apps for carbs counting for diabetes patients

What is the Best Carb Counting app for Diabetics? Top 4 Applications

What do you mean by Carb Counting? Carbs count is the concept of counting the numbers of grams of Carbohydrates intake in a meal.

Carbs or, Carbohydrates are naturally found in certain foods. For example Grains, Dairy, Sweets, etc. When we drink or eat such foods that carry some Carbs, after digestion these breaks down and fuel our cells.

A large intake of these Carbs may result in rising in blood glucose levels. The human body without diabetes manages this impact by consuming Insulin. And, people with Diabetes do this by taking Insulin from their Diabetes care team.

How Carbs Counting is difficult?

Meals not only contain carbohydrates. But they also carry different Vitamins, Proteins, and Fats, etc. So, meals are mixed. 

A meal with high proteins and fats can fastly digest carbohydrates and may result in rising in blood glucose levels. In such kinds of particular scenarios, you can use a continuous blood glucose monitoring device called a CGM device. Self-monitor your numbers and glucose impacts. 

Best apps for Carbs Counting

Whether you are a patient of Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes, your food intake is very important to consider. For a careless person, it is very critical to control blood sugar levels. Other persons also face problems with their diet to carbs count, Insulin, and Glucose. Developers have developed many apps to help diabetic patients to handle their problems by consolidating health information. 

Below are the top apps for carbs counting to make more informed choices in diet.

best app for carb counting


Available for iOS and Android

Fooducate is one of the great apps for diabetic diet monitoring. The app makes it easier to track sugar intake and other hidden ingredients. So you have to make a plan based on your age, diabetes type, etc. for better configurations.

The application also tracks activities for good medication and Carbs counting. If you suffer difficulty in detecting blood sugar you can choose a Dexcom G6 sensor. This is really an awesome sensor to track blood glucose rates in real-time. If you take a meal and are now curious about the Carbs and Glucose count. This sensor will send real-time information to your smartwatch or smartphone installed with the Dexcom app.

App for diabetes patients carbs counting


Available for iOS and Android

Knowledge is power. When it comes to diabetes, MySugar app is here to offer the best and accurate stats. Not all foods have an equal amount of food ingredients. So this app helps to make a healthy and balanced diet plan.

App offers to set reminders so that you can take enough Carbs after each workout. Apps track all the information in graphs and charts. These are exportable statistics. You can easily send these to your medical specialists together to figure out the Blood glucose impacts.

Glucose buddy app for blood carbs counting

Glucose Buddy

Available for iOS and Android

Finally found a great app compatible with Dexcom glucometer. There you can track all your activities, health conditions, and calories burnt. Also, this app offers an ad-free experience as a pro user, when you buy a plan. The interface is totally customizable and you can show your preferences.

best app for diabetes carbs counting

Diabetes: M

Available for iOS and Android

If you are newly diagnosed as a diabetic patient. Then this app is for you. As a beginner diabetic patient interface is simple and easy to use. 

The app offers plenty of amazing worthy features like test time reminders, nutrients logs, ingredients tracking, glucose trends, etc.

Use graphs and charts from a specific timeframe and ask your medical expert for more assistance.

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