Best sunglasses for rowing sports

Best Sunglasses for Rowing Sport in 2022

Best sunglasses for rowing are necessary for rising sports enthusiasm.

When you do a task related to anything, you have to buy some accessories for assistance. Certainly, as a rower, you need a pair of the best sunglasses for rowing. The preference of the features of the rowing sunglasses may vary from person to person. Some may prefer Lens; some may select color, weight, or flip-up quality. When you go to the market, you may have confusion about buying. The sunglasses have different parts at different price ranges.

The features vary according to the price. For example, some sunglasses may have an interchangeable lens; some may have variations in color. Other sunglasses may be lightweight. Adjustable nose bridges are also a feature in these sunglasses. 

Top 8 Highly recommended Sunglasses for Rowing in 2021

IF you are familiar with rowing; experienced rowers use to put sunglasses to reduce sun damage and above all, to look amazing. Below we have summarized the list of top 8 sunglasses for rowing.

Why Sunglasses are essential for Rowing?

When you do rowing exercises in the gym, you might need some accessories with you like a rowing activity tracker, etc. Rowing sunglasses are one of those. These sunglasses help in rowing. Some of the sunglasses protect your eyes from dangerous particles, some from the light or rays. Each Sunglasses comes with different features. When you move back and forth during rowing, you might face problems. You may encounter dust or harmful particles when doing workout on rowing machines.

We have made a list of these sunglasses for your ease. The list includes glasses for rowing according to their specific features and variation in price. These sunglasses are best-buy and must-have in your gym accessories, so you may not face any problem in rowing. The list includes glasses having features like:

  • UV protection
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Shatter-Proof
  • Light-weight
  • High quality
  • Prism lens

1. Oakley Men’s oo9454 Evzero Blades Sunglasses

  • A shield that saves you from particles or dust and fulfills the fashion requirements
  • The glasses are lightweight, and you can carry them around in the gym and have a high-quality build
  • The nose pads give you a firmer grip when you move back and forth on a rowing machine
  • The Prizm lenses enhance the color and contrast of the objects

Oakley’s Men oo9454 Evzero blade sunglasses feature a luxurious and high-quality build. It aims to assist you in exercise by giving contrast and precise vision. The glasses fulfill the requirements of fashion and provide you unique features. The Company offers many elements in these pairs of sunglasses, including; shield protection, adjustable nose-bridges, or prism lens.

Shield Protection: A shield protection feature is a versatile option in these rowing glasses. The Lens of the glasses is layered with a shield to protect you from dangerous particles. This Lens prevents the dust from reaching your eyes. It also stops harmful rays that may damage your eyes or cause pain.

Adjustable Nose-pads:  The nose bridges in these glasses are adjustable. You can adjust these nose pads according to your need. The nose pads don’t leave a mark on your nose or face. These adjustable nose bridges come by default; you don’t have to install them.

The prism lens: The Prizm feature enhances the objects’ color, giving a sharp and precise object image. It provides the idea of the thing more accurately. This prism helps you to focus on the rowing point more precisely and accurately.

2. Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses

  • The lightweight build makes it easier to manage while traveling
  • Scratch-resistant, the sunglasses are scratch-proof to any sharp or opaque objects
  • Shock-resistant; don’t worry if the glasses fall from your hands; they are shock-proof
  • Stylish and perfect for fashion

The sleek and unique design sunglasses have tons of features in this price range. The dimensions of the glasses are a perfect fit for fashion. The 30 mm nose pad gives a comforting experience when rowing. Duduma polarized sunglasses offer many features at affordable prices.

Lightweight: The lightweight feature is a unique feature that everybody wants. You can easily carry these sunglasses to your gym in your pocket or your hands. These sunglasses can be put in your bag without getting damaged or shattered.

Scratch-Resistant: The lenses are made from carbonate, and the glass is scratch-resistant. They were making it more usable in strenuous and vigorous rowing workouts. If the keys in your pocket get in touch with these glasses, it won’t leave a scratch on the glass or lenses.

Shock-Resistant: The Company has introduced an incredible feature in these rowing sunglasses. This problem is faced by many people who do a workout on rowing machines. That is falling off the glasses when rowing as you move back and forth. The shock-resistant feature makes these sunglasses stronger. These glasses don’t shatter if they drop from your hands.

3. Sports polarized sunglasses

  • A shield that saves you from particles or dust and fulfills the fashion requirements
  • The glasses are lightweight, and you can carry them around in the gym and have a high-quality build
  • The nose pads give you a firmer grip when you move back and forth on a rowing machine
  • The Prizm lenses enhance the color and contrast of the objects

The Sports Polarized Sunglasses are a must-buy. These glasses offer a high-quality plastic frame with decent lenses and glass. The UV feature is available in these fantastic glasses. The Company provides tons of features at this lower price. The sports polarized sunglasses are versatile and a must-have for rowing exercises. The Company offers a 1-month return policy if you receive a damaged or irrelevant parcel.

UV Protection: The UV Protection feature prevents harmful rays or particles from entering your eyes. This helps in rowing as you move back and forth. This incredible feature is available at such a low price. The UV coating on the lenses comes by default. You do not need to buy separately.

Lightweight: The glasses are made very light and easy to use. You may not face any problem using these pairs of sunglasses. They are highly durable and ultra-light in weight. They are incredibly light as compared to the other sunglasses.

Scratch-resistant: The Company offers scratch-resistant lenses in these pairs of sunglasses that give you more in-depth rowing features. You can easily use these pairs of sunglasses without getting scratches or any shattered glass.

4. Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up

  • The flip-up design makes it more fashionable and versatile
  • The impact-resistant feature makes the sunglasses higher quality
  • The Lens offers different colors to the buyers
  • The Lens is made of polycarbonate material that protects your eyes

Franklin Sports MLB are modern exercise sunglasses.  These glasses are handy and can be used in different rowing exercises. These pairs of sunglasses offer a fashionable and high-quality experience to its users. The Company provides a variety of colors to get in these beautiful pairs of sunglasses. These glasses offer a flip-up feature making them more useful during rowing.

Flip-Up Design: The flip-up design allows you to uncover your lenses at any time without any problem. This adds to the fashion and gives you a comfortable and tension-free rowing experience.

Shock-resistant: The glasses are shock-resistant, which means you can easily use them without fear of shattering or breaking the lenses or glasses. If the glasses fall from your hand, you should not worry and ward off the dust and continue your workout without any problem.

Polycarbonate Lens: The polycarbonate lenses are efficient in protecting your eyes from harmful materials or particles. These lenses prevent harmful particles from entering your eyes and making them safer and more efficient to use in any weather conditions.

5. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Sunglasses

  • The glasses are Shatterproof; means it won’t be shattered like ordinary glasses
  • The lenses are polycarbonate that protects from harmful particles and rays
  • The unique and sleek design makes it gentler
  • High-Quality build

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 offers unique features at a lesser price. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 has a unique and fashionable design, which you can wear in the park or at the gym. These glasses are best for rowing. It offers many features at this price.

High quality builds: The Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 is made very strong. This pair of sunglasses will help in rowing, unlike other ordinary sunglasses. These are shock-resistant and shatterproof sunglasses.

Affordable Price: Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 is a cheap pair of sunglasses. The Company offers tons of features at a lower price than the other expensive brands with fewer features.

Polycarbonate Lens: The polycarbonate lens makes it safer and more elegant to use without any problem. These lenses will protect you from harmful particles present in the environment.

6. Sports Sunglasses Polarized UV400 for Rowing

  • The anti-fog feature enables us to do the gym in winter or foggy weather
  • The UV400 protection feature protects you from dangerous radiations
  • 3-months money back guarantee
  • The glasses are lightweight according to the features and build

You can’t do rowing exercises in winter? But the UV400 sunglasses offer you a high-quality build with an anti-fog feature. These features enable you to do the gym in any weather. UV 400 has dozens of features that give you satisfaction at this price.

UV Protection: The UV400 offers UV protection that protects from dangerous particles in the air. These hazardous particles can damage your eyes and cause difficulty in vision.

Lightweight and High Quality: The glasses are made with strong materials giving them a high-quality build. The glasses are made very light, so it may not cause any problem while carrying them anywhere. This gives you a smooth, rowing experience.

3-month warranty: The Company gives a 3-month money-back guarantee to the customers if they face any usage problem.

Anti-Fog: The Company adds a coating to the lenses that prevent the fog’s settlement the lenses. This anti-fog feature gives a beautiful and comfortable experience when rowing outside or inside.

7. Sports Glasses for Men and Women with Interchangeable Glasses

  • Plastic Frame is of high-quality build and is vital for usage
  • The plastic Lens is scratch less and provides a smooth experience
  • Variety of colors, Company offers many variants in different colors
  • Interchangeable Lens, five built-in lenses are of high quality
  • UV frame protects from harmful particles
  • Polarized coating frame protects from dust and particles in the environment

These Sports glasses offer many affordable price features, including interchangeable lenses. These are must-haves in your gym accessories.  The Company has six colors with a built-in interchangeable lens at an affordable price. The plastic Frame is high-quality and gives a smooth rowing experience.

UV Frame: The UV frame prevents UV rays and other harmful rays from reaching your eyes. This proves to be a safer and efficient design.

Polarized Coating: The polarized coating prevents harmful materials and other particles from damaging your eyes. It adds to the beauty of the sunglasses. The polarized coating is helpful in rowing outside.

Interchangeable Lens: The Lens in these beautiful pairs of sunglasses are changeable. The Company offers five interchangeable lenses by default. These lenses can be easily changed without any expert.

Variety in Colors: The Company gives a vast option in the colors of the glasses. You can choose the color of the glasses according to your outfit. These colors add more to the fashion and give you a decent look in any outfit you wear to the gym.

8. Rockbros Polarized Rowing Sunglasses for Men and Women

  • Interchangeable glasses make the sunglasses more versatile
  • Light-weight, you can carry in your bag or pockets
  • The nose bridge is adjustable according to your need
  • One-month warranty
  • The anti-Fog feature that prevents fog on your Lens

The rock bros polarized rowing sunglasses offer a lightweight build. The sunglasses provide many features to the users at less price. The rock bros polarized sunglasses are lightweight and are of a high-quality body. These glasses offer an interchangeable lens. The interchangeable Lens can replace the standard Lens with an anti-fog lens; that helps in foggy weather. These glasses are a must-have in your gym bag to provide a relaxing and smooth rowing experience.

Anti-Fog: The Company has introduced a fantastic anti-fog feature that helps prevent fog on the glasses. This gives you a smooth experience in the gym.

Adjustable Nose Bridge: The nose pads that come in these rowing sunglasses are adjustable. These nose bridges can be set according to your requirements. The nose bridges are made of strong material and won’t break easily.

Lightweight: The glasses are incredibly light, and you can carry them around without any problem. You can put them in your pocket or the bag without doubting breaking the glasses.

Buyer’s Guide Things you should consider before buying rowing sunglasses

Rowing is one of the perfect activities that take care of your health. Before you buy any product, you must ask yourself. So what is the specific purpose you are buying it for? Some things you must consider while purchasing a rowing sunglass are:

UV Protection

There are harmful particles present in the air that can damage our eyes. These particles may enter when you move back and forth on a rowing machine. To avoid countering these particles, you must own a pair of rowing sunglasses. These rowing sunglasses will prevent harmful particles from entering your eyes and damage them. Low quality and low-price sunglasses won’t help. You must carefully check the quality of the sunglasses before buying them.

Polycarbonate Lens

In addition to the harmful particles, there are harmful rays that can damage your eyes. When eyes are exposed to these rays, they can cause severe damage to your eyes. A rowing sunglass must have a polycarbonate lens. This polycarbonate lens protects the eyes from dangerous rays and gives a smooth rowing experience. The rowing mentioned above sunglasses has these polycarbonate lenses at affordable prices.

Light Weight and High-Quality Build

The accessories of the gym must be lightweight and easy to carry. The rowing glasses may not weigh too much to not leave marks on the nose or eyes. The glasses should be light to give a tension-free rowing experience and workout. Also, these glasses must be made of strong materials to provide a high-quality build. To avoid any inconvenience. They must not break into pieces. As in the gym, the workout is not easy, and the sunglasses may fall many times. So, their build quality must be strong and high.


The glasses must be shatterproof. As mentioned earlier, the workout in the gym is not an easy task. The Company should provide these features in their products to not face any problem. The Lens should be made more precisely with a polycarbonate lens and must be shatterproof.

Choosing a color

You should choose the color of your Lens according to your outfit. Many companies offer a wide range of colors in these sunglasses. The Company should be aware of these problems. The color must be chosen according to the color of your outfit.

Warranty of the sunglasses

You must check that the Company or the store you are buying glasses from must give the glasses a warranty to return in inconvenience. The sunglasses may come broken or damaged, which can cause inconvenience. The Company or the store must offer a minimum of two weeks of return warranty.

Scratch Resistant

The glasses must be scratch resistant. As you are going to the gym, many opaque objects may give scratches to your glasses. The coating on the Lens must be scratch proof. It must be made light with strong lenses.


The list contains sunglasses for rowing with different prices offering different features. If you want sunglasses for rowing on budget, go with the Franklin Sports MLB Deluxe Flip-Up. They are cheaper and provide decent features at less price. Suppose you want to go with a little bit more price in addition to new features. 

You should go with Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Sunglasses. They fall in mid-range prices with decent features. They provide many features like UV Protection and polycarbonate lenses. In the end, the best rowing glasses you can get is Oakley Men’s oo9454 Evzero Blades Sunglasses. They are a little expensive but offer high-quality build and features. They will cost you around $176.

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