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6 Best Laptop for Court Reporters in 2022

The best laptop for court reporters needs to be versatile, portable, and fast. Court reporters prefer these for assignments, recording court minutes, and pinpoints. 

To get a professional laptop has also become the necessity of the court reporters and stenographers for writing steno notes. So, the laptops must be profoundly skilled as buying is quite an important decision that would lead to the excellence of your work. Buying the top technology has always been the competition among tech lovers. So, the court reporting laptops are based on many amazing specifications. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about the best laptops for stenographers and the factors why you must buy them for your business activities. So, the most prominent features that you should need to know are:

Design and Display: These laptops are quite slim and portable. The display of each one has high resolution with a larger screen with thin bezels. 

Performance: There is the integration of the latest Intel Core processors and highly defined graphics. Each one has robust performance all having many amazing features of wireless connectivities and others.

Storage and RAM: The maximum internal space of the best laptops for the scopists is up to 1 TB with options of external storage sources and slots. Also, the RAM is also 4 to 8 GB, which results in the fastest results. 

Ports and Battery: Each one is equipped with updated USB Type-A and C ports along with Thunderbolt 4 in some. Also, the battery life is quite sufficient to deal with while traveling for maximally 15 hours. 

Audio: Another important thing to be noticed about any laptop or computer is its audio, whether it would be effective in the meetings or conferences or not. You would need the best audio quality laptop. So, the mentioned-below laptops for the stenographers have good sound quality based on the latest updated software also.

Best Laptop for Court Reporters

Here is the list of best laptops for court reporters. People can use this completely trusted hardware for case catalyst and others software. 

What Softwares Court Reporters Use?

Well, there are a number of top software that is used by court reporters. However, the top ones are briefed below:


The most used software by the court reporters is Wavetext that helps the reporters to work digitally. It has several features that may include remote server backup, integrated confidence monitors, dual location recording, etc. Thus, the audios or the recordings can be protected completely with Wavetext. 

team court reporters
team court reporters


Another best software used by the court reporters is SearchMaster. It is a 32-bit program of Windows that is specially designed for the reporter, scopists, stenographer, text editors, and proofreader for the purpose of recordings. 

T3 Software

Now comes another software that helps the court reporters and the scopists in transferring the large files. It helps in the encryption of the files before they get loaded into the server. It supports download and uploads resume capabilities even if the internet connection is failed. 

What is the laptop worth to the Court Reporters?

Our Brandvela team of experts, every time is in research of the customer-worthy techs. All the laptops that are discussed below for court reporters, scopists, and stenographers are worth using both for business and personal purposes. So, the professionals like court reporters can purchase any of these ones as they are not so expensive, reduce the virus threads, and can be bought within a budget. Apart from these, gamers can also enjoy playing games as they have enough space and have relatively higher RAM. 

A laptop is the one which helps a user to deal with the accuracy of the work and thus one can make fast results. The same is for court reporters, stenographers, and scopists that they can have proficiency in their works by using the recommended laptops rather than relying on the old traditional devices.

1. Acer Swift 3

Display: 13.5 inches IPS display | Resolution: 2256×1504 pixels | OS: Android 10 (Upgradable to Android 11) | Memory: Up 10 1TB + 4xSSB / 4GB RAM | Battery: 17+ hours | Weight: 1.19Kg

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Robust performance
  • Excellent Multitasker
  • High-resolution IPS display
  • Highly pixelated camera
  • Supports Thunderbolt 4
  • Not too expensive
  • Low RAM for gaming
  • Integrated graphics are limited

Acre Swift 3 is one of the best laptops for court reporters that make your every move easy on the go. It is relatively slim – 15.95mm – and is premium stylish with an easy 13.5 touch display. It supports an 11 generation Intel CPU that boasts its performance swiftly. Also, it has an overview IPS display that has a high resolution of 2256×1504 pixels. The IPS touch display has a 16:9 FDH vivid color. 

Similarly, this device has Acer color Intelligence™ and Exacolor™ which result in better color contrasts and brightness. It has both aluminum and magnesium-aluminum chassis around the body. Likewise, it supports AI-enhanced noise suppression features. 

It also supports Thunderbolt 4 that lets it perform multiple tasks in a single time. This slim laptop is also supporting case catalyst software. This super fast laptop for stenographers is lightweight that only weighs about 1.19Kg. 

Moreover, it works as a smart assistant that helps the users to assess it easily. It also features Cortana – Microsoft Personal Digital Assistant that can answer a wide range of questions, set alarms, meetings, and sync multiple other devices. 

Furthermore, if you feel it is difficult to keep your device locked with a password then no worries now a user can access his Acer Swift 3 laptop through a fingerprint sensor. Similarly, this laptop is best for the court reporters that will notify them with important notifications and details even if the laptop’s screen is off. 

What is noticed by the buyer is the battery of any gadget along with its robust performance. The 56Wh battery of the laptop Acer 3 that holds Case catalyst software lasts up to 17 hours. That is splendid. For stenographers, this laptop can be charged in emergency mode for 30 minutes that excel in 4 hours usage. 

Moreover, its internal storage is a maximum of 1TB. Also, it supports external storage i.e. 4xSSD up to 16 GB with a RAM of 4GB. Likewise, the feature that will be loved most is that this court reporter’s laptop has Thunderbolt 4 along with a fully functioning USB-C port, USB 3.2 Gen 2, and display port.

2. Aspire 5

Display: 15.6 inches IPS display | Resolution: 1366×768 pixels | Memory: Up 10 1TB 4GB RAM  | Battery: 8+ hours | Weight: 3.7 pounds

  • Affordable to buy
  • High resolution IPS display
  • Slim and sleek appearance
  • Easy portable and lightweight
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Heat dissipating function
  • Low RAM for gaming
  • Less battery life

Acer is now becoming one of the top fashionable laptop brands for court reporters. Its latest and updated version is now Acer Aspire 5. It can be used both for personal and professional usages. This laptop is available in many different attractive colors. Also, the system is quite lightweight and easy to port anywhere. 

Most importantly, this laptop is best for the stenographer as it has a bright colorful  15.6 inches miscellaneous IPS display along with full HD color intelligence. Around the body, there are silver chassis that have come up along with the Core i5 10th generation processor. So, don’t delay buying the best laptop with amazing specifications. 

Likewise, Aspire laptop for the scopists supports USB 2 ports, 2 USB Type C ports, Gen 1 USB 3.1 port, Thunderbolt, and HDMI ports. It has an internal storage of up to 1 TB along with 4GB RAM that enables it to work efficiently with the case catalyst software of the laptop. Moreover, the back-sided compartment doors help the user to upgrade the space or RAM as per their needs. 

Apart from storage and memory, this laptop supports fast Wifi 6 connectivity for the court reporters. This dual-band Wifi improves the network speed up to 3 times. Similarly, for business chats, calls, and presentations, this stenographer laptop has the best sound system – Acer True Harmony, perfect for communication and listening purposes. 

The keyboard and touchpad are quite comfortable to perform various actions. It also involves your personal digital assistant – Cortana. For clicking images or for making videos it does have a 720p webcam that has perfect standardized quality – excellent for video chats or calls. 

With a Core i5 10th generation processor, a user can have the best experience of working in more than 30 tabs plus video playback. Thus, it involves a heat-dissipating function. The temperature is measured on the go and can be optimized or cooled down to the normal automatically. Furthermore, it has come up with a 48 Whr 3-cell lithium-ion battery. The life of the battery is a maximum of 8 hours with all active features and video playback.

3. HP Stream 11

Display: 11.6 inches WLED display | Resolution: 1366×768 pixels | Memory: 32 GB with 4GB RAM  | Battery: 9 hours | Weight: 2.4 lbs

  • Excellent performance
  • Attractive and portable design
  • Good upgradation with 4 ports
  • Great battery life
  • Energy efficient with Pro G4
  • Fanless
  • Low storage up to 32 GB only
  • Low screen resolution

Another best laptop for the court reporters is HP Stream 11 that is named as 11 after having the upgraded display of 11.6 inches. His laptop is also known for its best performances by the scopists, stenographer, and court reporters also because of the case catalyst software. However, it has a toy-like appearance that really doesn’t balance with its performance. 

However, it has an 11.6 inches diagonal display that has 60Hz refreshing speed. Its display is an Anti Glare WLED backlit display with 188 nits brightness options. For the side of the laptop, you could have a nice experience watching anything. But the vertical experience is not that good so for a perfect view a person must sit in front of the display screen. 

This compact and portable laptop has a great performance that is designed mainly to optimize the applications and is compatible with the Windows 10. It is best for personal, professional, other multimedia usages. It helps in computing with many videos, heavy internet programs, and much more. Thus, the processor that it supports is the Intel Celeron N4000 processor. 

As far as the connectivity is concerned then this writer’s favorite laptop is best with its case catalyst software functioning as it supports WiFi 6 and the Bluetooth 5. Also, it has highly demanded integrated Radeon R3 graphics. The internal space of this laptop is 32 GB for scopists and has 4GB of RAM. 

It comes with Windows 10 home that supports Microsoft office’s latest version, Bing, defenders and much more. The S mode of the Window can be turned off in one way. Likewise, it equips Pro G5 that along with base configurations boast the device and let the users not think of fanless dysfunction. 

It also equips a lithium ion battery that lasts for 9 hours and 15 minutes with video playback and internet surfing. Similarly, the Pro G5 features greatly along with the base configuration that let the battery last up to 12 hour maximum. Enjoy the HP Stream 11 with its amazing specifications.

4. HP Chromebook x2

Display: 11 inches OLED display | Resolution: 2400×1600 pixels | Memory: 32 GB with 4GB RAM  | Battery: 9 hours | Weight: 2.4 lbs

  • Excellent performance
  • Attractive and portable design
  • Good upgradation with 4 ports
  • Good battery life - 8 hours+
  • Equipped with a heat gun for maintaining temperature.
  • Excellent audio quality with dual speakers
  • Supports stylus pen
  • Typing experience is comfortable
  • Heavier than others
  • Bezels are relatively thick
  • Lacks backlit keyboard

The two companies HP and Google together have made a new laptop HP Chromebook collaboratively. It is the latest version of the laptop for court reporters that has a detachable head. Thus, it can be used both as a tablet and a laptop with many amazing features. Also, it is quite small and has a sleek design that can be taken to anywhere by putting it even in a small bag. 

Furthermore, it can be used for both professional and personal purposes. It is available in white color made of anodized aluminum and is attached to the keyboard through the rubber material. Thus, it is slightly heavier than the Microsoft Surface Go. 

The display of this business-class laptop is 11 inches, which is quite comfortable for the scopists with a high resolution. It is so bright to watch anything or work on the HP Chromebook x2 display as it has a colorful and adjustable 403 nits brightness screen that’s touchable. So a user can experience working through a keyboard that’s also fluffy and easy to type with. Also, he can use a stylus (S) pen on the screen. 

The keys of the keyboard are 0.63 millimeters of the gap that enables the user to type 77 words in a minute. Similarly, the touchpad is also quite responsive and moves rapidly. Likewise, it has dual volume speakers by Bang and Olufsen that are effective in a medium-sized room for the meeting or conferences. 

Talking about performance, the overall performance of this laptop having a case catalyst software is quite fast and robust. It is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c processor. It has wide compatibility with MS Office, Google Workspace, and many other applications. Whenever you split the screen among different taps or windows, there will be no gap of loading or hanging. 

Most importantly, the webcam of this latest and best Chromebook tablet/laptop is relatively more qualitative. The rear cam is 12.5 megapixels that capture the images decently. This laptop for the stenographer has a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. Also, its battery life is quite good i.e., 8 hours and 50 minutes.

5. Acer Swift 1

Display: 14 inches Full HD display | Resolution: 1366×768 pixels | Memory: 64GB with 4GB RAM  | Battery: 15+hours | Weight: 3.53 pounds | Camera: Built-in VGA video cam

  • Robust performance
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Good upgradation with 4 ports
  • Good battery life - 15 hours+
  • Equipped with heat optimizing functions
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Comfortable keyboard and enlarged touchpad
  • Low resolution screen
  • Less flash storage
  • Dim display

Another best version of the Acer laptop for the court reporters is Acer Swift 1. It too has good performance and works efficiently. Its outer is made purely of aluminum material that is a bit lighter and easy to take anywhere. It is available in multi colors. Also, it has a sleek and attractive design. 

The display of this laptop for the scopists is 14 inches full HD, which is quite large to watch movies or work on. Also, the bezels around the screen are thin that make the 84% of screen to body ratio of Swift 1. It has BlueLightShield™ and Acer ExaColor™. 

The processor it includes is the latest Intel Pentium Silver N5000 processor. Thus, every function and application can run at an optimized speed. Also, it quips heat-dissipating fanless systems that ensure the optimal temperature and optimal functioning and lessens the noise. Therefore, a user can enjoy his work in the perfect professional and silent environment.

It supports the wireless connectivity function and automatically connects to different wireless devices for the internet. Most prominently, it works with dual-band 2×2 intel Wifi 6. Likewise, other connectivities may involve different ports – USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 1 fast data sharing port, Thunderbolt, and HDMI ports. 

Other features may include the embedded fingerprint reader that lets the user get into the system by using his fingerprint without any password. Also, it has Wake on Voice mode that activates the Window when it’s off. Moreover, it also has Microsoft Intelligent Personal Assistant, Cortana, through which a user can interact in standby mode. The Cortana also helps the users to attend the scheduled meetings on time and syncs the device with multiple others. 

Acer Swift 1 laptop has a 720 pixels webcam that also solves many problems of scopists and stenographers. Also, it produces sharp and clear selfie images. Its RAM is 4GB along with 64GB flash storage. However, external storage sources can also be connected through USB-Type C. The battery life of the court reporter’s laptop is 15 hours. So, you don’t need to worry about the battery during traveling.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are compulsory everyday activities. This laptop, with a wide display, offers a quite aggressive experience for social media managers.

6. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Display: 13.3 inches Full HD display | Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels with 250 nits brightness | Memory: 64GB with 4GB RAM  | Battery: 10+hours | Weight: 2.97lbs | Camera: Built-in 720p cam

  • 2 in 1 designed laptop
  • High resolution full HD display
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Include 4 ports and slots
  • Good battery life - 10 hours+
  • Excellent audio quality with dual speaker
  • Comfortable keyboard and enlarged touchpad
  • Supports Stylus pen (Sold separately)
  • Dim display
  • Normal performance

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is the fifth generation laptop for the court reporters that is affordable and has 2 in 1 functionality. Flex doesn’t have to take anything with the name or the laptop material. Its body is made of a solid metal chassis with premium aluminum. Its shape can be folded or changed to two. Thus, it can work both as a tablet and a laptop. 

Therefore, the 13.3 inches LED display of the laptop used by stenographers for writing steno notes is touchable. It simultaneously functions as a notebook and tab. Also, it supports a stylus pen for working. So, a user can work or can play games in any mode. It is slim and lightweight and has a convertible design up to 360 degrees. 

Furthermore, it is powered by the top processor – Intel Celeron 5205 processor and has a chrome OS operating system with Windows 10 Home. A user can have a better sight experience at any vertical or horizontal angle. The bezel around the display is narrow, which makes the screen larger and brighter. Also, the graphics include integrated Intel UHD graphics.

It has the top speaker that lets the users have a better experience in meetings or conferences. As far as ports are concerned, it has USB-Type C x2, USB-Type A x1, an audio jack, Thunderbolt, and a power port. Regarding connectivities, it supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, resulting in fast performances. 

As the name itself shows that Lenovo Chromebook has collaborative features with G Suite. What a user has to do is log into his google account on the laptop. After that, he could easily access all G-suite applications easily, Google play, along with Microsoft Office which enables the user to work from anywhere. 

The device itself gets updated after each 6 weeks to protect from the Windows threads or viruses and provides strong protection to the data and the device. Moreover, the device has storage up to 64GB along with the RAM of 4GB. Also, it equips a 720 pixels webcam for photos, videos, and video calling purposes. The battery of the system lasts up to 10 hours.

How can a laptop for Court Reporters be helpful for translating steno notes into English?

The main function of the stenography is to type steno notes by using the operators which were difficult traditionally. However, the new inventions have made it quite easy for stenographers, scopists, and court reporters to use the updated laptops for their professional activities. 

Thus, working in an old way was time-consuming, tiresome, and energy-consuming. While the laptops can be sufficiently helpful for the court reporter for translating steno notes into English which a less experienced employee or worker can do easily using the internet, other technologies, and software. 

Therefore, typing on the fast-performance laptop by its keyboard is far more comfortable than typing through the steno machines. Also, by using free or purchased software a complete work can be done electronically.


To summarize, buying any laptop with great satisfaction is a wise decision that would help you in business and personal assignments. So, you must buy the one having a larger screen of high resolution that could be helpful in clear sight. 

Check out the reviews about any product before you buy and never compromise on any feature. Also, ensure the storage and the RAM of the device that could not test your patience later on. Go for the detailed study of each laptop for stenographer before you buy.

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