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What Is The Best Smartwatch for Nurses in 2022 [Expert Review]

Looking for the best smartwatch for nurses? You’re at the right place.

Doctors and nurses always have a busy and restless schedule. They are rarely in one place and spend so many hours attending to their patients. This leaves them with no time to focus on other things in life, especially their health. That is why doctors must think of ways to promote their health that is related to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

One way that they can do this is by acquiring the best smartwatch for nurses that will benefit them in taking care of themselves.

List of Top 8 Medical Watches for Nurses & Doctors

By using smartwatches you can pick a call, give a message reply to your family. You can not also miss sending greetings to your children if you are far away from them. Giving the family a decent time is a necessary subject in every field. Smartwatches almost clear that confusion and connects you with buddies and relatives in a secure flexible way.

What makes a watch masterpiece for nurses and doctors? 

Before going to the products keep these important points in your mind to buy your desired masterpiece smartwatch for nurses and doctors.

  • Before buying smartwatch check the version with which the smartwatch is compatible.
  • Choose the smartwatch that has a high battery life.
  • Make sure smartwatch under your focus has GPS and heart rate sensors.
  • Determine whether the smartwatch band is good enough to tight-in with your wrist easily. 
  • Always prefer a smartwatch that has a proper structure and frame size. 

So, without further delay let’s scroll down to see what we have in our list of the best smartwatch for nurses and doctors.

The profession is not about learning the skills and making money. It’s about learning and implementing things on the field to serve humankind more dependably. Nursing is a noble profession it’s not about wearing customs and treating or analyzing your patients. Nursing is a humanitarian profession. Most of the times nurse have to multitask the work to save a life in record time. The nurse actions play an important role to save someone’s life. One small mistake can make a real miss for the patient and his family. 

In every profession, the foremost thing is Time Management. The critical profession like nursing completely based on Time Management because a lot of circumstances can happen in the blink of an eye. If you belong to this profession and wondering how to manage your time in this critical profession.? Well, luckily there are solutions for time management i-e smartwatches. 

What motivates you to buy a nurses watch?

Arnold Reddick has a bunch of reasons revealed on Quora explaining this fact. Smartwatches play an important role in everyday life like remainders, exercises, motivations, entertainments, and many other things.

Smartwatches also provide important features for people belongs to nursing professions. For example, if you belong to the nursing profession and you are finding it very difficult to manage the time for every patient’s routine then you can easily set the remainder on your android or apple smartwatch to keep a check on their daily health routine without missing any important update.

1. Apple Watch Series 5: All-in-One Medical Watch

One of the best smartwatch that can greatly fulfill the requirements of nurses and doctors when it comes to features, variety, and design.


This apple smartwatch comes with a very beautiful design frame having 30% extra space with it. Smartwatch consists of space grey aluminum color. This apple smartwatch has a microphone and a wheel-like button on one side that is used to perform the scrolling function. 

Smartwatch has a loop band that can easily fit into any size of the wrist (having seven eyes on the band). The material of the band looks decent and gives you a feeling of comfort on the first try. This smartwatch comes in two sizes of 40mm and 44mm.

Always-on Retina Display

This smartwatch has Always-on Retina Display. The frame does not turn black at all. Whenever you look at the smartwatch you don’t need to press any button or screen to recognize what time of the day it is or what is your heartbeat reading. The frame of the smartwatch is always on display for you. You can watch time or other readings in a blink of an eye. You always see your watch face.

Heart Rate and Sound Detection

Apple smartwatch always keeps an eye on your heartbeat rate because this best budget smartwatch has a heart rate sensor. Smartwatch also provides information about sound levels. When Sound levels reach the limit that can affect your ears this apple smartwatch notify you with the help of the remainder.

Fitness and Motivation

This smartwatch has an important feature for you if you love workouts and other physical activities. The Smartwatch provides the extra feature of setting your fitness goal and then share with friends and family. By using reminders and notifications functions smartwatch keeps you motivated. It motivates you to work more, run fast, sit less, and exercise daily.

Smartwatch is compatible with various podcasting applications such as Spotify, ApplePodcasts, etc. So you can use this Apple watch for playing podcasts.

2. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

If you are looking for a smartwatch with classic design and modern features that can boost nurses’ and doctors’ performance then the Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire smartwatch is built for this. 


Smartwatch comes with an artistic design. Smartwatch comes in two sizes of 47mm and 51mm. Smartwatch has a classic-looking round shape frame with matte black watchband having numerous openings for different wrist sizes. There are two buttons on one side and three on the other side of the smartwatch giving it an old classy look. This Smartwatch has stainless steel bezel and buttons for protection. Black, bright high-resolution display provides massive readability throughout the day.

Interchangeable bands and Advanced Performance Metrics

The best thing about this smartwatch is that it comes with interchangeable watch bands means that a person can change the watch band on different occasions without any hustle.

You can choose different colors for your watchbands. Advanced Performance metrics show you the data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This smartwatch also provides benefits of any form of physical training your performing. The smartwatch also has a race predictor that predicts the ideal time for you to reach the goal during the race.

Sporty and Adventurous

If you are an adventure lover and want to take challenges then this watch can go with you on any adventure site because of the rugged design, stainless steel structure, and rear case. Beyond all these features you can create your swimming profile and can share with other friends. Fenix smartwatch also has features for games like skiing, golfing, and paddle sports. In golfing mode, the Fenix smartwatch gives you the proper length from the front and back for each golf course that you have downloaded.

3. Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

This smartwatch has a beautiful metal body on it. The weight is 24.8G which is considered as very lightweight.

The outer design or structure is very close to Apple smartwatch or maybe it is so much batter than Apple smartwatch.

The body of the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch is made of aluminum alloy. This smartwatch looks very stylish. It is the perfect combination of style and technology.

This smartwatch has only one button on it. The strap of this smartwatch is made by soft silicon. The thickness of this smartwatch is 9.4 mm. This smartwatch is much thinner than the Apple smartwatch.

This smartwatch is waterproof. It is available in six beautiful colors.


The screen of this smartwatch is 1.65 inch AMOLED display which is so much higher as compared to other smartwatches in the market. The resolution of this smartwatch is 348 x 442 pixels. The screen of this smartwatch is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is 2.5D.

Sport Modes

If you are also a sports lover then this is specially designed for you. Because it comes with multi-mode sports. The number of sports mode in this smartwatch is almost twelve (12). The sports mode included in this smartwatch is outdoor run, cycling, indoor run, walking, indoor swimming, indoor ride, outdoor swimming, weightlifting, hiking, mountaineering, treadmill.

The very interesting feature of this smartwatch is that the message notifications, social notifications are available in it. It also has a Bluetooth music feature in it and much more comes with this smartwatch.


The battery timing of this smartwatch goes up to 14 days on a single charge. Great battery timing in a smartwatch is welcomed by nurses and doctors. If we continued on the GPS  feature then the battery timing of this smartwatch goes up to 25 hours.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

This is striking peace of style and technology. And this smartwatch looks very great on any wrist of nurses and doctors. This smartwatch is specially designed for women. This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is available in three beautiful different colors which are Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold.

If you buy this smartwatch in Pink Gold color then this smartwatch looks very slim on your wrist.

The very useful feature in this smartwatch for women is that you can reply to the text messages and calls immediately.

A person who has this smartwatch on her wrist can receive and reply calls and text messages in the distance of thirty feet maximum between her cell phone.

If you work in a hospital then this smartwatch is specially designed for your use. Because in the hospital the nurses can not take her phone on everywhere. Then the nurses can receive her calls and text messages easily by this Samsung Smartwatch.

Very powerful Algorithms are used in this smartwatch which provides these amazing features to the users of this smartwatch.

The voice quality of this smartwatch for calls is very clear.

Customizable Face

This smartwatch is customizable. You have the authority to select what type of notifications you receive. How this smartwatch notify you by vibration, sound or both. In this smartwatch ignore feature is available. Through ignore feature you can set the timing in which you want that you would not receive any notifications from this smartwatch. In this smartwatch, you can arrange the widgets in any order which you want.

In this smartwatch, we can able to add Alexa through the App Section. The benefits of Alexa are so much but one amazing benefit which I tell you that if you want to search anything on Internet then you mostly go to chrome and then type that thing which you want to search but after added Alexa in this smartwatch you simply tell Alexa that which thing you want to search on Internet then Alexa will bring the answer.

Health & Care

This smartwatch has the ability to detect your heart rate if this smartwatch is on your wrist. If you are a nurse then this feature is very beneficial for you because it will alert you automatically if your heart rate will become slow or high. This smartwatch is also very beneficial for heart patients.


The Screen size of this smartwatch is 1.2 / 1.4 inches with the display of 360 x 360 Super AMOLED. It comes with the processor of 1.15 GHz Dual-Core. The storage capacity of this smartwatch is 4GB. Which is pretty awesome, you can store your favorite music on this smartwatch.

Its weight is 26g which is considered as very lightweight. The battery life of this smartwatch is 3 days.

5. YAMAY SmartWatch for Android and iOS

If you have an active lifestyle and busy schedules and want your health at its best, then this smartwatch is certainly helpful. It is designed to refine your training habits in a better way to make you feel motivated.

YAMAY smartwatch is equipped with tons of features discussed below.


Feel comfortable to wear. The watch is slim with a lightweight body. This is because of anodized aluminum watch body. The band is quite comfortable and breathable, so your arm will not get sweaty.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Obviously, accuracy and efficiency, both are very hard challenges to achieve. YAMAY smartwatch track your all-day steps, monitor heart rate, track your sleep that are necessary for nurses to continue their profession comfortably.

Fitness Tracker

Although there are hundreds and thousands of fitness trackers smartwatches are available for nurses and doctors. But some are inaccurate, false design, some have bad user interface. If a watch is good in its performance, it may be very expensive. But this smartwatch is available even at a low budget of under 50.

YAMAY smartwatch is a sports watch satisfying the user experience. As it is considered as one of the best fitness smartwatches for nurses and doctors to help them stay motivated and stay healthy.

Activity Tracker

This automatically tracks your everyday life activities and stores stats to manipulate further. It evaluates the results and shows the user in quite flexible and responsive views. It has a built-in GPS for more precise and real time tracking of pace and distance when jogging, cycling, rowing etc.

Its special sport modes present even more accurate and interactive insights into your most busy nursing schedule.

iPhone and Android Compatibility

Surprisingly happy to know that YAMAY smartwatch being a best budget smartwatch, is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 KitKat above smartphones.

Smartwatch has a powerful notification manager. It receives notifications when your phone is nearby. You can also get your text messages and calls on this masterpiece.

More Practical Features

Here, one thing that you must have in your considerations is that this smartwatch is a cheap one and is listed in the best smartwatch for nurses under 50.

Practically, cheap things can’t deliver more quality and performance. But this best budget smartwatch delivers all its features more practically and efficiently.

It supports a female health tracker, breath guide, do not disturb mode, alarm clock, stopwatch and a music controller.

6. Women's Smart Watch, Lightweight

Fitness and style is the core part of life where you look pretty and stylish. On the other hand, your choice of costumes that were used in your daily life is essential for your style and fitness. This smartwatch for nurses and doctors is best for you if you are thinking for a pretty cool smartwatch.

Color and Style 

Every product has its unique features and design to attract the user. That design and feature make that product differ from others. This watch has its own modern and new feature that makes this watch best in android smart watches for women. This newly designed watch is perfect for women’s styles. They used this best smartwatch in daily life as a fashion. They are available in different colors; every color is attractive and has a handsome look that is suitable for women’s personality.

Health Assistant

This smartwatch is your health assistant. This watch help’s to manage their physiological periods and other bio natural changes that are a must for women to know about it on time.

Fitness Status

This smartwatch has been well-engineered to seek fitness and style. They also help you to fit your body and lose calories. They track your step, distance, burn calories, sleep tracking and heart rate. We can say that it is also your fitness companion. 

Ease of Use

This digital watch is the best in design. They are easy to operate like an android smartphone. You can get any notification on it. You can also read messages on it and reject your calls also. So it is your work partner.

Power and Size

This smartwatch contains a 100mah lithium battery. The average time of the battery is 3 – 4 days based on usage. The diameter of this smartwatch case is 3.4mm, case thickness is 8.5mm. This waterproof enables one to wear this smartwatch in showering even swimming.

7. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker

Men of the modern era want an easy life. Although they spend their comfort life, they are conscious of their body fitness and style. This smartwatch has realistic features that help in every daily life activity.

This watch is not specific for one body like men, kids and women also take advantage. This smartwatch is well-engineered for all categories, men/women and also for kids. So, we include this smartwatch in brief and precious list of watches for nurses and doctors.

Health Monitoring

This band watch has a lot of features that help you to track fitness and lose their extra calories. This smartwatch also motivates you in daily life achievements such as walking distance, calories burned in a day to spend a healthy lifestyle.

Is this watch helpful in sports?

Yes, this is helpful in every daily life workout and sports like hiking, swimming, and other activities that you perform in daily life. 

Style and color

As we discussed previously, this is not for single bodies like men, this is also for women and children they are available in different colors with the same features, every person uses this band smartwatch to enhance their personality and fitness.

Call and messaging

There is a tracker used to pick up the call and get a notification on the smartwatch. You can easily connect with a tracker and they give you alerts about call and notification. You can also connect this band smartwatch with the Bluetooth of mobile.

Other Features

This watch has realistic features, on the other hand, they have another feature that is screen light automatically on when you turn the screen towards you. A user doesn’t worry about this smartwatch charge, there is a USB port that is easily used for charging.

8. Smart Watch, Calorie Counter, SleepCounter

Decent personality and fashion are a part of every woman’s life. This is the modern era and everyone wants to look smart and cute. For smart people like nurses and doctors, there is a smartwatch that contains a lot of features and is decent in design. This Fossil Women’s Sport watch makes your life easy, fast and comfortable.

Design and design

The elegant design makes this watch differ from others. This is because of an aluminum case with a silicone band. This pretty designed watch is also available in so many colors so you can use every color on many occasions.

OS Compatibility

This android and IOS smartwatch is also compatible with google. This compatibility helps in tracking daily life activity. Google assistant also responds to it so you can use the google assistant feature in this watch.

Modes and features

This watch has thousands of features that are available in it. They provide different modes and activities like sleeping modes heart rate activity swimming and much more.

You can also pick up the call into it and also get a notification on the screen of this watch. This watch provides you extra space for third-party applications so you can install every type of application into it and easily use it on the smart screen.

Power and battery

With new battery modes, you can easily use it for multiple days. This watch has a magnetic USB charger so you can charge easily up to 80% per hour.

Size and weight

This elegantly designed smartwatch has an ultra-lightweight of up to 40 % as compared to other models in this series. The case size of this smartwatch is 41 mm with 18 mm of band size makes this watch light. The uniqueness of the band of this watch is that they are interchangeable with all Fossil 18mm bands.


All we have made is our time and sincere effort to research, analyze and examination of the above-listed smartwatches. Every smartwatch best perform for nurses and doctors. And fulfill major requirements along with their great set of extra features. These are truly valuable.

We have also put our precious time in diabetic blood glucose monitoring watches that compatible with Dexcom g6 reviever.

You can pick anyone that best suits your budget. Let us know about your decision in the comment section below that will help a lot to others. Best of luck!

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