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How to Create a Group Ride in Zwift?

What is a group ride? Group rides are led by a workout creator, called a "host", who controls the route, duration, difficulty, and speed of the ride. A group ride in Zwift can be just as fun and motivating to ride in as a community event. You're in good company with other people who have chosen ...

Best Monitor for Arcade Cabinet in 2022

Best LCD monitor for Arcade Game Cabinet? Thinking about going old school with your gaming console or planning to build a DIY arcade cabinet. If you are then you have probably come to the right place. Here we will guide you to buy the monitor for your cabinet. There are three different ...

Best Monitor for Smash Ultimate Gaming in 2022

Best monitor for Smash Ultimate would be a great addition to your gaming studio. The world of gaming is evolving day by day and being a gamer is kind of becoming a trend. Every other person wants to be a competitive gamer or if not competitive gaming, streaming is kind of everyone’s thing now. If ...

What Devices Can Stream Pandora?

Pandora is an Internet radio station that allows you to choose from personalized radio stations, create and record your own stations, or simply listen to the music you love from your personal library of songs and artists. The streaming service does not require you to purchase any hardware or ...

Best Tablet for GPS Navigation in 2022

GPS is a very useful tool to use while on the road. Many people still use GPS devices that are mounted on the dashboard or windshield. But these days, it's easy to get a GPS app for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. You can do this without paying for an expensive service monthly or ...

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