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Best Tablet for Blender in 2022

Blender is the free and open-source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.

Finding the best tablet for Blender is not easy.

Here I will list some of the best tablets for Blender that is sold on

Tablets are all the rage these days, and having one for your art or design work can be a huge help. These portable computers are great for sketching, drawing, and painting. You may even find yourself using them to view tutorials on YouTube.

But not all tablets are built the same. Some are better for art than others. Many come with a stylus or a pen that you can use to draw and edit images on the screen. The tablet is a great tool for drawing and sketching in programs like Blender or Photoshop, and even for using as a simple mouse replacement. It’s also very affordable, making it ideal for students and children.

Not all tablets are created equal. The one you use for chatting and browsing the internet may not be the best tablet for your needs when it comes to working with Blender. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorites in this article.

Best Tablet for Blender - Expert's Review

We have reviewed some of the best tablets for blender and created a list of the best ones. We have also compiled a buying guide which will help you make an informed buying decision so that you get the best tablet for blender.

What is a Blender?

Blender is a free, open-source 3D creation suite. From modeling, animation, and rendering to simulation and real-time interactive 3D, Blender offers artists unprecedented power and flexibility through its uniform interface. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. 

Blender’s features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animating, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing, and compositing.

Blender uses its own scripting language called Python. A blender tablet is a very important tool for blenders because it can be used to create and edit meshes with ease. With its open-source nature, it has been able to attract more than 750 developers who have contributed to the project.

It is one of the most popular 3D software programs used by professionals and hobbyists around the world. Blender is a public project, made by hundreds of people from around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists, students, VFX experts, animators, game artists, modders, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Using the Best Graphic Tablet for Blender

There are many benefits to using a drawing tablet. These benefits can help you in the long run.

Here are the benefits of using the best graphic tablet for blender:

  • Drawing tablets can be used for drawing, sketching, and painting.

  • They are compatible with many different types of software, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Paint Tool Sai.

  • They offer better precision and accuracy than a mouse because they have a stylus that enables you to exert more control over what you’re creating.

  • A good graphic tablet will have an ergonomic pen that feels comfortable in your hand and doesn’t tire out your fingers or wrist after prolonged use.

  • A drawing tablet is more portable than a computer monitor or laptop screen, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

What Things Should You Look for in the Best Tablet for Blender? Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a tablet to use with Blender, there are a few things that you need to look out for. In this article, we’ll be covering what makes a good tablet for Blender, as well as our top 5 recommendations.

The requirements of a tablet will vary depending on the type of user you are. If you’re someone who is looking to use the tablet while traveling or creating graphics on the go, then you will require a certain set of features. However, if you’re looking to replace your desktop with a tablet and use it as the only device for graphic designing, then your requirements will be slightly different.

When buying a tablet for Blender, these are some important points that you should consider:


The first thing which you should consider while buying a tablet for blender is that the tablet must be able to handle its functions smoothly even with multiple layers. In 3D modeling, it is very common to use multiple layers and many other features which require a lot of processing power. So make sure that the tablet you are buying is capable of handling all these features smoothly.

Screen Size

Another thing which you need to consider while buying a tablet for blender is the screen size. A large screen will give you more space to work with and also provide a better resolution for your work. The larger the screen, the better your experience will be as it gives you more flexibility when working on multiple projects or when switching between different workspaces.


This is also one of the most important factors that should be considered while buying a tablet for blender. Some tablets are designed to be portable, so if you want a portable device then choose the one that has small screen size. However, if portability is not an issue for you then go for large screen size tablets.


Blender is not resource intensive, but considering the fact that it is fairly complex and involves multiple tasks, you need a tablet that has enough processing power to handle things in an easy manner. While high-end tablets can definitely run Blender without any difficulty, they might be out of budget for most users who are just getting started with the software.

Connectivity options

If you want to connect your tablet to a desktop computer via USB cable so that it can be used as an input device then make sure your tablet has an appropriate USB port (ie: not just micro-USB). This can also be useful for charging the battery if your tablet doesn’t have its own internal battery charger (like most laptops do) but instead relies solely on USB charging from another computer/device such as your phone or laptop.

Storage Space

Storage space on tablets is measured in gigabytes and often ranges from 16GB to 512GB. The amount of storage space you need will depend solely on your usage requirements. If you’re just going to be using Blender, then a tablet with 32GB or 64GB of storage space should be enough. However, if you’re planning on doing a lot of 3D Modeling, then we definitely recommend buying a tablet with at least 256GB of storage space so that you can store all your data without running out of room


RAM is another important factor when it comes to buying a tablet for Blender. A higher RAM will allow for smoother operations when multitasking or rendering large 3D models. Most tablets have 4GB of RAM, but some come with 8GB or more.

Operating System

The operating system is an important part of any computer that determines its capabilities and functionality. There are three major operating systems available in the market today: Windows, MacOS and Android, of which Windows is by far the most popular one. If you’re going to use your tablet for other purposes such as Office work or watching movies, then we would recommend getting a Windows OS. However, if your only purpose is going to be using Blender, then Android will also suffice since it’s much cheaper than Windows OS tablets.

If you want to use Blender on a tablet, then it’s important to make sure that you have the right kind of tablet in order to do so.

While there are a number of tablets that can run Blender, to bring you the very best of them, we’ve done the research, tested and reviewed all of the top-rated tablets for Blender on the market, comparing features such as screen size, pressure sensitivity, ease of use and price to help you find the tablet that’s right for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, there’s a range of tablets available in our list that would make the perfect addition to your Blender software.

1. Wacom Student Drawing Tablet

  • Simple & Portable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable Stylus
  • Easy to Learn & Easy to Use
  • Doesn't Have a Bluetooth connection
  • USB Cable is a little short

After spending hours reviewing dozens of tablets, we believe that the best tablet for Blender is the Wacom Tablet. It was designed specifically for use with a computer and will provide you with everything you need to get started in digital art and 3D modeling.

It is a perfect tablet for beginners who are just starting out with digital art, but it also has enough features to be useful to more experienced artists as well. If you’re looking for a tablet that you can use with Blender, then this is definitely the one to go for!

This Wacom tablet is an entry-level tablet designed specifically for beginners. It offers the same features as Wacom’s more popular Intuos line, with a lower price and smaller size. 

It is an absolute staple for graphic designers, videographers, and other creatives who work on computers. It’s a small tablet that’s perfect for beginners and students, with a pressure-sensitive pen and a USB connection. It’s available in two sizes (one with a larger active drawing area than the other). It has no Bluetooth or eraser like the pricier tablets, but it can be used to make all kinds of fine adjustments, like color correction, retouching photos, or painting.

Compact Size

The best tablet for Blender has a small and compact size that’s perfectly suited to digital artists who want a portable device to take with them on the go.

This tablet for blender is only available in one size (medium), but it’s a great drawing tablet for beginners. Due to its size, it’s a great option to take with you anywhere you go. It has an active area of 6 x 3.7 inches, which is considered small in comparison with other tablets but it is still sufficient for beginners who are still learning the basics of using a digital drawing pad.

Touch Screen & LCD Display

This tablet for blender has a touch screen and an LCD display that allow you to view your work in full color and high resolution. It also has a button pad that makes it easy to change the brush settings, adjust the canvas size and save your work. It also includes a pen holder which allows you to keep your writing instrument safe while you work

Compatibility & Ergonomic Design

This ablet for blender is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It works with most of the popular graphics software programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more. If you want to download some new brushes for your Wacom tablet, it’s super easy! All you need to do is plug in your USB cable and start downloading.

It offers an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold the pen in hands. The design of the pen is comfortable so that you can use it for a long time without any issue.

Easy To Learn & Use

Unlike other designing tablets available in market, it is very simple to learn and use this tablet as they come with user manuals which help you to set up this Wacom mobile studio pro 13 easily. The tablet is easy to learn and use, which makes it more practical than the more expensive tablets.The tablet is easy to learn and use, which makes it more practical than the more expensive tablets.

Battery-Free Pen

The pen is battery free, which means you don’t have to worry about charging it in between uses. There are four replaceable nibs that provide different degrees of friction. The tablet comes with Corel Painter Essentials as well as Clip Studio Paint Pro (a trial version). This drawing tablet features 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity which help in making different stroke widths while painting or sketching.

Digital Creativity

The One by Wacom comes with a single software package included: Corel Painter Essentials 5. This is a scaled down version of Corel’s most famous image editing software, which is designed to let you create digital paintings using brushes, pens and pencils. 

Unlike many other applications it also includes basic photo editing tools so you can improve your photographs before you start painting over them. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to just draw or paint digitally, but it lacks advanced features like layers or vector tools

Other Features

This Wacom tablet for blender comes with two different types of brushes. You can choose between the standard brushes or the ones with special tips. The standard brushes are ideal for beginners who are just starting out in drawing or painting. They provide enough control over the strokes but still offer a lot of flexibility when creating different shapes and designs.

The tablet has four customizable buttons that allow you to control your software without reaching over to your keyboard. You can even customize them based on which program you’re using! The most important feature for blender artists is that it has multi-touch technology that allows you to use your fingers smoothly over the surface of the tablet. It also allows you to pinch in and out, rotate, scroll and navigate without any problems. It also comes with an adjustable stand so you can position the tablet at an angle that’s comfortable for you.

2. GAOMON S620

  • Compact Design
  • Comfortable Stylus
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Good Battery Life
  • Not Good for Android user
  • No Tilt Support

The GAOMON S620 is one of the best graphics tablets for Blender because of its design and features. It has customizable shortcut keys that are comfortable to use, and it’s relatively lightweight at only 0.85 pounds. The GAOMON S620 tablet is the best tablet for Blender because it comes with a high-pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, meaning that it can register finer strokes and depth when drawing. No other tablet in this list comes with such a feature.

The GAOMON S620 tablet is a great option for those who want to work on digital art. GAOMON S620 is the best tablet for Blender. It is affordable for a drawing tablet and it has a lot of great features!

Screen Size & Display

GAOMON S620 tablet features a 6.5 x 4-inch active area, ideal for beginners who want to use the tablet for photo editing, drawing, sketching, painting, and more. Another thing that makes this tablet great is its display which features a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. GAOMON S620 is a tablet with a fully laminated screen which has become the standard for modern tablets. This model allows you to feel the brush stroke and does not have a parallax effect. The tablet has an excellent resolution, which will help to draw with high accuracy. It also has an anti-glare coating.

The drawing surface has a matte finish that reduces glare and gives it a paper-like feel. The surface is also anti-fouling, making it easy to clean.

Compact Design

It has a compact design and pretty much looks like an iPad with its rounded corners and black finish. It features an LCD screen with a 6 x 4-inch active area and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is great for digital illustration, 3D sculpting and digital art. If you’re looking for a tablet that’s suitable for both left- and right-handed users, then this could be the one. It has a sleek design that makes it comfortable to use and includes two customizable buttons that allow you to create shortcuts while drawing or painting.

Express Keys

The tablet has two buttons on its left side that are customizable to any number of functions in the software you’re using. In addition to these features, the tablet comes with some express keys plus one more button on its pen which can be customized as well to suit your preferences.The 8 shortcut keys that are placed around the working area can be customized according to your preference.

If you find yourself using certain functions frequently, you can place those functions on a shortcut key so you don’t have to dig through menus every time you want to access them. You can set the shortcut keys for various tasks such as zooming in and out of images, switching between brush types and so on. So the tablet features customizable shortcut keys that you can use to create shortcuts for commonly used functions in programs such as Photoshop or Blender.

Comfortable Stylus

Another important feature of the GAOMON S620 is the battery-free pen stylus, which works on electromagnetic induction technology. The pen is equipped with two buttons and eraser. The pressure sensitivity reaches 8192 levels, and it works on Windows and macOS.

It’s also important to note that the pen holder is convenient, since it doesn’t take up any space on your desk or distracts you from your work. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around with you in a laptop bag or backpack and use wherever you like. So the GAOMON S620 supports up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which makes it perfect for shading, coloring, and fine lines work.


The tablet is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook, Manga Studio, Clip Studio Paint, Zbrush, Krita and others. The S620 is also compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, so even if you use different operating systems in your office at home then will be able to work seamlessly between them without having any problems.

Outstanding Performance

The performance of this tablet is outstanding because its surface is as smooth as butter. The operating system of this tablet is compatible with Windows 10/8 / 7 (32/64), Mac OS X10.11 or later versions.

Good Battery Life

The gaomon s620 battery life lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged and can be used continuously for about 20 hours without charging if you connect it to your computer via the supplied micro USB cable. You’ll get a full day of drawing time (about 26 hours) in between charges, and the cordless pen has a long battery life as well – you can use it for up to 350 hours without charging.

Other Features

This drawing tablet has the usual features that you would expect from a drawing tablet. It has six physical shortcut keys and a touch ring, which along with its pen give you all the control over your digital art. It can also be used as an e-reader with the reading mode and the built-in E-book viewer installed.

You can also adjust the pressure sensitivity settings to fit your needs and preferences. The S620 also comes with express keys that allow you to quickly access shortcuts and maximize efficiency when on the move.

3. Wacom Intuos

  • Affordable
  • Excellent express keys
  • Pressure sensitive Pen
  • Bright clear display
  • Initial adjustment period
  • Multi-touch function sometimes lags

The Wacom Intuos is the best tablet for Blender because it is ergonomic, has many shortcut buttons, and is pressure sensitive.

The tablet works great for both beginners who want an easy way to get started with Blender as well as advanced users who want more control over their work. This is an especially good choice if you’re new to digital drawing, or if you’re just looking for something to doodle on in your spare time. The Wacom Intuos tablet is a cheap but powerful drawing tablet. It’s the perfect tool for someone who wants to dip their toes into digital art. This is our top pick for tablets because it’s versatile enough for professionals and affordable enough for beginners.

Screen Size

The Intuos is available in two sizes: small and medium. The small one is 11 x 7 inches, while the medium one has a surface area that’s 14 x 9 inches big. The small version supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, while the medium version supports 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for a more sensitive drawing experience. However, unless you’re really picky about how sensitive your pen is, we don’t think it’s worth springing for the medium version because you’re paying roughly twice as much for it.

Bright Clear Display

The display on the Wacom Intuos is bright and clear, making it easy to see what you’re doing no matter where you are or how bright it is outside. The device also has a long battery life and can be used for up to ten hours before needing to be recharged. This means that you’ll never have to worry about


The pen itself has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which means that every stroke you make on it can be accurately mimicked on your computer screen. Pressure sensitivity. How sensitive the tablet is to your touch is one of the most important factors in a quality drawing tablet. If it isn’t sensitive enough, you’ll be fighting with your hand the whole time you’re trying to draw.

The Wacom Intuos line has high pressure sensitivity, making it easier to create clean lines and varying degrees of shading based on pressure alone. This gives you more control over your artwork and allows you to create much more realistic drawings or paintings than what you can do with just a mouse.

Compatibility & Battery Life

It’s compatible with both Mac OS and Windows platforms and connects via Bluetooth or USB. The battery life lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge, so you can take it anywhere without having to worry about power. The tablet is also very slim and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry, even for long periods of time.

Customizable Express Keys

The Wacom Intuos tablet features customizable application-specific Express Keys so you can create your own shortcuts and modifiers for maximum efficiency. The Wacom Intuos tablet features 6 customizable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring that can be programmed to suit your own way of working. These allow you to carry out common functions with just one touch, so you don’t have to go searching through menus.

Other Features

The tablet itself is incredibly light and easy to hold in your hand. It’s made from high-quality plastic, so it’s not going to break easily. The Wacom Intuos has been a go-to for artists, graphic designers, and photographers for years. Designed for use with a computer, the tablet features a sensitive pen that allows you to draw directly onto the screen and click icons, buttons or menus with ease.

The Wacom Intuos tablet features an integrated accelerometer, which makes it easy for users to switch between portrait and landscape mode without having to remove their finger from the screen. This feature allows users to easily switch between drawing modes and allows users to draw in both portrait and landscape modes at the same time. This feature also allows users to create more detailed images with greater precision.

It also features an integrated gyroscope, which allows users to rotate their drawings as they are drawn. This feature makes it easy for users to rotate their work without having to remove their fingers from the screen. The gyroscope also makes it easy for users to rotate their work while they are drawing it in portrait or landscape mode, or while they are drawing on multiple surfaces at once.

4. Wacom PTH660 Intuos

  • Good value For Money
  • Highly Portable
  • Support Multi-Touch
  • Amazing Stylus with Pressure sensitivity
  • No bundled software
  • Tablet doesn't come with a stand

The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Professional Pen & Touch Tablet is our best tablet for Blender because it has a great price and it offers the best value for money with its range of features. It supports both wired and wireless connections, and its pressure sensitivity works great when you are working on the more detailed aspects of your designs. This tablet is also very reliable when it comes to accuracy, and this can help you create 3D models with ease.

The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro is a professional-grade tablet that offers all the tools you need to create amazing work. The best part of the Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro is that it can be customized for both left-handed and right-handed users. Whether you’re creating graphics, illustrations or animations, the tablet’s pressure-sensitive pen, and multi-touch capabilities put control at your fingertips. So the Wacom Intuos tablet is one of the best options for blender, the drawing tablet have a great build quality and it is easy to use.

Slim Design

The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro is designed with the artist in mind. It’s got a slim design that’s easy on both your hands and eyes, plus there are customizable buttons so you can work faster than ever before! The slim design makes it easy to transport this tablet, so you can take it with you wherever you go

Screen Size

It is a professional-level tablet that has all the features that are required to work with Blender. It has an active surface of 8.7 x 5.8 inches which is enough to work with a whole lot of scenes and models. Its surface is textured, which provides a nice amount of friction while you’re working. The tablet is also large enough that it won’t feel cramped while drawing, and in fact its active area is more than double the size of the Huion Inspiroy Q11K.

Stylus with Pressure sensitivity

The tablet comes with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels which really helps in getting more accurate results while working on the models and scenes. The pen that comes with this tablet is battery-free and has amazing levels of pressure sensitivity. The pen also supports tilt sensitivity up to 60 degrees which makes it perfect for 3D modeling and sculpting.

The pen also includes an eraser at the back which can be used to erase any stroke or mistake you make while drawing. The pen is lightweight and has a comfortable grip so that you can use it without any fatigue during the long sessions of drawing.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The included wireless kit lets you sync the Wacom Pro tablet with a computer without any wires getting in the way of your creativity. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect up to four devices at once, including other pen tablets and smartphones. This makes it easy to work on your projects while you’re away from your main computer. It allows wireless connection, which can be useful in some situations (though you’ll need to buy an extra accessory for that).

The Wacom Intuos Pro is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. And since it’s a professional-grade device, it’ll be able to keep up with all of your needs, no matter how intensive they are.

Impressive Battery Life

With a battery life of 15 hours and an optional stand, this Wacom Pro tablet lets you work longer with less strain. It features an impressive battery life for those who want to use their tablet for long periods of time without charging it up again every few hours or so.

Other Features

It also comes with 6 customizable shortcut keys and an ExpressKey remote that lets you assign functions to each button. In addition, the tablet has a wide working area that’s ideal for 3D modeling. These are customizable buttons on the side of the tablet that correspond with different keyboard shortcuts. Some key combinations can be hard to remember, so having physical keys for them can help you work faster and more efficiently.

Touch Ring: This is a customizable touch-sensitive ring around the outside of the tablet that lets you control up to four functions at once using gestures or simple finger swipes. The Touch Ring is similar to the gesture controls found on some tablets and smartphones — it’s a convenient way to access menus without having to use the keyboard or mouse.

Multi-Function Pen Stand/Nib Case: The Intuos Pro comes with Wacom’s newest pen, which has a case built into its stand that holds 10 extra pen nibs (the tips of the stylus). The pens themselves are durable and comfortable in hand, but they do wear out over time, so it’s nice to have extra nibs ready and waiting.

5. Wacom Bamboo

  • Convenient & Easy to Use
  • Comfortable Light Pen
  • Easy to Use & Setup
  • Big Writing surface
  • Limited editing tools
  • Advance Text Features requires paid subscription

Wacom Bamboo is the best tablet for blender. It has a lot of features to offer and it can speed up your workflow.

Wacom Bamboo CTL471 Pen Tablet is a tablet that lets you create using your pen, making the experience more intuitive and user-friendly. It comes in two sizes; large and small, but both of them are light enough to carry around and work with ease. It has a lot of features, such as pressure sensitivity, which allows you to create easily with variations in line width and opacity, making it easy to create sketches and drawings.

When it comes to choosing a tablet for Blender, you want to buy the best one you can find, and there’s no doubt that the Wacom Bamboo Splash is the best choice. The Wacom Bamboo Connect is not just a good tablet for note-takers, it’s also a great device for sketching, drawing, and using with Blender.

Sleek Stylish design

Wacom Bamboo is a sleek and stylish tablet designed for those who are getting started drawing, painting, and photo editing or for those who want to enjoy the convenience of a multi-touch tablet for the home. 

The Wacom Bamboo CTL471 tablet features a slim and compact design, making it an ideal choice for users who are always on the go. It is a small tablet made of black plastic with a smooth surface. On top of its active area, there is a transparent sheet of plastic that makes it feel more like writing on paper than on a hard surface

Display & Resolution

The Wacom Bamboo CTL471 tablet also comes integrated with an LCD display screen along with a resolution of 2540 LPI and report rate of 200 RPS, which is ideal for working with Blender 3D. This tablet features a 5.8×3.6 inch active area which is large enough for most people to work comfortably on. The drawing surface has an excellent texture similar to the paper which makes it really pleasant to draw on. The pen also has an ergonomic design and feels good in your hand. It’s not too heavy or too light and fits nicely in your hand without being uncomfortable.

Pressure-sensitive pen

The Bamboo CTL471 provides a natural drawing experience with a pressure-sensitive pen, which provides more control over graphics applications. It also comes with a convenient wireless feature that allows you to move around your workspace without having to worry about attachments or cords.

It comes with a pressure-sensitive pen that you can use to draw and paint on the tablet’s smooth surface. There are two buttons on the tablet that can be set to perform different functions, such as zooming in or executing commands. Its touch-sensitive active area measures 5.8×3.6 inches, which is slightly smaller than other tablets on this list. However, it is still large enough for comfortable drawing.

Compatibility & Connectivity

The Wacom Bamboo is compatible with both PCs and Macs and works with most major art programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Painter, Autodesk SketchBook, Manga Studio, ZBrush, and more. This means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your computer is going to be able to handle this device. It connects via a USB port and does not have Bluetooth capability. You can also use the tablet to navigate your computer if you don’t have a touchscreen laptop. The tablet connects through USB. 

It comes with a driver installation CD, which you can also download from the manufacturer’s website. You also get a replacement nib for the pen.

Express keys

This tablet comes with two customizable Express Keys that allow you to assign shortcuts to your most commonly used commands in Blender. The Wacom Bamboo CTL471 tablet features 4 customizable express keys, which can be programmed to fit your needs. It also comes with four express keys and buttons that are programmable, so you can customize them to do things like right-clicking or open up an application.

The Wacom Bamboo CTL471 tablet is customizable to your needs. It features four express keys and buttons that are programmable, so you can customize them to do things like right-clicking or opening up an application. You can also zoom in and out of documents or photos with a pinch of your fingers thanks to its multi-touch surface. The tablet also has a multi-touch surface, allowing the user to pinch, scroll and rotate using intuitive gestures.

Other Features

The multitouch feature of the Bamboo tablet allows for simple gestures with four fingers: scrolling, zooming, and rotating. Use multi-touch to pan and zoom a photo or page in any application.

The tablet has a 5.8 x 3.6 inch working area that can be used for cursor movement and scrolling. You can also scroll by touching your fingers on the active area of the tablet as well. This makes it very intuitive for those who are already familiar with using smartphones and tablets. After all, if you know how to swipe on an iPad touchscreen, then you’ll find this easy to use too! The tablet connects via a USB port and doesn’t require any additional power supply or battery.

Best Tablet for Blenders - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use blender on a tablet?

You can use Blender on a tablet. The app is available for both IOS, Android, and Microsoft tablets. The only thing you need to be aware of is that Blender requires a lot of computing power, so you will most likely not be able to do any serious projects on your tablet.

You could get a tablet with a keyboard and trackpad, but it will still not be as easy to work with as a PC or Laptop. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices, the Apple App Store for IOS devices, and the Microsoft Store for Windows devices.

Do you need a graphics tablet for blender?

The graphics tablet is a great way to control the blender. It is easy to use and there are many options for you. But, if you are new to the blender, we recommend that you get a graphics tablet or drawing tablet for your blender. You should get a graphics tablet with a lot of features and functions.

A graphics tablet is a computer input device that allows one to hand-draw images and graphics. These tablets may also be used to capture data or handwritten signatures. It can also be used to trace an image from a piece of paper that is taped or otherwise secured to the surface and is often used by graphic artists to give a hand-drawn look to digital art.

Can you use Blender on an iPad?

Blender is an open-source 3D animation software that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Because it is open-source, it has a large community that supports it. The iPad cannot run Blender at this point in time.

iPads are awesome devices, but the operating system doesn’t support running Blender from an app. That said, if you have a Mac, you can download Blender on it and then stream the software to your iPad with an app called Duet Display. You can also get a similar program for the iPad called Sketchbook Pro.

How much RAM do you need for Blender?

The amount of ram a computer needs depends on the application. Blender can handle 16 GB of RAM, but can also use a lot more for demanding tasks. 32 GB of RAM should suffice for most.Blender is powerful design software that uses a lot of RAM. To run seamlessly, it should have at least 8GB of RAM. However, for more complex projects and higher resolutions, 16GB of RAM is recommended.

The more RAM your device has, the smoother your experience will be when using Blender. Blender can use up to 16 exabytes of memory which is otherwise known as 17.179.869.184 gigabytes!

Are blenders powerful?

Blender is a powerful software for 3D modeling and animation, and it has a decent learning curve. When you first start working with Blender, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of tools and features available.

The latest version of Blender has more than 1,800 key commands. The good news is that you don’t need to learn all of them to be able to create something in Blender. In fact, you can get started with just a handful of key shortcuts.

Blender’s features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animating, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing, and compositing. It also features an integrated game engine.


We hope that the article is helpful, and helps you to choose the best tablet for blender. Before spending money on a decent but costly tablet one should first think of their need and requirement, whether personal or professional use. 

Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, it’s always good to keep up with the newest trends in technology, even if your current budget allows you to only get so much. By doing so, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on which products are truly worth your money and which aren’t. All of these tablets are great and it is hard to tell if anyone is the best. It just comes down to personal preference and what you will be using it for.

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