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Best Fitness Tracker for Weight Watchers in 2022

The best fitness tracker for weight watchers would help you to get more insightful view of the daily activities, workouts, sleep, etc.

People nowadays are comparatively more conscious about their health. So, for their fitness, they just do gym, workouts, and much more. So, here comes the best fitness trackers for weight watchers that help the weight watcher to be watchful about their fitness and health. These fitness bands have perfect functionings with a sleek and elegant look.

Most of the WW trackers guide their users with different health techniques and guide them in workouts with animations and features.

List of Best Fitness Trackers for Weight watchers App

For weight watchers, we have shared the list of best fitness trackers with interesting health features. Here you go.

1. Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

Display: 1.57 Monochrome OLED | Body: Aluminium frame with 27g net weight | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black, Granite, Rosewood | Interface: Simple and touchscreen

  • Stylish style and a Grayscale touch screen
  • Built-in GPS, Fitbit app, and Spotify support
  • Water and swim-proof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • No color display
  • Just a basic and simple interface

Here comes the editor choice fitness tracker for Weight Watchers app. Fitbit charger 4 is the fourth and the latest weight watcher version of the Fitbit fitness tracker

It comes with an aluminum body. It is additionally trendy for its built-in GPS support without any phone. It has a sleek and slim design and is quite lighter to be portable. Also, its black woven and plastic bands are comfortable and flexible to be worn during any fitness activity. They can specifically absorb the sweats while exercising or other workouts. 

It has a 1.57 inches monochrome OLED, grayscale touch screen. However, a user can easily look at the screen in the sunlight brightness. The screen also has an automatic shut-off system which can be switched on by shaking the wrist or by double-tapping on the display. This feature is most importantly beneficial in saving battery. 

Furthermore, a user can use different watch faces like time, date, as heart rate monitor, or as Active zone minutes face. Therefore, a person can look for his hourly workouts, sleep info, weight, water intake, burnt calories, and much more. This weight watcher is perfect for activity points. Similarly, on swiping up, down, left, and right you can enjoy more widgets and customization options. 

Spotify and Fitbit pay are the most demanded features of this weight watchers activity tracker. A user can play any sort of music or others through his wristwatch. Similarly, he can also pay for his expenses via Fitbit pay through the same fitness tracker. Thus, it works with many banks around the world. One must not be worried about his wallets or mobile phones. 

It has the full support of the weight watchers Fitbit app. All the notifications of your smartphone, calls, or text messages of the weight watchers can be seen or replied via this fitness tracker. Moreover, his Fitbit Charge 4 has a built-in GPS that works with several activities i.e., riding, hiking, running, walking, workouts, surfing, skiing, and others. This tracker will track all the data of yours and also shows a notification on the phone even if that’s not near you. 

Likewise, this fitness tracker tracks your deep, light, or REM sleeping patterns every night. It also has many other sleeping tools that include a sleep tool for silencing all your phone notifications, score your sleep, and much more. While sleeping, the Fitbit app graphs the Estimated Oxygen Variation on the wrist. 

The battery life of the Fitbit weight watchers activity tracker is up to 7 days and 45 minutes along with the active GPS mode. For the battery, there are two modes: Dynamic GPS mode and Charge 4’s GPS that are related to phones for preserving the battery. The user can thus pair this device via Bluetooth to his phone. Furthermore, it is 5 ATM waterproof. Therefore, it can be used for swimming purposes up to 164 feet. Enjoy the Fitbit Charge 4 with its amazing features.

2. Amazfit Band 5

Display: 1.1 inches AMOLED 126×294 display | Body: Aluminium frame with 0.8 ounces net weight | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black, Orange, Green| Interface: Simple and touchscreen

  • Sleek design, lightweight, and comfortable to wear
  • Blood oxygen SpO2, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring
  • 5 ATM Water and swim-proof up to 50 meters
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Long-lasting battery (Approximately upto 15 days)
  • Hard to see displays in sunlight
  • No built-in GPS

Those weight watchers who are looking for the top premium featured fitness tracker are welcomed to buy the latest version of the Amazfit Band 5. It is enriched with many new and latest functions like heart rate alerts, sleep trackers, built-in Amazon Alexa, SpO2 calculator, and many other new features. 

It is among the cheap fitness trackers for weight watchers. It has a sleek and simple but beautiful design with a 1.1 AMOLED inches display that has an easy-to-use interface. This brand weighs 0.8 ounces. Also, it is quite comfortable to wear on the wrist. So, have better workouts with this latest technology. 

Another important feature that was observed is its screen that is really not visible on bright sunny days. So, it lacks this feature. However, it doesn’t end here. There are further 12 different sport activity modes for the weight watchers having this activity tracker. Also, the heart rate sensor counts your BPM throughout your activity. 

Keeping your health at your priorities is also what this Amazfit Band manages for weight watchers. It has sleeping and stress tracking monitors to let you know about your health. It shows detailed readings about the deep and light sleep of its users. Though it doesn’t have an alert or notification feature, it still goes for the real-time readings. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems. However, it doesn’t show notifications but a user can definitely respond to the incoming calls on the same band. So, one can also customize the band-phone notifications system. Moreover, this fitness tracker for weight watchers has the built-in Alexa feature as its fit point. So, it supports Alexa-enabled devices and so users can use the voice assistant. Also, it pushes weather reports. 

Likewise, this best health fitness band is 5 ATM waterproof. So, it’s best for all the sport modes even in sweats. It also records the distance, speed, burnt calories, etc. A user can also enjoy swimming while wearing it on his wrist. Most importantly, its lithium-ion battery lasts for 15 days with a single charge. Thus, it also has a rechargeable battery. Keep enjoying your better health with Amazfit Band 5.

3. Fitbit Charge 4

Display: 1.57 Monochrome OLED | Body: Aluminium frame with 27g net weight | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black and Reflective Granite| Interface: Simple and touchscreen

  • 1.57 inches Grayscale touch screen
  • Built-in GPS, Fitbit app, and Spotify support
  • Wide compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Long-lasting battery (Approximately upto 7 days)
  • Water and swim-proof up to 50 meters
  • No color display
  • Just a basic and simple interface

Here comes another top-featured fitness tracker for weight watchers app. This Fitbit charge 4’s edition has most of the premium features like the special edition. It also has a sleek and beautiful design that has come in reflective granite, black woven, and classic black with a body of aluminum with classy plastic straps. Thus, it is quite comfortable to wear while doing any workout or exercise. 

On the body, there are two small buttons having their unique functions. Its display has a grayscale touch that is quite good for normal usage under shade; however, it’s quite difficult to use that in sunlight. Likewise, its screen has an automatic shut-off mode to save battery life. Also, a user can open the interface by just shaking the wrist or just double-tapping on the screen. 

Users can also customize the display with different widgets including time, calendar, weather report, or other clock faces like active zone minutes and heart rates. Moreover, this weight watchers fitness tracker has an easy-to-use interface. There are swipe features like the special version. On swiping up one can look for his health details. While swiping left there will be more options about various applications. 

This weight watchers activity tracker is best when walk tracking and health reporting purposes. It counts the covered distance, steps, climbing, burnt calories, or heart rate zone. Furthermore, it has compatibility with the mobile phones of both Androids and iPhones. So, users can see the real-time units on their wristwatch. 

Therefore, it supports a built-in GPS. One can go for incoming and outgoing calls, replies to text messages, or can also set alarms the same as phones. Thus, it is a phone-like fitness band for the weight watchers to note their personals or fit points. It thus sports seven types of fitness activities that count each perfectly and show the result on display right on the spot. 

This weight watchers band has many fit points for the users. Additionally, it also supports Spotify to enjoy your music randomly anytime. Likewise, it also supports the Fitbit pay app via which a user can transact anywhere and anytime. Through this Fitbit weight watchers app, a user can see colored maps that show the reading while workout. Also, this band supports the Active Zone Minutes feature on the Fitbit app that can be customized.  

Moreover, it has sleep tracking and stress monitoring features. The sleep tools are quite automated and keep on tracking the user’s sleep whether it’s deep or light. It will also silence all the notifications of the incoming calls/messages automatically when a person falls asleep. Sleep mode can also be customized and also shows sleeping scores 

Furthermore, these weight watchers count for the activity points in the swimming modes also. It is 5 ATM waterproof with a depth of 164 feet or 50 meters. Similarly, it houses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Its battery life lasts for 7 days and 5 hours with active built-in GPS features.

4. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Display: Monochrome Grayscale display | Body: Aluminium frame with 20-gram net weight | Straps: Rubbery, soft, and comfortable | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black, Rose, White| Interface: Simple and touchscreen

  • Sleek design, lightweight, and comfortable to wear
  • Blood oxygen SpO2, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring
  • 5 ATM Water and swim-proof up to 50 meters
  • Built-in Alexa
  • 20+ sport activity modes
  • Battery upto 10 days on a single charge
  • No color display
  • Hard to see displays in sunlight
  • No built-in GPS

Here comes another fitness band for the WW app, assuring an active lifestyle. This health fitness tracker for weight watchers is equipped with many standard features on the go. It is available in three colors – rose, black, and white all with a black dial. The straps are comfortable, soft, and rubbery that are easy to wear. It tracks all the routine activities including steps, distance, exercise, workouts, calories burnt or gained, etc. 

This weight watchers fitness tracker has a small display with a swiping feature. That right/left and up/down swipe open various applications on the display screen which are not normally visible. Similarly, it has a black and gray display which is a monochrome OLED display with a touch screen option. Also, the display face is customizable. 

This Fitbit family member is enriched with the free one-year premium trial. So, people can access the guided workouts, exercise, programs, and complete fitness details. Likewise, it has 20 plus activity modes that it keeps on track all day long. This device will also map all your readings during workouts on the display. Thus, it supports active zone minutes up to 150 goal minutes. 

This fitness band shows the progress of the heart, blood pressure, and also tracks the sleep scores. Also, it will track the readings in all sleeping modes – in light, deep, or REM sleep modes. It also guides the users regarding their health issues, e.g., getting more sleep, drinking much water, reducing caffeine intake, etc. So, you will definitely need no doctor to look after you in the presence of Fitbit Inspire 2 in your living style. 

Moreover, it is waterproof up to 50 meters and thus it has a swimming mode in it. This band has a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 days with active features on a single charge. However, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS but still, it supports a wireless Bluetooth communication system. Therefore, a user can also respond to the call and messages on their wristwatch. Keep enjoying the latest features of the Fitbit Inspire 2.

5. Apple Watch Series 6 All-in-One Health and Sports Tracking

Display: 1.57 inches OLED colorful display | Body: Aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium frame | Size: 40mm and 44mm | Straps: Woven, rubbery, soft, and comfortable | Compatibility: iOS | Colors: Navy blue, red, gold, silver, gray, black  Interface: Easy-to-use and touchscreen

  • Always-on display
  • 20+ sport activity modes
  • Colorful display
  • Fast Apple dual-core S6 processor
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Free 32GB storage
  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • Expensive

The Apple family has always been the best choice of the editors. These are good at performance, health, and many other unique features. 

So, the Apple watch series 6 is also the best fitness tracker for weight watchers and other health-related affairs. It has a blood saturation sensor, heart rate sensor, sleep tracker, and much more. It necessarily guides its users regarding the hospital visits. Likewise, it has been the best one during the Pandemic period. 

It is available in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm in multiple colors. The material is pure aluminium, stainless steel (polished), or titanium. The colors in which the following sizes are available are blue, red, gold, black, silver, and gray. The straps are woven, soft, and comfortable Solo Loop to be worn all the time. 

The display of this weight Watcher fitness tracker is 1.57 inches with 448×368 pixels resolution. It weighs up to 1.28 ounces that are really not hard or heavy to wear. This Apple device is waterproof up to 165 feet deep in the water. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for sweaty workouts also. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with the iOS operating system only which makes it active on pairing with the device. Also, it has built-in GPS and cellular features that allow the users to use all the phone applications in their wristwatch. Therefore, a user can make or receive calls, and can also reply to text messages the same as that on an iPhone. So, it has greater iPhone compatibility. 

It has an easy-to-use interface with a basic setup. The clock face is relatively big to show various reports on the go. However, a user can also customize the face. Similarly, it is a smart weight watchers activity tracker that has 20 plus sport modes. Thus, it racks all the activities and keeps records as well. 

This health fitness watch tracks the complete health details. Also this watch is considered great for preparing for marathons running. So, it enables the blood oxygen level to check and calculate SpO2 level within 15 seconds. 

On customization, automatic updates about the health can be pushed on the display screen both on the phone and tracker. Also, it supports SOS and emergency call services. So, in case of any emergency, the SOS will function automatically. These features can also be disabled. Similarly, it has a do not disturb mode. 

This band also has a weight watchers health and fitness app. A user can record all and can also see all the graphs of the readings. Likewise, it has an internal storage of 32GB. An external storage source can also be put into the fitness tracker. Moreover, it is best known for its fastest performance with Apple’s new dual-core S6 System. This dual-core S6 thus results in the improved brightness of the screen up to 1000 nits. 

Furthermore, it supports Wi-Fi connectivity from 2.4GHz up to 5GHz. Also, its battery life lasts up to 18-hour with all active features. Also, its rechargeable battery takes just two hours to charge completely. For sport modes, it is also equipped with an Altimeter that is usually beneficial for hiking, skiing, and climbing. 

There are many additional health features on this Apple fitness band. It tells about the low/high heart rate, ECG readings, irregular heart rhythm, menstrual cycle tracking, high decibel, SOS, and fall detection. Also, it pushes notifications for each one to the watch’s display and also to the phone. It is best for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Moreover, it supports Spotify and Apple Pay that absolutely works as a bank even if you do not have your wallet with you. Therefore, users can do transactions anywhere and anytime through this weight watchers Apple pay app. Also, applications can be downloaded via the Apple store as the tracker has its storage.

6. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Display: Colorful OLED display | Body: Aluminium frame with 20-gram net weight | Straps: Silicone Rubbery, soft, and comfortable | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black, gray, blue, berry| Interface: Basic setup with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface

  • Colorful display
  • Blood oxygen SpO2, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring
  • Swim-proof up to 50 meters
  • 20+ sport activity modes
  • Supports sport activity modes
  • Long-lasting battery (Approximately 7 days )
  • Touch screen couldn't be responsive

Another one of the best health fitness tracker for weight watchers is Garmin Vivosmart 4. It has a beautiful, sleek, and elegant design that is available in multi colors – gray, berry, light blue, and black all with golden and silver bezels. The straps are made of silicone that is quite comfortable to wear for various workouts or other activities. Similarly, the silicone straps are available in small, medium, and large sizes ranging from 0.4 to 9.2 inches. 

This weight watchers band has many fit points. Its display is completely colorful with an OLED touch display. The body is framed with aluminium bezels. Likewise, the display is long enough to accommodate more things in the band face. The faces are customizable with various applications and widgets. 

This latest fitness gadget has great durability and versatility that can be used casually as well as professionally. Also, this fitness band is 5 ATM waterproof up to 50 meters that can be worn during a shower or in a pool. There also comes the swipe-based interface that lets the users go for the alerts, menus, or notifications manually. 

Moreover, the Garmin weight watchers’ activity tracker is equipped with an optical heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, SpO2 sensor, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter. Furthermore, it is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. So, a user can access his phone or tracker via Bluetooth or built-in GPS mode. It also supports ANT+ equipment. 

This fitness tracker has great advancement as a sleep tracker, burnt calories, steps, distance, heart rate, and stress tracker like other top-most bands. Also, it checks for the blood oxygen level even if the person is sleeping. It also can guide its users in various workouts. It thus maps the things on the display screen. 

It’s among the accurate fitness trackers for weight watchers that gives the accurate and the best real results. So, it can be said that fitness is its priority. Its battery lasts for seven days with active heart rate and sleep trackers, Bluetooth, and other enable features. Enjoy the latest features of the Garmin Vivosmart 4.

7. Garmin Venu

Display: 1.2 inches Colorful AMOLED display | Body: Aluminium frame with 42.3g net weight | Straps: Silicone, soft, and comfortable | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Colors: Black, granite blue, light sand | Interface: Basic setup with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface

  • Beautiful round design and lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Colorful AMOLED display
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Supports sport activity modes
  • Full suite with fitness features
  • Supports offline music
  • No Alexa or voice assistant
  • No built-in battery saver mode

The Garmin weight watchers fitness tracker is a complete suite of fitness features. It’s amongst the latest and trendy activity trackers that most weight watchers love to buy and use. So, it is an all-rounder watch. Also, among the Garmin family, it is the first one that has a sharp and vibrant AMOLED display. It is available in four different colors – granite blue, light sand, and black, all with gold, silver, and slate hardware. 

The WW tracker with great weight watchers fit points has a display of 1.2 inches AMOLED display with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. It has an extra brightness feature that makes it visible in the bright daylight. Also, the watch faces of this fitness tracker are customizable. Users can swipe left/right and up/down for further custom settings or widgets. The official faces have always-on built-in features. 

Across the body, there are two buttons. The upper one, on pressing, will list the icons that are related to various tools. While the lower one will lead to the setting menu. Furthermore, it works perfectly in the heavy rain and the pool. Thus, it is 5ATM water-resistant up to 160 feet or 50 meters. So, this fitness tracker for weight watchers is best for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

Therefore, it resides among best multi-sport outdoor fitness trackers available till now. It is also equipped with built-in GPS, GALILEO, and GLONASS for outdoor activities. It also has compatibility with Bluetooth and ANT+ equipment. The GPS is quite efficient to function in crowded or wooden areas as well. For health fitness, it has a pulse oximeter that tracks the blood oxygen levels during exercise, workout, or sleep. It also captures your body’s responses in various conditions. 

Relating to the other fitness features, it has new breathwork and respiration features. So, it calculates your breath rate per minute. Also, the respiration rate is shown in the stats all time. It also graphs your health condition. There are animated workouts also in this band that help the users and guide them with different techniques. It also tracks the heart rate of the users. Because of all these health features, it is known to be an all-rounder. 

For weight watchers, there are many other smart apps like offline music and headphone pairing via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with Android and iPhones. Therefore, it pushes its notifications to the phone. Similarly, from the phone, the notifications, calls, and messages are also seen in this fitness band. Users can respond to calls or text messages via Garmin Venu. 

This weight watchers tracker supports the ConnectIQ app and Garmin pay app. So, it acts as a virtual wallet. It supports not all but many banks for the payments. It’s not more authentic like Apple pay or Google pay. 

Like Bluetooth, it also supports wireless Wi-Fi connectivity features. Moreover, its battery life lasts up to 5 days in smartwatch mode. Similarly, with active built-in features like music, GPS, or other health trackers, its battery lasts for 6 hours. Enjoy health fitness features with the Garmin Venu fitness tracker for the weight watcher.


Most frequent questions and answers

Open the weight watcher app. In the person icon click the great icon and there you will find the activity setting. After that Apple health and connect your app with the Apple watch.

In the weight watchers app, gain access to the fitness dashboard. Select your fitness > to enter the info and > track fitness with the WW app.

The fitness apps included in WW are Fitbit, Google Fit, Garmin, or Daily burn. 

Fit points are related to the weight that you gain. You can also set the fit points goal as per your current activity level. You can also sync your device to the weight watchers app.

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