Best hockey skates for wide feet

Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet in 2022

Hockey skates are the special type of hockey boots generally consist of small sharp blades and strong rubber soles. Hockey skates play an important role in protecting the player’s arch, feet, and ankle. To play your game smoothly and flawlessly, the best-fitted hockey skates are important for your wide feet.

Buying the ice hockey skates for normal feet is massively easy as compared to buying for wide feet. If you have wide feet and want to buy hockey skates then you need to consider the room/space factor. This factor indicates how much additional space an athlete is needed in a specific pair of hockey skates. 

  • The more you understand your Skates’ blades with your wide feet the better equipped you will be to know how to adjust it as your size, your game expertise, and ice conditions.

Hockey skates do not only depend upon the space of the shoes. For a perfect size hockey skate for wide feet, one should also take arch, weight, and level of skating into consideration as well.

List of Top Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

One thing that is extremely important in all this discussion is the Size of skates. Unlike other normal shoes in the markets, skates do not have similar sizes. The size charts of skates are different from the normal local shoes’ size charts. 

The sizes of hockey skates are identified based on a Capital Alphabets i-e

  • C / N = Narrow Fit
  • D/ R = Regular Fit
  • E / W = Wide Fit
  • EE = Extra Wide Fit

Still, confused about this mess? Don’t worry, an easy and optimal way to measure your feet size for hockey skates is to follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Put your foot on the paper sheet
  2. Now draw the borders around your feet
  3. Refine the sketch
  4. And your size for hockey skate is ready

The size of hockey skates is an important aspect of your game. You are buying the hockey skates because you are facing the problem with the shoes. If after buying not properly fitted hockey skates the problem will remain the same.

We have highly-rated branded hockey skates for you. Let’s check out some of them in best hockey skates for wide feet.

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best hockey skates

What Features to Look for When Buying Hockey Skates for Wide Feet?

Hockey skates are an important part of any hockey player’s equipment. You’ll need a good pair of skates if you want to play competitively. Skates are designed to fit your foot comfortably and allow you to skate with ease. However, if you have wide feet, then finding the right pair of skates can be challenging.

A Wider Toe Box

A wider toe box helps distribute pressure evenly across the front of your foot and reduces the chances of developing blisters or calluses on your toes from tight-fitting skates.

A Wider Boot

A wider boot is generally more comfortable because it provides more room around the sides and back of your foot so that you won’t feel constricted when wearing them for long periods of time.

Dual-density Footbed

This type of footbed has two layers that provide different levels of cushioning depending on where they’re located. The inner layer provides cushioning where it’s needed most, while the outer layer provides support under the arch and heel area.

Extra Padding

Extra padding is beneficial because it provides additional cushioning between your foot and the skate’s inner liner. This helps keep your feet comfortable even after hours of wear without causing hot spots or blisters along your instep or heels due to friction against the liner material.

Lacing System

The lacing system of the skate is an important feature to consider when choosing new skates. Skates with a lace lock system allow you to tighten or loosen the skate using one hand (instead of two). This makes it easier to get your foot into the skate.

1. Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates

Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate is the best product when it comes to buying the best hockey skates for your ideal game. These hockey skates are very helpful in holding the balance of players during the game. They come in a beautiful, elegant and consistent design. These hockey skates are rigid in structure.

Hockey skates consist of upper and lower parts. The upper section consists of the high quality designed boot. While the lower section consists of gravely sharp and small (edge hardened) blades of metallic stainless steel grey color. Moreover, the hockey skates laces are of normal and optimal length with black and white wavy contrast. Due to this high-quality design, these skating gadgets provide much stability and ankle support to the player.

As these hockey skates belong to the famous TOUR hockey brand. Their manufacturers have used different modern techniques to provide more room and comfort to their users. They have used special Deluxe foam padding to provide the sidewise and overall comfort to the players. While fleecy brushed lining also makes it lighter and fitter for the player.

These ice skates are ranked among the best because they are used both indoor and outdoor. They are also perfect for ice skating and other public gatherings. An extra provided by these hockey skates is Customizable Sizing. Means one can customize the size by wearing thick socks or by putting in an insole to the shoes. This will not even disturb the shoe balance. These are very durable, protective and stable.

Due to these above-mentioned features, These hockey skates are at number one in our list for  Hockey skates for wide feet. They also have some Pros and Cons like every other product. Let’s see what they are.

2. Bauer Ns Senior Hockey Skates

Our choice for the best hockey skates for wide feet is Bauer Ns Senior hockey skates. You would get freaking awesome ice hockey skates in cheap price.

These are high quality, exclusive hockey skates that aim to impress. Now we have to look into these hockey skates deeply for wide feet. That how this best fit you.

Unique Boot Design

As, off course, design in anything matters a lot. So, here is the exclusive design and unique boot construction that provides 15% more ankle support. These also provide essential, fundamental fit.  Bundles of injected materials make the entire boot stronger and more comfortable for a wide foot.

Good Support and Construction

Soft microfiber is used to help away moisture. The microfiber is finer than one denier. As it can be used to make a tough and very soft to touch material. EVA foam provides good support and comfort.

Blade Holder and Runner

Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II Holder provides better stability, leverage and control to get your run in quite a pleasant and progressive run. Blades   are Tuuk S-Stainless steal material provides premium quality and durability.

3. FIT Ice Boa Ice Skates

Do you like flat wide feet skates for hockey to get more speed and control then this K2 Skate is thrilling. Moreover, it helps to avoid a lot of problems with other skates.

Ice Boa Skates have a wider than normal width and have a sneaker-like fit. Skates are roomier than a traditional hockey skate.

Comfortable and Supportive

K2 Softbots are identifying themselves for their comfort, performance, and style. Holds wide feet well while still being supportive. It helps to engage with very fast speed and aggressive skating.

These nice pairs of ice skates are good for absolute skating. Therefore, you will become a good ice skater.

Easy-on and easy-off Comfort

Besides K2 Skates’ comfort, there is a terrific easy-on, easy-off system which really satisfying. If you were using some of the hockey skates already, then you certainly love the Boa system for skate tightening.

Keep feet Warm and Dry

In K2 skates, there is a Thinsulate liner and water repellent material. Thinsulate is providing synthetic fiber thermal insulation to keep your feet high and dry without unnecessary bulk.

Therefore, K2 Skates will keep your feet warm and dry. That helps to keep your focus on the ice ground and enjoy skating.

Ease of Maintenance

Stainless steel blades improve wear and corrosion resistance for ease of maintenance. Blades are replaceable and maintainable whenever you want.

4. PowerSk8r Skates

You will sweat more but in the end, you will skate faster. PowerSk8r is a very lightweight and long-lasting skate for a wide feet skater.

The weights are painted clearly like an image and is a solid coat of paint.

Strong and Durable

The PowerSk8r skates are very strong and durable, satisfying the need of a wide feet ice skater. The Velcro is heavy-duty. And here is one thing that you must know, it is difficult to separate. These attach to the skate and stay put there which is a good thing because you don’t want them coming loose during use.   

Skate faster

Skate just like a jet on ice. With a pair of stronger PowerSk8r skates, practice hard in the beginning while skating faster in the end. It also offers instant control over your moves while you are skating fast. It works great and builds strength.

Good Training Aid for Ice Skates

The ice skates are a great addition to elite-level practice. As these are really strong and this fact places them at the top for skating training. As these are not too heavy either. Therefore, this is the only concern to keep continue good training.

It is a great training aid, comes with a little bag to carry.

5. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr

Easy on & Easy off

If you already use hockey skates for wide feet then definitely you faces the problem of wearing hockey skates on your wide feet. This is not an easy to put on hockey skates on wide feet. So to solve this problem the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr comes with the beautiful characteristic of easy on and easy off .


Those hockey skates which are in heavy in weight will definitely affect the performance of the Ice hockey player due to its heavy weight . But don’t worry this Bladerunner ice by Rollerblade Zephyr have very light in weight . So the light weight of this Bladerunner ice by Rollerblade Zephyr will definitely increase the performance of the hockey skates for those players which have wide feet.

Strong Blades

The strength of the blades of hockey skates for wide feet are so much noticeable. Because you know that the weight of the Ice hockey player is all on the blades of the hockey skates. So this is very important to check the strength of the blades of the hockey skates for wide feet . 

The strength level of the blades of this Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr is better than other hockey skates for wide feet which are available in the market.


This Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr is very soft and comfortable for those players which have wide feet. Because the manufacture know that if the hockey player not feel comfortable in the hockey skates then this will definitely affect the performance of the hockey player during the Ice hockey match.

So the manufacturer of this Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr makes these hockey skates very soft. So the hockey player feels so much comfortable.

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6. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skates

For Indoor & outdoor conditions

The designer of this American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate make this in such a way that if you are using this American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate in indoor or you want to use this American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate at outdoor then no problem will appear. Because this is design for both scenarios.

For which Players

This American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate is specially design for those Hockey players which have wide feet those are new in the Hockey skating and these Hockey Skate are also for those players which are in intermediate level of Hockey Skating. If you are a professional then I recommend that do not buy these Hockey Skates for hockey skating. Because these American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate is specially design for beginners and intermediate Hockey Skating players.


You know well that if the person wear those Hockey skates which are not light in weight then definitely heavy weight affect the performance of the person during the skating. But the designer of this American Ice force 2.0 Hockey Skate knows this problem so they make these Hockey Skates light in weight. If the hockey skates light weight then the performance during the skating will improve definitely.

Strength of the Blade

The Strength level of the Blades of these American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate is very good. They make its blades with stainless steel for those persons which are interested in hockey skates and they have wide feet.

7. Botas - Draft 281 Ice Hockey Skates

Ankle Support

These Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates for those players of Hockey Skating which have wide feet. The designer of this Hockey Skates is design this in such a way that its ankle support are very good during the hockey skating. And the good ankle support plays a very important role in the learning of those hockey players which are in starting phase of Hockey skating.


This Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates for those players which are professional in hockey skating recommend this Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates for those Hockey skating players which are new in Hockey skating   due to its durability . The durability level of Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates are very good.

Comfort Level

It is very necessary that the player need to feel comfortable during the skating. Because if the person which have wide feet during the hockey skating do not feel comfortable then this thing will definitely affect its performance of hockey skating.

This Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates  have very soft inner surface . So the hockey skating player which have wide feet will feel so much comfortable during the hockey skating and this thing will definitely improve its hockey skating performance during the hockey skating.


The company of this Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates make these Hockey Skates in only two colors for Hockey skating players which are wide feet. The two colors for this Boats – Draft 281 –  Men’s Ice Hockey Skates are only in Black / Silver.

8. Botas - Attack 181 Hockey Skates

In ice hockey Skating most of the players focus on their skating shoes. If you are a professional ice hockey skater you must want a highly professional design and well-engineered skating hockey shoes. Because in this game only two things are a must for player , one is its shoes and another is a balance of the body for best performance.

Quality And Style

 This Boats of hockey skating is for wide feet players.who has naturally wide feet but for her, there are no shoes available in the market. if you are the same as those people so you chose the best shoes for yourself. This skating shoes have quality fabric and fashionable design printing on it, to get a handsome look.  

Stuff And Material

The stuff that is used in these hockey scotch shoes is a high-quality soft foam for the front foot,  latex foam for ankle padding, reinforced in the lacing, that is easily flexible they help to move feet easily. The high quality and durable plastic is used in the sole.

Runner Blade

The blade of skating shoes is the most prominent and important part. Stainless steel is used in this blade to run smoothly on ice.

9. Jackson Ultima Softec Sports Ice Skates

Sports do not just play to fit the physique. Most of the players play with zeal and passion for the game. Their style of playing the game is unbelievable. But all the passion and zeal of the player depends on their kit. When they feel relaxed with the kit then they perform their best in-game. Here we also talk about handsome looking soft shoes for skating as the player wants for his/her self to perform their best in-game.


These hockey skates shoes are available for all types of player men, women, boys and also for girls.

Maximum Comfort level

This ice skating shoe has a maximum comfort level.  Because of soft foam used inside these shoes to provide maximum comfort for the player. Not a quality of soft foam, they also have a modern design. A player with these shoes looks handsome and confident.

Modern Look

This modern looking flat skating shoe offers low weight so if you are a heavy weight body then you also feel comfort with this  jackson Ultima softec shoes.

Most of the people worry about their heavy weighted body.Although all of them are right and most of the people leave sports but when you want to be a professional Skater and have a massive weight this flat shoes is also for you there ease and  soft foam  is best for you.  

Blade and running

The basic and core part of  hockey skate shoes is their blades which helps a player to run on the ground. When these blade are able to move smoothly on the ground, players perform their best. These shoes have Stainless steel blades for smooth running.


Scoring more goals than the opposition by getting the puck into the opposition’s goal, is quite difficult unless you have all the things perfect.

So, in this way, you need to have perfectly fitted ice hockey skates for your wide feet. All the ice skates we have enlisted in this article are good and worthy. You can go with one that fits well.

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