Best Watches for Medical Students

Best Watches for Medical Students in 2022 – Top 6 Pick

Best watch for medical students is their basic need to better take care of themselves. Medical professionals are well known for their countless efforts and thus it’s compulsory for them to take better care of their health. 

There are many trendy smartwatches for medical students and doctors that fulfill all medical purposes. So, these watches can become reliable friends in keeping your lifestyle outstanding. 

The enlisted watches are not specifically designed for the medical profession. However, there are many unique and amazing features that can help in a hospitals and in other medical and health settings. Some of the most demanded are reviewed below.

Here are the Best Watches for Medical Students and Professionals

Here are the top watches for medical students, nurses, doctors, and all kinds of specialists.

Garmin watches are full of sports and fitness features, Apple watches focus more on health and medical treatments. These are a bit expensive but worth it. If spending money is more crucial then go for the last pick.

1. Garmin Vivoactive 4S | Stylish Watch for Medical Students

Display: 1.3 inches  colorful display OLED | Body: Aluminium frame with 1.4 ounces net weight | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Rose/pink, rose gold/white, slate/black | Interface: Simple and touchscreen

  • Built-in GPS, Garmin app, and Spotify support
  • Wide compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Long-lasting battery (8 hours+ with GPS)
  • Water and swim-proof
  • Basic and simple interface
  • Bit expensive

Here comes our editor’s pick Garmin Vivoactive 4S watch. Garmin watches for medical students are rigid and look awesome with stylish round faces.

If you are working in the medicine department and looking for the latest watches, here comes the top-ranked Garmin Vivoactive 4S watch. It is equipped with many built-in features. Enjoy the top-quality and premium Garmin watch in multi-colors – Rose gold and white. 

It has a unique classic round design with waterproof stainless steel or silicone bezels and fiber-reinforced polymer casing. It has a 1.1 inches bright colorful display that is easily visible on bright sunny days of practice sites. With a dark background and colorful icons, it gives solid looks in hospitals. Also, it weighs 1.4 ounces, which is quite light to be worn. 

This watch for medical students has wide compatibility with Androids and iPhones. The users must install the Garmin Connect app on their phones for further amazing features. In this way, a user can watch the notifications about his health on his phone.  Similarly, the notifications of the phone can be set up on the watch. Hence, text messages and phone calls can be attended by the watch via Bluetooth. 

On its body, there are two buttons unlike other watches of the Garmin. Users can also reach the main menu settings via those buttons. 

The touch screen of Vivoactive 4 has great durability with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens. So, it has an always-on display. It is among the best watches for medical students that is equipped with various sensors. Those features include an accelerometer, built-in GPS, Compass, GLONASS, barometric altimeter, a heart rate monitor, Galileo satellite system, and pulse oximeter. 

This fitness smartwatch can work as a tracker for medical professionals. This tracker tracks the burnt calories, climbed steps, distance, speed, stress level, blood pressure, sleep, and much more. In case of any emergency, Garmin Vivoactive 4S will push the notifications to the phone.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S for medical students
Garmin Vivoactive 4S (Image: Garmin)

Moreover, it supports 20+ sport modes i.e., both indoor and outdoor. Likewise, it is a 5 ATM waterproof smartwatch that can let medical professionals track their health and heart rate even under 165 feet in the water. So, for workouts, it can be the best companion. 

Its timed activity feature can be turned in for measuring the time of the activities. There also come the guidelines for different workouts in the form of videos or animations on the watch. 

There is also a health stat widget on the display that maps all the health conditions and the rate onto the home screen. It shows the measurements of all heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, calories, etc between 0 to 120+. On various stats, its relax reminders will suggest exercises or workouts for the user’s body relaxation. 

Other admirable features of these watches for medical students are their training plan feature. You can buy its plans for the cost of 5K up to 10K. Also, the users can make the plans according to their schedule. Furthermore, it has wide storage and so you can save up to 500 songs in your playlist. Thus, it supports Spotify. Via Bluetooth, GPS, and wireless connectivity several other functions can be performed perfectly. 

Most professionals have changed their wallet trends to online vaults especially during the COVID-19. So, Garmin Vivoactive 4S offers Garmin apps for your free transactions anywhere and anytime. During the payment procedure, the notifications will also be pushed to the connected mobile phones. 

Moreover, it has a great battery life of 7 days in smartwatch mode. While 5 hours of battery life with built-in GPS and 15 hours with GPS without music.

2. Apple Watch Series 6 | All-in-one Medical Watch

Display: 1.57 inches  colorful display OLED | Body: Aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium frame with 1.28 ounces net weight | Compatibility: iOS | Operating System: WatchOS 7 | Colors: Rose/pink, rose gold/white, slate/black, silver, gray | Interface: Stylish and touchscreen Storage: 32 GB

  • Built-in GPS, Apple app, and Spotify support
  • Water and swim-proof up to 165 feet
  • Supports Wifi up to 5 GHz and 4G LTE
  • Expensive

Apple always offers best watches for medical students and professionals, as the Apple family has been the top choice

Here comes another smart watch Series 6 featuring great additions than its predecessors Series 5 and 4. This Apple watch works as the best fitness tracker for medical students, doctors, nurses, or other professionals. It better guides and updates the users with their inner and physical health conditions. 

Its main features include the sleep tracker, SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure checker, and much more. 

This smartwatch has helped doctors and patients a lot during the pandemic. Its fast processor makes the results and searches fast. One of its advanced features includes the timer for hand wash after 20 seconds and the sleep tracker. The series 6 smartwatch for medical professionals is available in blue, red, gold, silver, and gray colors in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm. 

The shape of this fitness tracker is square with round corners. The 40mm watch 6 has a 1.57 inches display while that of 44m is 1.73 inches with a resolution of 448×368 pixels. So, the weight extends from 1.07 up to 1.28 ounces that is quite light and comfortable to be worn. Also, these have different cases in aluminum, stainless steel, and brushed titanium. The straps and like a solo loop made of silicon rubber and recycled yarn in braided form.

Furthermore, it has an OLED display type. It has an easy-to-use interface with a basic easy setup. However, in setting widgets, faces, and other things Apple guides step-wise. It also has an option of data backup. So, it will record all the health data at its backend as it has wide compatibility with iOS devices – phones, tablets. Users can thus get detailed reports on their phone and the watch also pushes the normal and the emergency case notifications to the user’s phone. 

The watch faces are customizable with various widgets and applications. Users can swipe up/down or left/right for further navigation and setting menus. It also has a do not disturb mode feature. Moreover in its features, there is also a signature digital crown that helps the users to adjust, scroll, or zoom the watch easily. Beneath that crown there comes other options of Emergency SOS, medical ID, power, and much more. 

apple watch series 6 for medical students
Image: Apple

This professional smartwatch for medical students, nurses, and doctors is resistant to water even under 165 feet in the water. It works perfectly during indoor and outdoor activities, during baths, and in hot tubs. However, for high-velocity water workouts or activities, users might not wear it. 

Moreover, there also come sensors and trackers in this Apple’s smartwatch for the health fitness of the nurses and other medical professionals. The SpO2 sensor measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood and also checks for blood pressure. Also, the pulse oximeter sensor functions the same. Others may include steps, distance, calories burnt, breathing, respiration, heart trackers.  There is a proper application for each sensor and tracker onto the smartwatch. 

All the graphs and the recordings can be saved or downloaded on the iPhone connected to the watch. However, it also has free storage of 32 GB. It is thus easy to collect or store the data in the watch. You can also store music. Furthermore, it has Apple’s dual-code S6 with watchOS 7 operating system that allows its fast performance. The screen can also be watchable in the bright sunlight as it has a 500 nits brightness feature. It is thus both an indoor and outdoor smartwatch for medical professionals and many others. 

Similarly, it supports 5 GHz wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, 4G, LTE. There is also a built-in GPS along with Bluetooth via which a user can reach his phone no matter where that would lie. And with all its always-on and active built-in features, its battery lasts just up to 18-hours only. 

For countless transactions and payments, Apple watch series 6 for the nurses and doctors include Apple pay. It can be referred to as a movable bank account that helps the users not keep wallets all the time. Also, it is equipped with all phone-like features. Users can attend calls or receive/send text messages by their watch. Therefore, without an iPhone, you can manage your schedule and meetings.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Display: 1.2/1.4 inches colorful display OLED | Resolution: 360×360 pixels | Body: Aluminium with 1.7 ounces net weight | Compatibility: Androids and iOS | Operating System: Tizen 5.5 | Colors: Black and silver | Interface: Stylish and touchscreen

  • Premium design
  • Efficient sleep tracking
  • Measure blood oxygen level
  • Waterproof and swim-proof up to 165 feet
  • FDA-approved ECG and HR monitor
  • AFib monitor
  • Low battery life than original (~2 days with always-on display)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has been discovered with many advanced features of its generation. Galaxy watch 3 is available in two different sizes – 41mm and 45mm. The 41mm has mystic silver and bronze colors while 45mm is available in mystic black and silver colors. Both have remarkable features in regards to health fitness and digital usage. 

This medical professional’s watch has wide compatibility with Androids and iPhones. Therefore, via built-in GPS and Bluetooth features a user can connect their devices. This way it has become easy to reach out to the phone or to use the phone features in the watch. Therefore, you can attend or dial the calls or can also receive or send text messages via this fitness smartwatch anytime. 

samsung galaxy watch active 3
Samsung Galaxy watch active 3

It has a round shape with two buttons on the dial body side. One is a power button and the other leads to the menu setting. Also, the leather straps are quite comfortable and easy to wear. Overall it weighs up to 1.7 ounces minimally. Moreover, the screen is 1.2-1.4 inches wide OLED with a resolution of 360×360 pixels. So, the display is quite sharp to be seen easily in the bright sunlight. It has too many watch faces that are thus customizable. 

The operating system is Tizen 5.5 and has quite a fast performance. Although it is small, it has a reliable system. The keyword for text purposes is small and is really easy to use on a wristwatch without many complications. Likewise, regarding health fitness, it is among the best smartwatches for medical students and professionals. It can track 40 different activities with RAM of 1 GB and 8 GB storage. So, different health reading data and other applications can be installed or preserved. It thus supports wireless Wi-Fi connectivity along with Bluetooth. 

Its onboard GPS measures routine activities accurately. Also, it tracks steps, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate, blood pressure, or SpO2.  Furthermore, it can be the best for sports games like running, swimming, cycling, running, climbing, diving, skiing, and much more. So, it graphs down all the readings during workouts on the home screen. Also, the same readings and graphs are also pushed as notifications to the connected smartphones. 

During every workout or activity, it is normal to get sweaty. So, this smartwatch for medical students is resistant to water and sweat even if the person is swimming wearing a galaxy watch 3. It has 5 ATMs and IP68 water resistance under 165 feet. Similarly, in case of any emergency its trip detection sensor will call the emergency services automatically. 

This health fitness for heart rate monitor includes (HRM), ECG monitor, blood pressure monitor, and sleep tracker for better and quality sleep along with alarms and reminders. All the sensors are FDA-approved. It also guides and gives tips to the users regarding their better health and sleeping patterns. The SpO2 sensor can measure breathing disturbances during sleep as well. 

The battery type of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is 247 mAh/340 mAh. Its battery life is 2 days, which is quite less than the original one which is 4 days. However, this battery can last up to 2 days with all the active features like GPS, Wifi, and always-on display. Enjoy this smartwatch for your profession and healthy and better lifestyle.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Display: Colorful AMOLED display | Body: Aluminium, stainless steel with 0.16 ounces net weight | Compatibility: Androids and iOS | Colors: Black, copper, blue, pink, gray with multi straps | Interface: Stylish and touchscreen

  • 1.34 inches stylish style and a colorful touch screen
  • Always-on display screen
  • Supports Fitbit app, and Spotify support
  • Storage capacity up to 300 songs
  • Water and swim-proof watch
  • Equipped with built-in Alexa
  • No built-in GPS
  • No offline Spotify playback support

Here comes another fitness tracker for medical students and professionals. It is the latest Fitbit version with many important and updated features. So, if you are also wanting a less-budget Fitbit watch then it is the cheaper version to be bought at a reasonable price. It is available in multi-colors – black, copper, navy blue, pink, and gray. It has a beautiful and rigorous design that is slimmer than others and is quite easy to wear and portable. 

It retains a squircle design that has an always-on display with a larger AMOLED screen. Its screen size is 40mm that is mainly protected by the Gorilla Glass 3. It has 3 total buttons on its body – one on the right side and the other two on the left side of the screen. The display is touchable where users can swipe up, down, left, and right for more customizable menus, navigation,  and widgets. Also, a user can change the clock faces or can restore the settings with a click. Moreover, by swiping the screen to left or right you can access the app launcher

Furthermore, its bright AMOLED touchscreen has a resolution of 300×300 pixels. It is also an ambient light sensor through which the brightness of the watch’s screen can be adjusted as per usage. Therefore, it can easily be used on the brightest sunny day and in sunlight. Likewise, it has an easy-to-use interface with easy customization options. You can also choose up to seven items for the display – those can include, total steps, heart rate, steps per hour, sleep stats, water, and food intake, etc. 

This health fitness smartwatch for the nurses and the doctors has a fast processor. Likewise, it is equipped with an LR44 battery that has a life of up to 5 days with standard usage. It can extend up to six days in dim brightness mode. Moreover, It includes an updated version of Spotify and the Fitbit pay app. The users thus can play or download the songs to their playlists. Also, they can manage their shopping and transactions without their wallets. 

There also comes the exercises app on to the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch for the medical students and nurses. On selecting that exercise app users can exercise with a reminder of 20 minutes or more. However, it also tracks the sleep rate that is done automatically through Fitbit’s latest technology. This nurse’s watch also supports built-in Alexa. So, using mics and speakers you can get to know any update about news, weather, or can also set the alarms and reminders. 

The Fitbit Versa 2 is compatible with Androids and iPhones but it doesn’t respond to the messages of the iPhone. However, Android users can take full advantage at all to respond to messages. Unlike, you won’t be able to make or receive calls. Therefore, it can be said that Alexa works for the written texts rather than the audible. So, functionally Alexa is unreliable and has limited features. 

To sum up, it is the best fitness watch for medical professionals. It scores your deep, light, and REM sleep stages and tracks your breathing during sleep. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor workouts and activities as it is 5 ATM water and sweat resistant under 165 feet. For outdoor usage, it can be used completely as a phone only to connect your family and friends. Therefore, you can set your goals for a better life experience.

5. Fossil Gen 5

Display: 1.28 inches colorful AMOLED display | Resolution: 416×416 pixels with 328ppi density | Body: Aluminium, stainless steel with 99.79 grams net weight | Compatibility: Androids and iOS | Operating System: Wear OS | Colors: Black, rose gold, blue, pink, gray with multi-colored straps | Interface: Stylish and touchscreen

  • Always-on display
  • Supports Google Fit app and Spotify
  • Storage capacity up to 300 songs
  • 3ATM water and swim-proof
  • Built-in Google Assistant and genuine speakers
  • 4 custom battery modes
  • Average battery life

Fossil Gen 5 is another watch for medical students. It is the 5th generation Fossil watch. This version of the Fossil Gen is quite different and upgraded from the previous ones.

If you are looking for the best OS watch medical student’s watch, then buy the Fossil Gen 5 and experience better health and fitness features. It has quite advanced features with fast performance and specs. It is available in black, rose gold, pink, and red colors with silicone and leather interchangeable 22mm straps that are light and comfortable to wear. 

This nurse’s watch looks more elegant and stylish with a bigger 1.28 inches display, It has an always-on AMOLED display screen with 328 pixels sharp density and rotatable crown. It has versatility in its hardware and performance. Though it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC. 

Likewise, a user can download or install different applications in this medical professional’s smartwatch that have complete compatibility with Androids and iPhones. It has a better ROM with 1 GB of RAM and so has an internal storage of up to 8GB. Also, have wide compatibility, being a user you can leave your phones at home and can perform outdoor activities. 

Therefore, it allows you to make or receive a call or reply to text messages. Also, you can play Spotify-supported offline playlist videos or audios anytime. 

As far as wireless connectivity is concerned then this Fossil Gen version supports the Wi-Fi technology. It also has built-in GPS and Bluetooth features for phone connectivities. So, you can also reach your phone in an emergency or phone lost cases. Moreover, it also supports lower-range bandwidth providers – NFC, near field communication for countless Google Pay transactions and payments. 

Furthermore, this health fitness smartwatch for doctors and medical professionals works as a perfect heart rate sensor that tracks the heart readings up to 148bpm throughout the workout. Similarly, this medical student’s smartwatch is 3 ATM waterproof and so it also resists sweat during the workouts. It also possesses sensors for altimeter, accelerometer, and built-in gyroscope. Likewise, it also connects Google fit as well as any other fitness app being a wear OS device. 

Moreover, it also supports Google Assistant. So, you can run any app, play music, or do other things with your voice. Its built-in speakers are thus quite useful. The battery has come up in three to four custom modes which run this smartwatch longer than others. First is the daily mode that keeps every feature of this tracker on all the time. The second is the extended battery mode through which a user turns the Bluetooth mode on or off for extended battery life. 

Also, it can turn off everything except for the normal phone-like features of notifications, calls, messages, and alarms. 

The third one is the custom mode. Through this, a user can turn any app or feature on or off as per his will. Thus, you can turn all the advanced features on or except for a few. That would be up to you. And finally comes the time-only mode of the battery. This mode sets a black screen with the time, date, and logo only. All other apps are turned off automatically in this mode.

6. Medical Smartwatch Big Fitness Tracker

Display: 1.4 inches colorful AMOLED display | Body: Aluminium alloy and plastic with 3.21 ounces net weight | Compatibility: Androids 4.4 and iOS 9.0 above | Colors: Black, rose gold, pink,  gray with multi-colored straps | Interface: Stylish and touchscreen

  • Water and swim-proof
  • Supports HRM, sleep, and B.P monitor
  • Good battery life up to 7 days
  • Lacks Built-in GPS and wireless connectivity
  • Less compatibile with lower versions of smartphones

Another one of the best watches for medical students, and professionals is the Medical smartwatch that has amazing features.

It is the best tracker for all-day activities and workouts. You can also check other best outdoor fitness trackers here.

Although the watch has wide compatibility with Androids 4.4 and above, and iPhones 9.0 and above. It also functions without being connected to the phones. Therefore, it is not only a fitness tracker for the sporters but it also has interesting features for medical professionals. 

This smart technology is available in multi colors – black, gray, rose gold, and pink. It has a sharp, elegant, and colorful AMOLED display screen of 1.4 inches. The display type is purely IPS. The straps are made of silicon that is quite soft and comfortable to wear. Its body material is of alloy and plastic. It acts as a perfect tracker both for women’s and men’s health. 

After connecting this medical smartwatch to your phone, you can receive or reject any call or can also reply to the messages instantly. It also has different clock faces that are customizable by various widgets and apps.

There come different apps for blood pressure, calories burnt, heart rate monitor, and also a sleep monitor. Furthermore, it also tracks other daily activities like distance covered, steps, breaths per minute, etc for better health. 

The sleep monitor tracks the user’s sleep regularly from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. in all light, deep, and REM sleep cases. Users can also set their goals and diet plans and can also set the alarms and reminders for better care. Similarly, it supports many sports modes. It also works as a music controller that can play, pause, or switch songs simultaneously. 

Furthermore, this nurse’s smartwatch is IP67 waterproof that can be used for indoor and outdoor activities even in rain. However, it should not be used in hot water or sauna. Likewise, its battery extends up to 7 days with complete power. Enjoy your health and fitness with these amazing smartwatches in your profession.

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