American Adult walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps in a day. It is too short.

Best fitness tracker watches to take with yourself When Walking

In order to make a big change to your health, you need a smartwatch with a pedometer in it that will keep up with you. We have picked the best for every need and budget.


1. Fitbit Charge 4: Pedometer for Walking

Fitbit Charge 4 has everything you need while walking. Thanks to built-in GPS and new helpful health features. It has a big community of users who trust in it. It has better training tools for athletes, sports men, and it fits most of the GPS smartwatch features in a slimmer package for walking, jogging and running.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that tracks your walking data, count steps, calories burned to track the weight, monitor your rate during any outdoor activity without the extra bulk, chest strip or any kind of extra transmitter, Fitbit Charge 4 might be the perfect pick.

A Walk Pusher

As a fitness tracker, it’s predecessors in the Fitbit Charge models have already checked the points for measuring calories, steps, floors climbed, heart rate etc. They were measuring the distance travelled during a walk by using the phone’s GPS.  That was not enough for serious runners

So, having a built-in GPS in their smartwatch was high in the wish list of walkers who do it on regular bases.

A Fitbit Charge 4 push walkers on the track. Show the heat maps on the bases of heart rate. Count steps, distance and allow to achieve daily and weekly preset fitness goals.

Pretty Good Design

  •          Rectangular design
  •          Slim and sleek
  •          Variety of bands
  •          Grayscale OLED touchscreen
  •          Back button (Touch sensitive area on left side)  

A decent looking device – comfortable to wear – little thinner on the wrist. That’s fine and don’t feel bulky while taking steps out.  

GPS and Walking Performance

According to some walkers, Built-in GPS is a high requirement and mandatory to accurately configure their daily workout routine.

You will be pleased to see how quickly it picks up the GPS signals. That’s what a Fitbit watch 4 is included in our list for GPS watches for Walking.

Walk – is one of the six exercise shortcuts loaded by default. Others include: Run, Bike, Swim, Treadmill, Outdoor Workout. You can use other workout apps and plans if you want to try any other. 

More than just a fitness tracker – it has a SpO2 sensor, so you will see blood oxygen information logged in the app. Moreover, it is also good for the Dexcom G6 transmitter. Where you will get your blood glucose rate information and alerts. It will inform you in case of blood sugar abnormal behavior.

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10Expert Score

  • Sleek and customizable design
  • 7-days battery
  • Fitbit-pay
  • Alerts and social media notifications
  • Spotify controller
  • Different workout modes
  • Blood oxygen Sensor
  • Accurate and fast Built-in GPS
  • No music storage

2. Fitbit Inspire HR: Stylish Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Inspire HR is Slim and sleek in design. It is also a waterproof and stylish activity tracker too. It offers great results and performance to the features it comes with.

Steps counting, heart rate monitoring, goal setting capability, silent alarms, and medium price range declare this watch a great fitness tracker for walking. If you have never experienced a fitness tracker smartwatch before, this is a solid pick.

Everyday Pedometer by Inspire Family

The latest Inspire family by Fitbit is commonly known for its fitness trackers and heart rate monitors.

Inspire offers the two models

  • The Inspire HR   
  • The Inspire Fitness Tracker [Basic Fitness Tracker for Tracking walk]

The simple Inspire fitness tracker is the basic edition offering basic activity tracking. Wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker smartwatch on your wrist to count daily walking steps is a great idea. A GPS walk tracker watch not only counts the steps and calories burned but measures walked distance in feet and keeps the tracks highlighted on the map. Tracking your all-day activities with a walkmeter watch band keeps you motivated for a better living. 

As walking is the most common and beneficial form of exercise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise. That is about walking 10,000 steps a day. However, it is estimated that on average an American Adult walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps in a day. It is too short.

In order to make a big change to your health, you need a smartwatch with a pedometer in it that will keep up with you. We have picked the best for every need and budget.

like sleep, distance, active minutes, calories burned, including steps counting and walk tracking, etc. with the help of its pedometer. It offers the features with an amount little less than Inspire HR where there are more features along with heart rate monitoring as revealed by the “HR” in the product name.

Design and Display

  •         Touchscreen
  •         OLED display
  •         Side button
  •         Slim and Sleek design

The Fitbit Inspire HR is very similar to the basic Fitbit Inspire smartwatch which has limited features for walkers. Even it is hard to distinguish at first glance. Here, it is noticeable that you need to wear it tightly or closer on your wrist because it gives the heart rate monitoring too.

The touch screen is responsive and equipped with quite interactive and impressive animations. Easy to operate in a sense that it has only one side button to put the screen to sleep and return to the main screen. It makes navigation fairly easy.

Performance and Battery Life

  •         Five-days Battery Life

Battery performance is quite good for 5 days as promised. It does not consume energy inconveniently. The smartwatch manages to deliver good steps counting when walking and other features too.

The battery lasts for five days tracking workouts and sleep. However, cheaper Inspire lasts longer but lacks a heart-rate sensor which won.t let you get a complete overview of your health and fitness.


  •         Fitbit app

The smartwatch records the workout data and syncs the handful of data to the Fitbit app. For your workouts like walking and running, you can set the goals that will keep you energetic to achieve.

Smartwatch fits best for walking and steps counting but it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. Therefore, it offers all. As long as a walkers’ expectations are managed then it’s a great smartwatch.

If you like walking in the mountains, wear this tracker. More often, it’s a performance tracker that tracks mountain biking performance too.

10Expert Score

  • Slim and light in weight
  • Strong Battery
  • Lots of activities and workouts
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Affordable, worth the value
  • No Fitbit pays
  • Large bezel

3. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart is included in one of the most accurate steps counter smartwatch. Its visual attraction with accurate, in-depth health tracking matrices and up to a week of battery life make it a hot pick.

“The walk tracking wear with new styles and sensor shows that Garmin is strongly willing to keep its walking fitness tracker watch fresh, up to date and exciting.”

This Walk Tracker Got Style…

  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Touchscreen
  • OLED display
  • Lightweight
  • Thin aluminum bezel

No more clunky alien fitness bands that look boxy and uncomfortable while walking with a smartwatch. Firstly, it was Fitbit who paved the way for stylish bands. And, now Garmin is the follower. This tracker is extremely comfortable, lightweight and one of the most stylish walking trackers offered by the company.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Garmin offers the most basic fitness tracker watch that work for one in all rounds for walking, hiking, running, yoga, strength training, swimming, and other workouts. This walking tracker has a bunch of quite a handful features like

A wrist-based heart rate monitor: To keep you in touch with your pulse.

A pulse oximeter: To measure your oxygen saturation level in blood. 

A smart notification system: To keep you updated while you are busy in your walking or any other workout. You can reject the incoming calls and delete alerts right from your wrist

It has many other features that you wouldn’t know from the spec sheet only but packed into this awesome walk tracking device. 


  • Garmin Connect App
  • Android and OS

Garmin gears offer a huge compilation of data taken by the sensors. It is done by the Garmin connect app. It offers a lot of more walking data than your fitness tracker companion.

Battery Life: Solid, even long-lasting with sensors

As this Garmin Vivosmart tracker uses many of the sensors that uniquely measures your workout, sleep, heart rate, the oxygen level in blood, stress, and steps while walking or running to calculate your energy reserves. Tracker tells about the calories burned in order to show the energy reserves.

This all has been done by the sensors. They consume the battery. But it lasts for seven days as promised by the Garmin. If you want a greater cycle, then you can turn off the pulse ox sensor.

It is a great choice for those who don’t need any GPS functionality in their watch while walking. Because it is lagging. It sacrifices the GPS connectivity. It is a great stylish fitness tracker watch you can take this while walking outside.

10Expert Score

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Affordable price
  • 7-days body battery
  • Pulse ox sensor
  • All kind of fitness tracking and workouts
  • Simple display
  • No GPS or connectivity

4. Apple Watch Series 5: All-in-One Activity Tracker

Apple watch series is our pioneer smartwatch available right now. It is expensive too because of the best costs high. If you can afford then this smartwatch with Apple pay, “Hey Siri” and GPS is our favorite pick for walking.

It is having an always-on display that makes a large difference with its predecessor apple watches. No matter what position you are, glance down at the wrist, your watch will be showing walking measurements like a solid pedometer.

Feel More Normal with Display Variations

You can use your apple watch as a normal watch. While other watches show the blank dark screens. Here, eventually, you will get ease.

Now, it comes up with 34 watch faces in hundreds of variations. The watch face is customizable according to one’s wish.

Health and Fitness Tracking

  •       GPS watch for walking
  •       Heart rate monitoring
  •       Real time ECG
  •       Training and Fitness workout apps

Track a huge list of sports and activities on watch with the best multipurpose fitness tracker right now available for walking. These include walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming and many other activities. Record performance stats like VO2 Max. For walking apple watch series is surprisingly good.

Apple Pay and Siri

Apple pay is a great thing it has in. With which you can pay your bills, groceries, buy tickets, etc. “Hey, Siri” is also there to help you out. It is good too.

Apps and Things

Along with other premium fitness and activity tracking features, Apple watch series 5 offers all of Apple’s apps working well. Most you can interact with in some way by tapping on the wrist you know.

See photos and events, read, and reply messages right from your wrist. Of course, for WhatsApp, you can mark messages as read too.

Spotify app connectivity gives you the full control of music playback on your iPhone from your wrist. But you cannot store your favorite tracks offline.

Most walking wears are not as functional as Apple watches.


  • Apple iPhone 6S or newer

If you have not used an Apple watch before for step out walking or you are unfamiliar with Apple’s watches, these are compatible with an Apple iPhone 6S or newer. It works via Bluetooth connectivity.

10Expert Score

  • Always-on screen
  • Useful compass and GPS
  • App store
  • Apple Pay and Siri
  • The battery lasts for 18-hours

5. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker for Walking

LETSCOM, a solid activity tracker at a totally affordable price, offers a variety of different features to help you out in boosting your activities. The watch helps you keep track of calories burned during the walking workout, measure your heart rate, and keep track of your daily life.

You can compute the data fetched by the watch sensors to your smartphone. Where many other options are available to keep you motivated all the time.

Design and Innovative Features

  •         Keep track of steps during the walk
  •         Count calories burned
  •         Sleep tracking
  •         Heart rate monitoring
  •         14 different sports-related activities

Design – It is hard for a walking fitness tracker to manage innovation and responsiveness together on the watch display. Watch is slim and smart and feels comfortable while walking, jogging, running, and swimming, etc.

Battery – Requires no extra charging cables. It comes with a built-in USB plug. Battery optimization is quite a handful. Charging lasts for 7-days upon one single charge.

Standard Tracking

Many sport-modes GPS connectivities together pave the way towards standard tracking.

The device collects the data even in diverse weathers. Don’t need to remove it during washing hands or taking a bath. It is waterproof as advertised.

People find it lagging a few steps count than Apple watch, already came in our list of top watches to wear while walking.  


  •         VeryFitPro app
  •         Apple and Google Paly

With such surprising compatibility, the pedometer smartwatch delivers your walking stats to the app. Watch syncs the walking and other tracked data to the app where it is represented in quite interesting reports.

GPS – Watch can access your phone’s GPS which is helpful after a walk, run, or a bike ride.

10Expert Score

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Waterproof
  • Right price: Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • In some cases inaccurate heart rate monitoring

Reasons to Own a Watch for Walking

A good pedometer smartwatch or fitness tracker measure the following data while a walking activity

  •         Count steps
  •         Measure calories burned to burn off extra fat
  •         Measure distance
  •         Allow to set daily and weekly walking goals
  •         Measure heart rate and notify when it is increased while the activity
  •         Keep track of your walk via GPS (if has one)
  •         Notify about you calls, messages and other social media alerts
  •         Allow to listen music to keep you fresh
  •         Track your sleep, stress data.
  •         Offer other sports modes 

How a GPS Watch Helps You Improve Your Walking and Life Style?

  •         Boosts the mood for exercise and workouts
  •         Lowers the risk of disease
  •         Prevents from falling elderly
  •         Boosts Vitamin D
  •         Boosts the immune system of the body
  •         Strengthen the bones and joints
  •         Improves sleep
  •         Helps to get rid of extra fat

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