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Best Laptop for Social Media Manager in 2022

Best laptop for social media manager helps to efficiently start great ad campaigns for digital marketing. One can manage creative ideas and easily dominate the competition.

Social media managers are now in great demand for the best laptops that might be helpful in media or digital marketing. These media laptops have to perform many necessary tasks all the time. Thus, they require digital marketing laptops that must have fast processors and many updated specifications. 

Thus, the top laptops for the social media manager are reviewed below. 

List of Top Laptops for Social Media Manager

In this article, we enlisted the top social media marketing laptops. These laptops can easily do graphic designing, video editing, content writing, create webs, and manage ad campaigns.

Here we have enlisted the top-featured laptops for media streaming that could better help in your assignments or jobs. So, most probably, the specifications that you would prefer in any laptop during buying and which these laptops possess are:

Fast processor: These laptops are equipped with a fast intel core i5-i7 processor of the latest generations for media studies. 

RAM: Nowadays, people prefer laptops that have a RAM of 8GB up to 16GB or more. Enjoy this feature with these laptops.

Storage: Each one has great expandable storage that expands up to 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB SSD.

Graphics: The possession of the Intel 

UHD Graphics, AMD Radeon R5, Iris Plus, Nvidia GeForce GTX, makes the laptops more recommended for social media consumption. 

Screen: Using laptops having a big size and high resolution creates harmony in managing tasks. The screen of the laptops is about 14-15.6 inches up to the highest resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. 

Battery: The battery life of each one is extremely powerful and long-lasting. 

1. Dell XPS 15 Best for Social Media Marketing

Display: 15.6 inches touchscreen | Resolution: 3840×2400 pixels | Operating System: Window 10 Home | Processor: 10th generation Intel® Core™ i7-10750H | Memory: 16GB | Body: Aluminium frame with 2.05 kg net weight | Camera: 720 pixels at 30 fps | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6

  • Thin and compact design with UHD display
  • Fast performance with many configuration options
  • Easy to operate and touchscreen
  • Enough internal space along with external SD slots
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • No optical drive

Dell XPS is the editor’s pick best laptop for social media manager. It has become the top one throughout the technology era. The Dell XPS 15 is the latest laptop of the 10th generation with Nvidia and Intel core processors. It has been updated in shape, size, and all other important features. This latest model is more compact than the previous ones. The body material is still the same – the chassis and lid are made of aluminum while the keyboard is of soft carbon fiber. 

Stunning Display and Fast Performance

The high-quality Corning Gorilla Glass 6 display has an optional 4K UHD resolution of up to 3840×2400 pixels. So, the screen is quite sharp and shows every pixel clearly without any magnification or zoom. This infinity edge display has HDR-400 and a maximum of 500 nits of brightness that presents colors in the total RGB spectrum. 

Moreover, this laptop consists of 178 degrees wide viewing angle Dolby vision that results in the 40 times brighter and 10 times darker vibrance for media streaming. The vivid color is accountable for the eye-safe display up to 89 degrees that reduces the emission of harmful rays. 

Furthermore, the processor of the Intel Core 10th generation helps the users to capture, store, or share their creations faster with Dell laptops for social media marketing than before. Also, the Geforce GPUs accelerate the performance more steadily. It also includes a solid-state 512GB PCIe 3×4 SSD hard drive up to 2TB with a total of 16GB of memory. 

This media students’ laptop supports wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 technology up to a speed of 2.4Gbps that’s three times faster than 80MHz 2×2 AC previous generations. It also enhances the smooth online experience of the social media manager communication, video streaming, and much more. 

Likewise, most laptops get heated much earlier than excess use. However, the Dell XPS laptop consists of dual fans, dual heat pipes, and exhaust that intensify the performance through the advanced thermal redesign. It thus helps in running the heavy software and games of great RAM as well. 

Creator Edition and Craftsmanship

Dell XPS is equipped with many latest and trendy creative tools with better speed and performance. So, heavy programs like Adobe, music, internet surfing, etc. can be run altogether with the i7 processor. For external storage, it allows SD cards to have their genuine slots so that users could enjoy fast transfer of their RAW images or files. So, on the whole, it has much internal storage as well. 

Likewise, it has several Thunderbolt 3 ports – mixing boards, speakers, monitor, and so on. Its sound system is quite impressive having a 3D soundscape along with quad and Waves Nx 3D audio for speakers. Furthermore, this laptop is best for social media consumption and media studies that support 3.5mm headphones and microphones that allow the users to talk to their laptops even at a distance of 14 frames per second.  

On startup, it starts in an instant without any delay of seconds. You can also use a password from the panel of the laptop. Moreover, it is also equipped with the fingerprint sensor exactly on the power button so a user can log in to the laptop without entering passwords just by touching the sensor. Likewise, 90 percent of parts of the laptop are recycled friendly that can be recycled on any damage. 

Compatibility and Battery

Dell XPS laptop that can be used for social media marketing has wide compatibility with many other devices. It seems to be compatible with smartphones (both androids and iPhones) and PCs/laptops. So, pairing your devices via Dell mobile connect app or Bluetooth helps you in transference or sharing of the data. It also maintains your privacy through this Dell app and never exposes that by insecure connections of the internet. 

Most importantly, it has a built-in 86W/hr battery and the battery life of this Dell laptop is long-lasting, which is helpful in media streaming and studies. With the average usage of the applications or video playbacks, the battery will last up to 24 hours. However, if a user uses many productivity applications or games, then it will last up to 16 hours and 52 minutes. While on the continuous UHD panel and Netflix streams, its battery will last up to 8 – 13 hours, which is also quite beneficial.

2. Dell G5 Top Notch for Media Editing

Display: 15.6 inches touchscreen | Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels and 144Hz | Operating System: Window 10 Home or Window 10 pro | Processor: 10th generation 1.6GHz AMD Ryzen 7 4800H | Memory: 16GB | Body: Plastic Plastic frame with 5.5 pounds net weight | Storage: 512TB SSD | Camera: 720 pixels at 30 fps

  • Compact and portable
  • Wide, colorful, and bright display screen
  • Outstanding CPU and GPU performances
  • Strong graphics and audio system
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Long battery life - up to 7 hours
  • Affordable
  • Limited options for upgrading the system
  • The plastic body makes it heavy

Another best laptop for social media manager we have is Dell G5. It is another top-featured laptop that’s designed for social media marketing. It is available in silver color with a plain design. If you are looking to buy the laptops being a social media manager then you might rate Dell G15 for its best performance. The silvery plastic chassis and Dell logo make it more or less like a hood that you would be attracted to buy. 

This laptop weighs about 5.5 pounds that’s a bit heavier because of the plastic chassis. Thus, this plastic body helps this social media manager laptop in managing the heat of the system up to 106 degrees F. However, it is portable and manages the heat of the system up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit being the plastic version. Also, it has a wide 301-nits bright and colorful display of about 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a 144Hz refresh rate.

On the left side of the body, there come Display and USB ports along with the power jack. While on the right side, there are two USB ports, a headphone jack, a lock slot, and an SD card slot for media streaming. Likewise, it is an RGB-lit keyboard. 

Thus, the keyboard is comfortable to be typed or worked on. Keys are not jumbled and are thus spaced from one another and thus enhancing the typing speed for writers. Moreover, the touchpad is shallow with fast cursor movements. 

Quite Impressive in Media Streaming

The performance of the Dell G5 laptop is quite impressive regarding all media streaming and studies purposes and much more. It is equipped with an AMD Ryzen R7 4800H processor with a maximum RAM of 16GB. Thus, it is unrestricted to open as many tabs or windows and experience total functionality without hanging off the system.

It can be judged through its tests. It transcoded 4k video to 1080 pixels just within 6 minutes and has a copying speed of 512GB or more data within up to 12.4 seconds. Likewise, it has a webcam of 720 pixels on the top of the hood. 

Because of all-AMD configuration, the longest battery life of this laptop makes it the best amongst all. Also, it is equipped with a 3-Cell 51WHr battery. With all the active features – Wifi, GPS, gaming, 150+nits brightness – its battery lasts up to 7 hours and 14 minutes. Isn’t that surprising about it? Yes, it is. 

Alienware Command Center is the most useful tool in Dell G5 SE. It enables the users to monitor their CPU, GPU, RAM, the temperature of the laptop, fans, and much more. Also, by pressing the G key or using the proper app, you would also be able to increase the performance of your Dell G15 SE. It also consists of top Dell software including connect app, digital delivery, power manager, and so on.

3. MacBook Pro: All-in-one Premium Pick for Media Management

Display: 13.3 inches Retina display | Resolution: 2560×1600 pixels with 60Hz refreshing rate| Operating System: Window 10 Home or Window 10 pro | Processor: Apple M1 with intel’s core i8 | Memory: 16GB with 2Tb storage | Body: Aluminium frame with 3 pounds net weight | Camera: 720 pixels at 30 fps

  • Excellent performance with Apple M1 chip
  • Wide compatibility with iOS applications
  • Bright and colorful display
  • Magic keyboard along with touchID sensor
  • 20 hours long battery life with 150+nits brightness
  • Improved webcam with more brightness
  • No touchscreen
  • No more ports

Apple has discovered and innovated many latest and trending technologies. That also includes the Macbook pro, the best laptop for the social media manager. This laptop works perfectly for social media streaming including multimedia editors, software developers, and so on. This laptop is available in two versions – 13 inches and 16 inches MacBook Pro. However, 13-inches is the most reliable with many advanced features. 

Design Features

Though it is the upgraded version, it has somewhat the same design as its family. It is available as a sleek aluminum slab that’s available in gray and silver colors. It weighs about 3lbs that’s compact and lightweight to be portable. Thus, it is quite slim and sleek in design. 

Around the display, there is also a bezel. Also, on the side, there are three ports – 2 USB type-C connectors and a head jack of 3.5mm. Therefore, through a type-C connector, a user can also connect the third-party devices other than Apple’s – including charging, DisplayPort, thunderbolt, etc. 

The sharp and vibrant 439 nits display of this laptop is 13 inches for media studies with a Retina display. The display resolution is 2560×1600 pixels between full HD and 4k with a screen refresh rate of 60Hz. Moreover, it supports the P3 color gamut that offers color reproduction that’s best for multi-video editing services. 

On the top of the head, there is a webcam with almost 720 pixels mounted in the bezels. It has thus enhanced image or video quality along with reduced noise reduction. The image signal processing is done via the M1 chip that captures bright and clear images.

This laptop has a magic keyboard for media students and other professionals that also has two-part switches. One provides the springiness and bounce back effect and the other one prevents wobbly keys. Therefore, the keyboard is quite comfortable for fast typing. Also, it has an ambient light sensor and touch ID sensor at the upper right corner of the keyboard. 

The touchpad is also very effective with a fast-moving and accurate cursor. Moreover, it has three microphone arrays; however, the output of the audio remains the same and excellent. It has a wide sound field.

Performance and Battery Life

The performance of the laptop MacBook Pro for social media consumption is quite impressive. It is equipped with an M1 chip with the fastest processor of intel’s core i7. Therefore, no matter how many applications or windows you are using, the performance would be the same fast within seconds.

The battery life of this tech is quite long-lasting. So, with the active features, camera, Wi-Fi at 150+ nits of brightness the battery has lasted up to 20 hours. This feature also makes it the best and most demanding. Likewise, the battery life and its processor allow the user to play the mainstream games at high frame rates i.e., up to 38fps which is double of its competitors.

4. Alienware Area-51m: Gaming Laptop for Creating Ad Campaigns

Display: 17.3 inches touchscreen with 300 nits brightness | Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels with 144Hz refresh rate | Operating System: Window 10 Home | Processor: 10th generation intel core i9 chip | Memory: 16GB | Body: Plastic frame with 5.5 pounds net weight | Storage: 512GB SSD | Camera: 720 pixels at 30 fps

  • Fast and robust CPU performance
  • RGB keyboard with numeric keypad
  • Excellent graphics and loudspeakers
  • Highly upgraded
  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy to be carried

Alienware Area-51m is another powerful desktop replacement laptop that has best practices in social media marketing and studies. It is the first laptop of Alienware that has come up with an eight-core processor. It has super impressive performance with a balance of thermal conditions. Also, it has ten percent larger fans for maintaining the laptop’s heat when it deals with high Gb software and applications. 

Design Features

This laptop features a sleek, slim, and beautiful design for social media students’ performances. It is quite compact and lightweight, weighs about 8.54 pounds, and is 1.7 inches thick. It is available in Lunar light color with a high endurance clear coat. 

On the sides of the laptop, there are enough ports. On the right side, there will be two USB Type-A ports while on the other side, there comes Thunderbolt 3, USB-3.1 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and three slots for SD card, lock, and card reader. On the back of the device, there you will find a port of the Ethernet, DisplayPort, HDMI, and graphics amplifier. On the front of the chassis, there are speakers that are quite loud and produce clear sounds. 

Furthermore, the display bezels are quite thin. Also, the display screen is about 17.3 inches with a max resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a 144Hz screen refreshing rate. Below the display, there comes a Tobii Eye-tracking sensor – best for gaming and non-gaming activities. Likewise, above the display, there is a webcam of about 720 pixels that’s best and captures things accurately. 

Moreover, it has a traditional TactX keyboard with the shallow button having spaces between them which makes it easy for the users to type fast. This keyboard also equips RGB-lit along with a numeric keypad. So, this laptop is quite beneficial for researching media studies. Likewise, the touchpad is about 3.9×2.2 inches that respond immediately and have a faster cursor movement. 

Performance, Battery, and Other Essential Features

Above all, the performance of the Alienware is rocked by a 3.6GHz intel core i9 chip that results in robust functionality. It has a RAM of 64GB that’s quite efficient to load various data of high capacity and RAM. So, a user can simultaneously play different videos, more than 40 tabs, games, and much more. 

Area-51m has many cooling and power management techniques. Thus, it has 8 heat pipes that resist overheating and so have large fan blades that are quite an upgraded feature. Moreover, the Alienware command center configures the system, its power profiles, CPU, GPU, and much more. 

This laptop is mainly designed for social media marketing and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery (90Wh) with Alienware battery defender technology. However, its battery life would definitely annoy its users as via test it is concluded that its battery lasts only for 2 hours and 36 minutes. This is done while using the laptop with all active built-in features including web surfing or high brightness up to 150+ nits.

5. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Display: 13.5/15 inches touchscreen with 3:2 aspect ratio | Resolution: 3240×2160 pixels with 144Hz refresh rate | Operating System: Window 10 Home | Processor: 8th generation intel core i5-i7 chip | Memory: 16GB | Body: Aluminium alloy frame with 4.20 pounds net weight | Storage: up to 1TB SSD | Camera: 1080 pixels at 30 fps (5Mp front and 8MP rear-facing) | Audio: Dual microphones and Dolby speakers

  • Can be used as a tablet
  • Improved touchscreen
  • Vibrant and sharp pixels sense display
  • Supports surface pen
  • Great keyboard and touchpad
  • Xbox wireless support
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Small Trackpad
  • No Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Bit expensive

The latest version of the Microsoft laptops has discovered Surface Book 2 with many premium features. It has great versatility, long battery life, and fast performance than others. It works like a professional PC having a wide display with HD display and graphics. So, amongst the top laptops for social media managers, it is best for all practical purposes. It is available in two versions – 15 inches and 13.5 inches. However, 13.5 is more modest and cheap. 

It is designed and made of aluminum alloy. It has improved power screen technology and power profile. The display is 15 inches with a resolution of 3240×2160 pixels with a screen refreshing rate of 144Hz. So, this means that it has a complete HD display. 

The screen is bright, sharp, vibrant which makes the things/text look sharper and clear. It also supports a Surface pen that enables the display as a touchscreen. So, users can draw things or can perform different functions with an S pen rather than the touchpad. 

On the side of the body there comes 2 USB-Type C 3.1 ports along with surface connect, SD card slot, card reader slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack. However, above the display, there lies a webcam of 1080 pixels at 30 fps. On the back, there’s a power slot along with the slot for ethernet. The keyboard is quite spacious with a maximum gap between keys for easy typing. 

Key Features

Furthermore, this laptop is equipped with Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics for media streaming. It also supports wireless radio in order to connect with the Xbox one controllers. Moreover, it supports Intel Core i5 and sometimes i7. So, this way, it has enhanced functionalities. 

Likewise, it has a RAM of up to 16GB that lets it work on multi google tabs or laptop’s windows or play games without any decrement in the speed. It has an internal storage of between 256GB up to 1TB SSD. Similarly, this media marketing laptop can be used as a laptop by parting the hood from the keypad. 

This social media consumption laptop also supports wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Also, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can extend up to 17 hours with all the active features, web surfing, video playback, and many others.

6. HP ZBook x2

Display: 14 inches touchscreen with 313 nits brightness | Resolution: 3840×2160 pixels with 144Hz refresh rate | Operating System: Window 10 Pro | Processor: Intel Core i7-8650U | Memory: 32GB | Body: Aluminium alloy frame with 4.9 pounds net weight | Storage: 512GB SSD | Camera: 720 pixels at 30 fps

  • Fast and robust CPU performance
  • RGB keyboard with soft buttons
  • Excellent graphics and loudspeakers
  • Equips with Stylus and shortcut keys
  • High resolution 4K touchscreen display
  • Industrial laptop that transforms to tablet also
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Big bezels around display
  • Short battery life - 4 hours

HP ZBook is the most powerful laptop that is also detachable with a keyboard and worth more for photography, creativity, and digital artists. S, it has many robust features. It has a copious RAM, a 4K display, strong GPU, and the best unique physical designs and buttons. It has come up with the 8th generation Intel Core i7 CPU and GPU via which the users practice best experiences. 

Design and Display Features

This laptop for social media manager and media streaming is quite plain and lightweight that normally weighs about 4.9 lbs. It has a plain gunmetal back with the ZBook logo at the center of the back. However, the front is covered with bezels around the matte display. The detachable keyboard is spatial with soft and shallow buttons, easy to type with a backlight. Likewise, there are also the shortcut buttons on the side of the screen that play a major role other than the keyboard buttons. 

All other ports are not on the side of the tablet laptop along with the headphone jack and a lock slot. While on the right side, there is an SD card slot, USB 3.0 port, HDMI output, thunderbolt 3 ports, and a fingerprint sensor that is also used to unlock the tab or the various applications. 

The display is about 14 inches with enough brightness and sleek design. The screen is a matte touchscreen that has a chemical coating and also supports a stylus. It also shows one billion different colors and that’s why it is also known to have a Dreamcolor display. Out of which, 178 percent screen contains sRGB color gamut with 313 nits of brightness. 

This laptop has come up with the best stylus for social media marketing. Also, that appears like a common pen but is more lightweight. It also has pressure sensitivity up to 4096 degrees. Moreover, this stylus is also equipped with an eraser that works like a backspace button. 

Moreover, it has a 2 in 1 keyboard that can be attached or detached as per need. This keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth instead of the Pogo pins. Similarly, the touchpad is also spatial that responds quickly to the cursor movement and clicks. It also supports taps onto the touchpad. 

Performance, Battery, and Other Key Features

This HP laptop version has a strong CPU that has progressed more with 8th generation Intel Core i7 with a RAM of 32GB that’s quite impressive. Regarding graphics, it supports the Nvidia Quadro M620 GPU with 2GB of VRAM. With these features, it has now become easier to open more than 25 tabs on the laptop for media streaming. 

It also has unique cooling systems along with cooling fans that overcome the heat of the laptop after each 15 to 20 minutes. This also results in the fast performance of the system without letting them hang. Furthermore, the users can also control their laptops through their mobile device using the HP WorkWise app. Or the system can also be managed remotely.

Moreover, it copies or transfers big files within seconds. Similarly, it transcodes 4k videos to 1080p within a few minutes. These specs have made it more demanding throughout. As far as the battery is concerned, it equips a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 4 hours maximally with all active built-in features – web surfing, videos playback, gaming, media streaming, studies, or much more.

7. Asus ZenBook Pro 15

Display: 15.6 inches touchscreen with 313 nits brightness | Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels with 144Hz refresh rate | Operating System: Window 10 Pro | Processor: Intel Core i9-8950HK | Memory: 32GB | Body: Meta Chassis frame with 4.2 pounds net weight | Storage: 512GB SSD | Camera: 640×480 pixels shooter

  • Dual 4K touch screen
  • Elegant design
  • Touchpad also works as secondary display
  • Powerful and fast performance of CPU and GPU
  • Supports thunderbolt 3
  • Thin and light portable
  • Low resolution camera
  • Fans are bit noisy
  • Average battery life

Asus ZenBook is also among the top laptops for social media managers. It has further unique features unlike others. What’s new is its oversized touchpad and intel core i9 processor.It can also be said that this is a laptop with dual touchscreens – one is the main play and another is the touchpad. 

The entire framework is like a chassis with a display of 15.6 inches that measures 365mm wide, 18.8mm thick, and 241mm deep on the whole. It has a superb screen that makes the texts/images or videos more vibrant and sharp. Also, it is quite light to be carried anywhere. So, it weighs about 4.2 pounds only. 

The design of this Asus laptop is unique that’ mainly designed for social media marketing and gaming purposes. It has a backlit keyboard that is quite nice and bouncy with the spatial and shallow comforty buttons. On the sides of this keyboard body, there are USB type A/C ports along with slots, thunderbolt 3, and 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Two Screen – Key Features

This laptop has come up with two displays that are both touchable. The display is about 4.8 x 2.6-inch with the high resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels and 144Hz screen refresh rate. It supports multi-tasks in multi-tabs and windows. 

Likewise, it’s other screen is its touchpad which is available in four different modes. First is the traditional touchpad that works only as a touchpad with a fast cursor. Others are , screen pad, disable touchpad, and extension display. On this screen pad, you will find seven different icons for quick action. It is also customizable. Screen Pad can be converted to the main display. 

Performance and Battery Life

Regarding fast processors, Asus equips the fastest and updated latest Intel Core i9 processor. It has 16GB RAM that enhances the practical functioning of the system without letting them hang. At a single moment you can run programs in 18 different tabs of Chrome, play Netflix, gaming, recordings, and much more with fast speed. 

Furthermore, it has its heat-cooling techniques that cools down this gaming and media streaming laptop after each 15 minutes. Therefore, it has two cooling fans along with three heat pipes. This also enhances the CPU and GPU performances. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB of VRAM also plays the best role in gaming purposes. 

Moreover, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that lasts for only 4 hour and 23 minutes with all active built-in features – gaming, high GB programs, and 150+nits brightness. Similarly, it has updated software that keeps the Asus Zenbook updated all the time by live udatings. Enjoy the best features with a 4K display.

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