best budget badminton racket under 50 dollars

Best Budget Badminton Racket Under 50 in 2022

Badminton racket in best budget sounds like missing some things that expensive rackets offer. But it’s not. We recommend the list of top budget badminton rackets ranges under 50. Pick one racket that suits best to you.

Have you ever wondered how top-class athletes like Kento Momota produce massive smashing power with tricky shots and best moves? The answer is because they have worthy badminton rackets to play with. 

Every player, every professional, and every athlete requires some sort of equipment to achieve his task properly and professionally. The artist would need a pencil, an engineer would need wrenches, a singer would require a guitar. So, like all these professions badminton players would love to have the best badminton racket in their playing hand.

Millions of badminton rackets build every day in the factories and broken constantly during the games, in the practices, and at the badminton courts. Right now there are hundreds of thousands of badminton rackets for beginners, intermediates and professionals are available in markets.

But the important point here is how to get the budget badminton rackets for you among millions. So, you can compete with your opponent in the badminton court? It doesn’t matter much whether you are a beginner or pro player in badminton as long as you have the best tool to play.

Well, don’t be panic our experts are working day and night to rank the badminton rackets that are low in budget but provide much quality to the players like you.

We are ranking products every week to compose the best results of budget badminton rackets that are under 50 with more smashing power and control too.

How to choose the best budget badminton racket?


Before we proceed to our products list just for your ease, keep some of the important factors in your mind to buy budget badminton rackets.

  • Badminton Racket must have Shaft flexibility
  • Head shape
  • Badminton Racket with Conceptual Design
  • Racket with less weight 
  • Badminton Racket with perfect balance range of 88-93 mm 
  • Strings tensions range from 22-26 lbs

The best cheap racket that you are going to pick will be a little bit of lower quality as compared to other high quality, expensive rackets. The lower the cost, the lower the quality is. Though this is true about many of the ordinary rackets that you would see in the market. But here we have tried to remain stacked with the best budget badminton rackets that deliver the best quality.

In most of cases, you would feel comfortable while picking up the best budget racket for your badminton gameplay. But we also want you to know certain important things that you must have to keep them under your value able consideration while choosing a model. This is so, what you can expect from your best budget racket.



How much your racket should weigh? If you are just getting started this sport, you must know what your racket weighs. Because there are different weight ranges for each beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

The weight is an essential aspect to consider, especially in the badminton rackets that are just in your budget range. It will determine how easily you can control your strokes while going for the quick ones. If you are a beginner then it is recommended to pick a lightweight racket.

Why lightweight? A lightweight racket is good for learning new techniques without getting into much more complexities of the game. This will be too earlier for you to learn them with a light racket. You would not have to worry about the control, as it will be easy to control and handle the strokes with the light one.

Lighter rackets also offer quick response against the quick strokes. The players will be able to swing fast and efficiently. This can also reduce the stress on your shoulders. Therefore, the chances of sprains or injuries will be reduced.

Why avoid heavier rackets? As a badminton player, you may know heavier rackets have a serious impact on your game. If the rackets have a heavier head, then this fact will impose extra power to your strokes. This will result in more uncontrolled strokes. You will face difficulties in controlling the shots to focus them on the points where you want.

You will be required enough practice and tactics of different badminton shots before moving on to the head heavy rackets. Because there involve many other variables that have a significant impact on your gameplay.

So, it will be better for you to avoid heavier weight rackets without having enough practice and knowledge of different shots.


Actually, the term balance in a racket refers to the weight distribution over the frame, among grip, shaft, and head.

How to measure the balance point of any racket?

Step 1: Firstly, balance the racket at your fingertip or something else. It is the middle of the shaft, mostly.

Step 2: Determine the distance between the bottom butt cap and the point where your finger was balanced. This distance will show that whether a racket is Headlight, heavy or even balanced.


These rackets are generally preferred by aggressive players. This is because these offer more power to the strokes. More often, this is very useful when going for long-distance shots.


As mentioned earlier, head-light rackets are great for beginners. Most of the players, even experienced players, often prefer light rackets due to easy control. These enable your wrist faster than normal.


These rackets are evenly balanced. So, these do not result in extra variations in the strokes. But it has been said that, in the wise hands, it can be a great racket.


Grip size matters a lot. A suitable grip delivers comfort to your arm. When talking about the grip, two things grab our attention. First, one is our palm and handle size. The second thing is the grip’s upper quoting.

You should prefer the best grip size the best suite your palm size.

Now, talking about the grip’s quoting. If you sweat a lot when playing, you may prefer a towel grip. But this may result in the accumulation of bacteria and eventually smells bad. You may also go for the synthetic grip. These grips are smoother and get slippery after playing for a bit longer.


This is one of the most important features of a racket. Flexibility in a racket is the extent of diffusion in the shaft.

Doubles rackets are generally, seen in very-flex, medium-flex and stiffed. You will find that many of the best budget rackets are not as flexible as advertised in the best-case scenario. In the worst case, it will be even completely stiff. These are just like having a piece of aluminum. This is more annoying.

The best way to resolve this issue is to read people’s reviews about a product. In this way, you will find the best budget badminton racket for your playing style.

So, what we are waiting for? let’s just dive in and see what we have for you in our best budget badminton rackets.

1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade

Our first pick for best budget badminton rackets under 50 Dollars is the Senston N80. The racket offers top-notch performance while playing badminton. This racket offers all the utilities that a beginner or an intermediate player needs.

This budget badminton racket comes up with a decent balance. The racket has weight ranges from 75-79 grams.

Useful Balance

The Senston Racket made of carbon fibers that produce more stability to this budget badminton racket and provides very useful balance to play tricky shorts.


Construction of this racket is conceptual if you play long sessions with it you will not feel shoulder pain at all. Due to Carbon fiber usage, the deformation of the frame’s chances is very low thus enhancing the strength of the racket overall. The design concepts are amazing that generates more power for the smash. It uses
a T shape design that connects the Oval shape head with the shaft of the racket. 

Shaft and Grip

The shaft of the racket is not so thin and not very thick remains normal throughout the design thus making it consistent. The grip used in this racket is very well managed and will not slide down from your hands very often.

The only Scenario where this racket may not be as useful as it looks in the competitive play where you have to smash the opponent again and again and also defend the opponent’s shot parallel. Although it is best for casual games. This cheap racket is best for beginners that are recently recovering from an injury.

Like every product, this low budget racket has pros and cons also.

2. RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7

Next, we have the racket from the RiteTrack. This is our second top pick that comes under 50 Dollars. This racket offers a solid build and vibrant gameplay. If you have ever used any heavy racket, then it would be quite easy to understand that how clumsy was that.

Now, we have this great lightweight racket under 50 dollars that fit perfectly fine for taking a great start.

Basic Design

Consistent design with the powerful T connector that connects the shaft and the oval shape head of the racket. With all this design it has also some hidden features if we start from the weight it has a very fitting weight of about 85 grams maybe right now it doesn’t sound very good but you will feel in longer courts.

String Tension

If we look at its manufacturing features it has unusual strings tensions generally badminton the racket has string tension of roundabout 28 pounds but this low budget badminton racket has a tension of 31 pounds.

Carbon Fiber Technology

The carbon fiber technology used in this badminton racket making it very resistive against convincing smashes hence, making it very useful against the players of the aggressive nature of play.

The Complete frame is made up of fiber carbons that provide genuine strength to the whole racket. If we combine this strength with the slims and impressive shaft of this budget badminton racket than you will feel how this feels in your shorts with the combo of power and comfort.

Sticky Grip

The grip is also very sticky and holds surprisingly well into the hands of the player. 

Other Best Features

These rackets are providing almost premium features at very low prices if we compare the features of this best budget racket with the premium one you will see it standing parallel to them making it look very genuine. So, if you’re a badminton player and want to move from the basic level to pro-level, I will strongly recommend you to go for this masterpiece everything is perfect apart from the strings that may become fragile over time.

But as you know there exist always some cons with pros. So, in this best budget racket, we also have a few cons with many pros.

3. Yonex B-350 Badminton Racquet


Whether you are a beginner or at the intermediate level this Yonex B-350 Badminton Racquet is a strong choice for you but you will say WHY? Answer to this would be very simple if we start from the comfort level this badminton racket is providing you added comfort level with in the budget of under 50 dollars.

If you are a beginner at the early stages of badminton and you have started to feel pain in the shoulder after normal sessions than its time to say goodbye to this problem you will not feel shoulder pain anymore. 

Heavy Weight

If we focus on the weight of the low budget Racket for a while you will see it weighs around 95 grams, making it looks heavy as compared to others that we have reviewed but this weight will allow you to bring the racket down very quickly and play your strike very precisely but it will take some force while driving it up. The strings used in this badminton racket is pre-built.

Medium Flex Shaft

The shaft of the racket is neither so stiff nor so flexible. If you are a beginner you would want racket with the flexible shaft but if you are a pro player then you will desire a shaft with a little bit more stiffness to precise your strike.

So, it is usable for both types of players. It is available in the gradient of blue and red. While the grip has mate black color. If you want to use this racket in school or college for a year to play with your friends and family it’s good for you but competitive games, it’s not the one you are looking for.

Pros and Cons section will tell you whether to give it a go or not?

4. Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports is known for its quality sports equipment. Here, we have an Elite performance badminton racket.

Tight String

Tight string technology is used to increase the accuracy and preciseness of the shots. This technology allows the string to get higher tension in it and has more quick shots with the same speed and accuracy.

Durable Frame

The frame is the most important part of a racket. It has to be strong and more durable to stand with you in many of your game battles.

In the case of Franklin Sports badminton rackets, the frame is quite strong. It has a durable and strong carbon frame.

For the badminton racket in a budget of even under 50, you will be quite impressed with how durable it is. However, in some cases, it is reported as shaft broke in different circumstances as many people complained.

Maybe the issue comes with them at the shaft only. As it is supposed to be made with a lighter material to get more flexibility.

Weight 84g

Lightweight racket. Easier to control and handle. It also offers a quick swing in your palm.


Most of the time, head-heavy rackets are strongly preferred. This handsome racket is also a head-heavy racket. This provides extra power to the shots. And this is good for targeting the long shots and quickly smashes even with less power consumed.

Performance Grip

The grip is comfortable in size. This boasts the best couple of comfort and performance.

5. Yonex Basic 4000 Badminton Racket


The weight of this badminton racket is nighty eight to hundreds of grams (98 – 100). Those badminton rackets which weight is between nighty eight to hundreds of grams are in the category of 2U. The badminton racket which is in the 2U category is most heavier than the other U’s like 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U.

Not for Professionals

Those Badminton players which are intermediate or professional in badminton games do not choose that badminton rackets whose weight is heavy.

Loss Energy

Because the professional or intermediate player plays with this type of racket then he or she will definitely lose his or her energy at the start of the badminton game. So the professional or intermediate player always prefers to use those badminton rackets which are light in weight and also strong to play because he or she wants to win the match. So, rackets for intermediate players make some sort of difference in terms of flexibility and energy, etc.

Good for Beginners

But if the badminton player is new to the badminton game then this racket is very beneficial for him or her. Because of the balance of this badminton racket is very good for those players which are new in badminton game.

If you want to learn new techniques in badminton game then this badminton racket is very beneficial for you because of its heavier weight.

Increase Muscle Strength

If you practised on heavier weight badminton racket then your muscle will also strong due to heavyweight, that’s help to increase your speed in badminton game and also increase the power for smash.


The handle for this badminton racket is made of wood which is not so much strong but if you are new to the badminton game then this is good for practice purposes only.

6. Yonex Basic 6000 Badminton Racket

For New Players

If you are intermediate or a professional player in badminton game so Yonex Basic 6000 Badminton Racket is not for you. Because this badminton racket is specially designed for those players which are new in badminton games.

The manufacturer of this badminton racket is made in such a way that the price of this badminton racket came to low.

Almost new badminton player buy this cheap badminton racket. This cheap badminton racket is very good for children who want to play badminton games just for fun.

If this budget badminton racket breaks during the game then there will be no headache for you because the cost of this cheap badminton racket is very low.


The shaft of this budget badminton racket is stiff. Another interesting thing about this cheap Badminton
racket is that it will increase the accuracy by avoiding extra factors that affect the shot.

Increase Accuracy

So the stiff shaft of this cheap badminton racket plays an important role to increase the accuracy.

For Aggressive style

Those badminton players that play in aggressive mode during the badminton game also prefer to use this cheap badminton racket. Because it is designed in such a way that it will be very beneficial for those badminton players that play in aggressive mode during the badminton game.

Cover Bag

The very bad thing which is noticed about this cheap a badminton racket is that it does not with the bag. Bag for Badminton Rackets is very necessary if a badminton racket is cheap or the badminton racket is expensive it does not matter.

Why Bag Important

Bag for badminton racket is very necessary because it will be very comfortable to go with this cheap badminton racket for playing badminton games.

7. Yonex NANORAY Series Badminton Racket


The weight of the Yonex Nanoray series badminton racket is 4U. Those badminton rackets which have the weight of 4U plays a very important role in the performance of badminton player during the badminton game.

Avoid by Professionals

Most of the Professional players of badminton game avoid that cheap badminton racket which is heavy in weight. Because those badminton rackets which are cheap in price but heavy in weight affect the performance of badminton players very badly.

Lose Stamina

When a player plays with a budget racket which is cheap in price but heavy in weight consumes more energy during the game and quickly lose his or her stamina.

Benefits of lightweight Racket

So the good player always to plays with that cheap badminton racket which is lighter in weight because he or she wants to win the badminton game.

This cheap badminton racket is light in weight and also less expensive so this is very good for players.

Grip Size

This cheap badminton racket has the grip of G5. The G5 grip of a badminton racket is very common in the Yonex series of badminton rackets. This grip size which is mostly included in those badminton rackets which are specially designed for those players who are in intermediate level or professional level in badminton game.

But Yonex also cares about those players which are new in badminton games so Yonex included G5 grip size in this cheap badminton racket for beginners of badminton game.

8. Wilson Blaze 350 Badminton Racket

The Wilson Blaze 350 Badminton Racket under 50 has its international values due to their feature, stiffness and their quality. This is considered a high level and this feature make this product differ from local product. This badminton racket has high quality but very low in the budget.

Quad Hoop Shape Head

The uniqueness of this racquet is this round head,  sometimes the round-headed racquet is more efficient for the player to swing the racquet because there is less air resistance. Player expected many of key feature in their racquet if a racquet is a low budget racquet and high in feature and quality every player prefer that product.

Micronized Carbon Fiber Frame

Due to the extra feature of this racquet, this is racquet is preferred at the international level. The frame of this racquet is manufactured by micronized carbon fiber that is a perfect example of stiffness.

Is carbon fiber are Flexible? The flexibility of fiber is quite better as compared to some metals. This flexibility help’s the player to swing their racquet quickly and correctly.

Control Balance

The balance of the racquet depends on the body language of the racquet. One side carbon fiber is flexible on the other side they are in High in balanced. Due to their feature like Roundhead, light handle weight, max shaft length, thick neck, high grip.

These are the key factor to control and balance the racquet.

High Grip

The high grip of racquet helps them, player, to gain high points in court. This racquet has high grip and anti-slipped tape so the player doesn’t worry about losing the point.

9. Apacs Blend 8000 Badminton Racket

The Apacs Blend 8000 Badminton Racket is unique in design and antique watermark on it makes is racquet different from other series. They have a perfect isometric head frame. The frame is best in structure and the color combination that is used on this racquet gives a handsome look in player hand.

Isometric Head

What does isometric mean? Isometric mean same in all dimension the uniqueness of this racquet is isometric in shape. Due to this isometric head, the string length is equalized with cross string.

 Structure Frame

To make the frame of this racquet the new material is adopted that is the perfect combination of Strength and Stiffness. This frame is well structure player that can easily handle any kind of difficulties while gaining the point.

String Tension

Due to the structured frame, the tension in string easily handles up to 38lbs.

Ultra Stiffness

 To achieve high quality for a racquet the stiffness is must inside racquet. This racquet is technically designed for all kinds of players and also maintains quality and stiffness in it.

Quality Grip

Most of the player action depends upon the grip on the handle, High grip helps the player to fast swing a racquet and player can easily take action inside the court and achieve high score from the opponent.

10. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Premium Hyperion

This racquet is only for Hard-hitting offensive player not for all new and intermediate players because the features of this racquet are suited for a hard-hitting player or full energetic player, their only mission is victory. The energetic player control this racquet easily to gain a point, On another side energetic player is also a role model for the audience.

String Tension

This budget badminton racket comes with string tension of up to  30lbs. They can easily handle all types of a smash from the opponent team and helps the player powerful smash in less force.

Heavy Head

The head of this racquet is heavy as the body weight.

Is the heavy head helps player efficiency? The heavy head of this racquet allows up to 5% extra speed generation or more. When player smashes on shuttle its seems like an arrow fire in a bow.  The isometric shape also helps to generate a high force on a shuttle. The head is loaded with woven-titanium to increase the power.

Body Frame

The material used for this racquet is Ultra-high modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber. They are the perfect combination of stiffness and elasticity. This material also helps the player to fast swinging the racquet under pressure.

 High Grip

Badminton player much loyal with his/her racquet on quality and stiffness wise and they also preferred a high gripped racquet. This racquet has all those features that a professional player recommends.

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