best smartwatch for rowing indoor and outdoor

Best Smartwatch For Rowing in 2022

Passing closer to the best smartwatch for rowing indoor or outdoor, it is determined that plenty of rowing watches offer rowing features are available and many smartwatches to come this year.

From the past recent years, rowing fate is rising. It is becoming very competitive and tactical. To achieve your passion, you need to be more specific and accurate about rowing wearables.

You might have already come across Garmin watches. When it comes to smartwatches for rowing whether indoor or outdoor, it’s all in the Garmins. My favorite Garmin Fenix 6 pro and Garmin Fenix 5x, though these are expensive but worth it, works great in grabbing the rowing data perfectly precise and accurate.

Top 6 Best Smartwatches for Rowing Sports

These are our reliable picks for tracking rowing data. Watches are perfectly equipped with many technological features and sensors that are accurate and good, actually!

Let’s have a look into what is a smartwatch? What are the modern technological features that are embedded in it? And what exactly smartwatches do?

What is a smartwatch for rowing?

In general, we say, it is a wearable computer on the wrist. It has a local screen display interface to make user interaction friendly and convenient. A smartwatch doesn’t need to have a touch screen interface, some of them do not go with it.

All structures, features, and advancement depend upon model and brand. Specialists characterize smartwatches as gadgets that are worn on the body and have an advanced chip inside them.

There are numerous sorts of smartwatches for rowing. A large portion of them is joined with individual computerized partners or PDA applications. The most mainstream highlights incorporate continuous heart rate checking and pedometer following.

There are likewise other extra highlights like GPS innovation, which can include some further usefulness to the gadget. Smartwatches don’t should be associated with your telephone by any means, they can fill in as autonomous gadgets that you can wear on your wrist.

What are the features that a smartwatch offers?

Smartwatches don’t just tell the time, but these are stimulation of a huge effect in the field of human health, fitness, style, travel, etc. Some of the important features come into the discussion below:

  • You always have a travel chum on your wrist. Maps guide you; music entertains you and sensors make real-time readings. It vibrates when you change your direction so that you understand your track when you cannot see the map again and again.
  • These watches are especially very helpful e.g. in funerals when you can’t take your phone out of your pocket. With these, you receive messages, emails, calls, and other social media notifications.
  • Voice support is also embedded in the latest smartwatches as the tech is now cheaper than once it was.

What exactly Smartwatches Do to Help in Rowing?

Rowing on concept 2

These are equipped with advanced and accurate sensors that measure valuable matrices for rowers, swimmers, runners, cyclists, riders, drivers, mountain hikers, etc. These are all done by counting steps, distance, calories burned, sleeping time, heart rate, pulse rate, directions, moving speed, wind pressure, and other important constraints.

For Indoor Rowing: With a rowing machine, your watch must be able to measure stroke rate, stroke count, distance, heart rate, and time. Also, there are apps available that connect to the rowing machines according to their compatibilities.

For Outdoor Rowing: You need a waterproof smartwatch with GPS that should be able to measure stroke rate, stroke count, distance, speed, heart rate and time, etc.

Why Garmin's Are Great in Tracking Rowing Data? 5 Secrets Revealed

  1. Ever Top Rugged Watches
  2. Music Storage/Spotify Support
  3. Garmin Pay
  4. Modern/Efficient Sensors for Activities Tracking
  5. Available in Every Money Range (Price increases from old to latest releases)

In this article, we explored the watches world and now its your turn to pick one smartwatch for rowing tracking to plunge your Indoor & outdoor activity into the next level. We Conclude our discussion with interactive progressive bars and scores that define a product more in detail. We hope in the end you will find one for you.

1. Apple Watch Series 6 All-in-one Rowing Tracker

Rowing with Apple Watch Series 6 is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with taking your activity to the next level. It is, at a time, sports and medical smartwatch.

Apple’s smartwatch empire was standing on its Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. But this time, the Series 6 release gave them a boom.

Watch face is squared in shape with round corners. It comes in 2 models:

  1. 40mm model that measures 1.56 X 1.35 X 0.42 inches
  2. 44mm model that measures 1.73 X 1.48 X 0.42 inches.

This best smartwatch for rowing measures blood Oxygen level (SpO2) and captures your heart rate, as its predecessors were doing. It displays Heart rhythms on the watch face by using an ECG sensor. Taking you deeper into its countless medical features, blood glucose tracking when combined with a sensor called Dexcom G6, menstrual cycle tracking, sleep tracking, and fall detection are its majors. With its excellent performance, unbeatable apps directory, and health and fitness tracking technologies, the Apple watch series 6 is a great option during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple offers different apps that can track almost all indoor and outdoor workouts. According to Apple, this watch also has 18 hours of battery life like the Series 5 watch. But this time it drains quickly when streaming musing during indoor or outdoor sports activities including rowing, running, cycling, etc.  

Watch has an always-on altimeter, that can track your real-time elevation in any location. Whether you are at home or outside or wearing it while hiking or during walk tracking.

To prove itself a great rowing assistant, it uses a barometric pressure sensor, utilizes nearby Wi-Fis and Global Positioning System (GPS) to give you exact measures.

Like other latest watches, this watch face is completely customizable. You can set it on your own. It’s pretty easy and I love to play with watch faces.

2. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro for Rowing

A great addition to the Garmin Fenix watches series. Closest to its predecessor Garmin Fenix 5 plus. All the operational functionality of Garmin Fenix 5 is included with improvement.

It has done up more with battery performance, display size and internal memory which is twice to its predecessor, aforementioned. It comes up with 32 GB of internal storage that comes handy when adding favorite playlists for rowing or any other activity you like. This watch has improved key requirements of the best smartwatch for indoor and outdoor rowing. Different battery performance mods greatly extend the battery life up to 46 days.

One of the best things that will grab your attention is its preloaded detailed TOPO maps and ski routes for 2,000 worldwide ski resorts. This awesome rowing watch, a strong candidate for indoor and outdoor rowing, has multiple global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO. It is equipped with a barometric altimeter, gyroscope and built-in sensors to sense multiple actions.

It is highly resistant towards scratches as it comes with the great build quality. Stats are highly visible even in sunlight because the screen resolution is more than enough. The watch does not offer touch screen functionality due to sensitivity that may change the stats rather easily during exercise. It has 5 soft push buttons at sides to operate.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is capable of counting heart rate even underwater while swimming but, as expected, it is not much precise as compared to when using strap on the chest but still good for the most.

Best smartwatch for indoor & outdoor rowing according to the latest technology and advanced features. Stainless steel casing and awesome sapphire glass lead to a pro-level appearance. Silicon bands can be easily and quickly attached and detached when needed to change according to one’s style. It is quite responsive to multiple material straps like leather, nylon, metal titanium. It is advised to tighten the straps while rowing or any other exercise to make the measurements precise and accurate.

3. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Premium: Sports Watch

Best fitness watch for tracking the rowing data to analyze further in-depth after each turn. Watch is much like as in prior Garmin Fenix 3. 

It is a pretty awesome gadget for tracking rowing data with its preinstalled apps. It is not just limited to tracking the data, but it is also equipped with Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology. As it measures the heart rate with itself but apart from this it is also good at determining calories burned and intensity of fitness activities which helps you to know about how you are practicing.

Germin Fenix 5X keeps a history of tacked data, evaluates performance and motivates you for planning the training habits.

Like other Fenix watch series, this one also provides a variety of connectivity features such as Bluetooth and ANT+. It has Wi-fi enabled that boosts the features. Exercise and fitness data can be shared on social media and Garmin Connect fitness online community as well. 

Its smart notification manager is responsive when encounters with a social media update or any other alert. Besides built-in apps, one can also download and install any of the exercises, this Garmin watch will track that too and help you to analyze your performance.

Garmin connects and other Garmin connect online mobile apps allow your friends and family members to track your real-time activities by using “Live Track”.

The display is completely customizable and gadget size is just perfect and straps are removable quite easily. It has a high-resolution screen and rich color combinations for all screen activities that make the display highly visible. Watch is scratch resistant as the sapphire lens is always there. Reviewers recommend this one as the best smartwatch for indoor & outdoor rowing.

4. Garmin Fenix 3 HR Handheld GPS

Next pick we have Garmin Fenix 3 HR GPS smartwatch for rowing. You can also look at Garmin Fenix 3 as a workout trainer and rowing comrade on your wrist, whether you are an outdoor or indoor rower. It is famous for its detailed GPS maps. This watch is very sleek, perceivable and engaging at the same time. Activity screens are customizable to data fields, buttons, apps, and widgets, etc. for each workout according to the need. All the stuff can be downloaded for free from the Connect IQ store.

You can take this watch with you in any weather. But it is a good practice to lock the screen when it is raining because it prevents to change the display, as the screen is sensitive and its protection is necessary.

As a performance monitoring tool, Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology is embedded which measures heart rate accurately even without using any chest strap. It keeps track of the performance history and indicates whether you’re training productively, peaking or overdoing.

With a big edge of connectivity features, it syncs your data with Garmin Connect online fitness community by automatically utilizing one or more Wi-Fi hot spots. You can also share your daily performance on social media through Garmin Connect Mobile apps.

For amazing and beneficial outdoor rowing, its navigation features are very handy. A GPS, compass, barometer, EXO antenna and other useful sensors come with advance technologies. It is waterproof up to 100 meters. Four different color combinations make it displays highly readable even while rowing in sunlight. Furthermore, the display also comes with a backlight to make the readability clear in any light. As compared to other watches, it is highly resistant to scratches.

Apart from all of its valuable features for rowing, it comes with a smart notification manager that notify when an email, text message and an alert is received.

5. Garmin Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch

From playing to paying Vivoactive 3 is a smartwatch for your active life. You can easily make contactless payments with ease just from your wrist.

This awesome Garmin watch is preconfigured with 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps including running, swimming, yoga and much more. With this watch, all the rowing measures can be accessed with the preconfigured rowing apps.

Not only limited to the indoor or outdoor rowing, it can track more than 15 different workouts such as walking, running, yoga, stand up paddle boarding and cycling etc.

The display is completely customizable. You can set according to your wish. For advancement and user flexibility, it allows you to download your custom workouts to the watch and then it will keep track of the exercise, sets, reps and remaining period for you.

It comes up with one of its golden features of sideswipe interface which results in quick scrolling in navigations and widgets. You can use your thumb or index finger too for scrolling

Like other sports and fitness watches, this watch is also capable of counting heart rate, calories burned and extent of exercise with its best statistical representations. But in contrast to the Vivoactive HR, this later model of Garmin watch series comes with new featured matrices, such as VO2Max estimation, stress monitoring, fitness age estimation and measurement of heart rate variability.

Very important sensors for outdoor rowing; compass, accelerometer, and thermometer, are also embedded in it. It is waterproof up to 50-meter, highly resistant towards scratches due to its effective case material that is Fiber-reinforced polymer with stainless steel rear cover.

Battery life is astonishing. It is up to 7 days in smartwatch mode, 13 hours in GPS mode. When we talk about its connectivity, Bluetooth and Smart ANT+ are there. ANT+ technology allows you to view your sport, fitness and health readings in real-time on your mobile devices.

Moreover, one also has access to the Garmin Connect online fitness community and can share scores on social media. Its notification manager is there to populate alerts for text messages, social media notifications, email updates and more.

6. Garmin Vivoactive HR, GPS Smart Watch

There is a lot to talk about this awesome Garmin rowing watch. It is slim and smart enough that it does not go into your sleeve. Measures are interesting and very progressive that it doesn’t let you get bored of doing anything of your choice. Your second by second progress makes you happy. 

The display is large so that you can easily view the measures while you are rowing at the same time. High-resolution and rich color combinations make the view clear even on a sunny day.

As a partner for outdoor rowing, it is equipped with all the necessary matrices such as heart rate, burnt calories, GPS and 3d accelerometer; that make your rowing practice perfectly beneficial. Besides these features, it keeps track of your steps, the distance you cover and the volume of sleeping you have. Such features make it a perfect candidate in the list of the best smartwatch for indoor & outdoor rowing in the mid-range category.

Like other Garmin smartwatches, this also lets you share your progress on social media by connecting it to a live tracking Garmin’s app.

It counts heart rate all day and night and shows acknowledgment in a histogram chart. This chart sights different colors for defined ranges which makes it very quick to understand. It doesn’t require any extra strap. But one thing, heart rate will not be available while swimming.

It has been observed that its swiping feature is very sensitive which is quite helpful for you while wearing gloves but it is considered as a drawback for if being rubbed by something nearer will make it swipe.

How a Smartwatch can Help you Improve your Health for Rowing?

Smartwatches are essential wearable computers for any health-conscious person. These keep track of the activity and help you to stay motivated during your hard times of making health improvements.

Rowing data has many benefits. It is obvious that rowing has a large impact on one’s shape physic. It grows major muscle groups, burns belly fat, helps in weight loss. Apart from these, this workout is great for staying fit, strong, and happy.

Moreover, rowing is good for improving the overall health of a person. It helps the heart to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body. Also, it improves flexibility and makes the joints stronger. People who do not have time to go to the gym can do rowing at their homes without any hassle.

There are many ways to get all the information about rowing workouts with the help of smartwatch technology. You can easily track your heart rate and calories burned while rowing.

Getting to know your heart rate during your exercise will help you exercise more efficiently and effectively which will lead to better health results. Also, it helps you to keep track of your health progress.

Smartwatches are essential wearable computers for any health-conscious person. These keep track of the activity and help you to stay motivated during your hard times of making health improvements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How a smartwatch can help you improve your health?

Smartwatches are essential wearable computers for any health-conscious person. These keep track of the activity and help you to stay motivated during your hard times of making health improvements.

Q: Why Garmin watches are great in tracking rowing data?

Garmin watches are associated with great rowing features like these are equipped with GPS, barometric altimeter, gyroscope, and built-in sensors to sense multiple actions, built-in HR monitoring, and ever top rugged watches with pro-level appearances.

Q: Does rowing watches can connect with Concept 2 rowing machines?

Yes! A connection can be established between Concept 2 rowing machine and a smartwatch when a rowing specific app like ErgIQ is installed on your smartwatch.

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