best broadhead for black bear hunting

Best Broadhead for Black Bear in 2022

Looking for the best broadhead for black bear hunting is something cool.

As a bear hunter, you have to be very curious when its time to pick the best broadheads for your crossbow  to hunt black bears. It is the only one that comes in contact with your target. Rage mechanical broad is the leading one so far due to its high quality and flight perfection.

A crossbow needs a mechanical broadhead that is designed to achieve maximum results in penetration, targeted spot diameter, and aerodynamics flight, etc.

Traditionally, broadheads were simple tools. But nowadays, these are engineered to achieve the next advancement in the world of hunting bears and other big animals. Today’s crossbows are speedy, quitter, more flexible and more accurate than ever before.

If you are thinking to get the best crossbow only then you have to consider its not the way your crossbow will kill a Bear this fall. That’s the job of broadheads attached to the tip of the bolt.

What is Going to Advance in Mechanical Broadhead for a Crossbow?

They are introducing the best functioning mechanical broadhead in 2021 specifically for crossbow shooters.

If you are looking to buy the best set of broadhead for black bear for your fast, high-speed crossbow, chances are you took some time to save up your hard-earned cash. The last thing you want to make a good purchase decision, not an overpriced model that doesn’t have the features you need.

“You need to be very careful before spending a penny for Bear Hunting.”

1. Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical

Black Bear bowhunting is almost nothing without using the best rage mechanical broadheads, arrow tips. These are famous for their point of accuracy, flexibility and awesome flight, deep penetration, and wide cutting diameter.

These are equipped with 2 stainless steel leading edge sharp blades and a grave-digging tooltip needed for a crossbow. These weigh, approximately, 100 grains. But also available in 125 grains.

Rage hypodermic broadheads are also considered at the top in the list of the best 100 grain broadheads for a crossbow.

Above all, there is a lot to talk about these archery broadheads. The advanced Ferrule alignment technology distinguishes them from other old broadheads. It ensures the perfect aerodynamic flight on a crossbow bolt.

The improved high shock collar technology which is perfect for proper blade retention.

Hybrid tip for surgical accuracy.

What makes it exclusive? Its perfection and quality that ensures that this is a highly durable broadhead for a crossbow when going to hunt a black bear. It is made in the USA. So now you can expect the quality from it.

2. Rocky Mountain Warhead Bowhunting 100 Grain

The Warhead mechanical broadhead takes top position on other expandable broadheads. It’s because of Its cut-on contact tip that is too sharp to produce deep penetration.

It is designed like rugged broadheads with jackknife blades deployment. Furthermore, about this is that it is 100 grain and blades are up to 0.035 inches thick. One thing remaining, the cutting diameter, they have 1.75 inches that are enough for a blood trail that makes you happy. Comes in a pack of 3.

This mechanical broadhead has maximum penetration power enough for a black bear. It’s because they don’t waste energy by dragging primary blades. What’s more, they deploy perfectly sharp blades that are fresh in the contest and penetrate deeply by poking a massive hole.

One little thing to consider is that the entry wound is not large, as it is not dragging the bigger blades-through. This means that if you do not get a pass-through, then you might not get any blood trail. But no disappointment, as it is already said about its penetration power.

Its drastic penetration increases the chances of pass-through and probably causes internal damage which could mean a quick kill. So be aware of the trade.

3. Jak-Knife by Wasp Archery

With a massive cutting diameter of 2+ inches, the Jak-Knife conceives devastating entrance and exit in the prey. With high field point accuracy, it generates enormous blood trail to black bears.

Stainless Steel Trocar is very sharp and Hollow grounded near the razor edges. This design, where the broadhead bone is wider, is helpful to crush the bones with maximum potential.

These awesome mechanical broadheads are highly recommended for they fly better and punch a big hole to cover more bears too early.

Bone crushing chisel tip for big animals

This mechanical broadhead is the top-selling expandable broadhead in the US for balk bear, deer, elk and turkey. The reason behind this is it has no mechanical failure. And what is the best to talk about this? It is made right here in the USA. So, of course, it gives the quality that you expect from the American products. 

As it’s been quoted that Jak-Knife comes up with a maximum cutting diameter that no other broadhead can give you. The comparison chart below better differentiates this statement. 

This product comes up in a 3-pack. Available in 100 to 125 grains.

4. Grim Reaper X-Bow

Grim Reaper X-Bow broadhead are not unknown to the expert black bear hunters. These are known to yield the maximum point accuracy at a short-range.

Probably these are not for poking a massive hole. But these are good at deep penetration and reaching to the bones to crash them out. For this reason, these are considered the best for taking a bear into the next life.

The tip razor is designed for hunting bear out of the most powerful broadhead. It can greatly handle the pressure so that to transmit a large impact on the target.

It comes up with a practice head that is a plus. These are more consistent than the other muzzy crossbow broadheads. 

These best deer hunting mechanical broadheads have an average cutting diameter of 1.5 inches which does not resist the penetration as it is the 3 blade broadhead.

What is a good crossbow broadhead for black bear hunting? People say that this is rear deploying mechanical broadhead for a crossbow to hunt a bear when crushing the ribs is a fun.

In terms of constructions, these are complicated with all the rings. But besides a bit complication, blades replacement is easy to take.

5. RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead

Very impressed with these 100 grain rage broadheads. The trypans are close to perfection. If you are a meat hunter than you would be happy once you get them. They feel beefier than the standard hypodermics. Get ready to harvest deers this season.

Beyond the shadow of any doubt, the blades are very strong and edges are very thick and sharp.

Spin well and fly true as a field point. Pokes a massive hole in the target. You can expect one shot one kill even form up to 60 yards of distance from the target.

Its larger cutting diameter is effective to yield a larger blood trail so that you will never lose the target. More often, no need for any blood trail, actually, they fall into insight. Even if the shot is not so perfect, it would not go for challenging you to chase longer. In case it happens, a thick blood trail will make your chase even just fun.

Looks very durable. When all you hit is a soft tissue, the head will be just fine and sharp enough to reuse.

People love rage but I think that there is room for improvement. What I would like to get improved for this head is to be 125 to 150 grains. Currently, it is 100 grains. One thing more the cutting diameter should be 1.5” instead of 2”. But of course, we can’t get a perfect world.

Changes may lead to a decrease in the flight and field point accuracy. You can go with it for having the best archery gear in your quiver. A perfect pick for hunters. Especially, this mechanical broadhead with a good crossbow will help more to black bear hunters.

6. Swhacker 100 Grain 1.75-Inch Cut Broadhead

The broadhead is surprisingly strong, fast and sharp. Endures prey, when shot, effectively than other normal broadheads. This impressive durability comes from the high carbon steel point and solid stainless-steel blades. 

One thing, noticeable, you would be very happy after examining its blade’s retention and field point accuracy surprisingly helpful for hunting bears.

Some of the buyers claim that they have even shot the prey perfectly even from 100 yards. This does not mean that you can also shot from that much distance. Everyone has different constraints, different bow.

What makes Swhacker different from the rest?

These mechanical broadheads provide unique blade design with two separate cutting edges.

Wing blades, first set of edges, are designed to cut the hide and the first set of ribs. These are smaller than the main blades and used to open the mechanical broadhead. Beyond the normal view is the point of penetration.

  • Wing blades good at transferring kinetic energy of the broadheads to the target on impact.
  • Main blades don not touch anything in the initial penetration. So, they remain sharp for the internal organs. This results in poking a massive hole in the prey.

7. Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75 Inch Cut

If you are surer about your bow hunting expertise and a perfect shot skill, the thing that can make you feel proud of is this Swhacker broadhead.

Its hardened high carbon steel point enables your arrow to greatly engage the target with maximum penetration with a massive hole of 1.7 inches.

The material used in the broadhead is anodized aircraft aluminum. This material increases resistance against corrosion and provides better adhesion.

Like its predecessors, this Swhacker also provides two separate cutting edges for Stainless steel blades. Wing lades (smaller blades) and main blades (large blades).

Wing blades are thicker and are best for bone cleavage. These mechanical broadheads smoothly enter into the target from the first side when coming on hit. And open on stress to cut the internal organs.

The main blades i.e. large blades have long cutting sides. These have a maximum cutting diameter to poke a massive hole in the prey.

The shot results in falling the target in the sight. The extent of perfection depends upon your practice. It comes up with a practice broadhead. That makes you feel cheered when its time to take a challenging shot in just a few moments.

8. Bateman Adder Points

Brand new archery gear is here that is equipped with the latest broadhead design. Currently, it is the top-selling mechanical broadhead in 2020 for a crossbow.

The Batman is flexible enough to fit in any standard definitive field point arrows for added shocking power. These mechanical broadheads fly like field points resulting a dashing black bear kill.

Literally and figuratively these best suit small games, stump shooting. And specifically, you can use these for turkey hunting competition.

Batman has non-sharpened blades. It is competitive in a short range of up to 20 to 30 yards. Where these yield the best results.

Good quality metal is used. Available at a very low price. If you want broadheads for a small game. Never go with expensive broadheads because these guys are money savers. Notice that these come in the pack of 5.

9. RAGE 3 Blade Chisel Tip SC

Two things are greatly considerable for a good arrow impact on the prey. The first one is rigidity and sharpness of the blades and the second thing is broadhead’s tip. The rage 3 blade chisel fulfills the criteria and ensures the kill without a mishap.

With outstanding cutting power, these best rage mechanical broadheads contribute to the excellent impact of the shot. The rage chisel tip is made to satisfy even most arty bowhunters.

Sharp tip gets its way into the prey and burst the bone when it comes in contact. 

The broadheads are not even limited to only the blade quality and chisel tip. But it also uses the Shock Collar technology that comes with excellent blade retention. This means that broadheads will not come apart when expanding on impact. So-called the best broadhead for deer hunting with a crossbow.

It comes up in 100 grain and also available in 125 grain, sold in the packs of three.

10. NAP Killzone Mechancial Broadhead

There is nothing to dislike about these NAP mechanical broadheads designed for a hunter’s crossbow. They design very high-quality products to achieve maximum results for everyone’s requirement matrix.

The NAP Killzone Mechanical broadheads are an excellent choice for if you are looking for maximum penetration extent without unnecessary suffering for the prey. 

One thing that manufacture employs on these mechanical broadheads is NAP’s exclusive spring clip design which makes sure that blades won’t open in flight or in the quiver. It means that blades are secure from any hard scratch before coming in contact with the prey.

Not terribly expensive. Looks nice when not to deal with rubber bands or collars.

These 100 grains mechanical broadheads come up with 2 blades that overall accommodates 2 inches cutting diameter. The broadheads are sold in the packs of 3 with one practice blade.

How to Choose a Crossbow Broadhead for Black Bear Hunting?

I have deeply enquired about the mechanical broadheads and this is surely interesting. What motivated me? It was a reason that I have found very little information around it. Very few tests and reviews.

Well, broadheads, whether these are fixed or expandable, are being sold everywhere. But let me be the first to have a closer look at the broadheads for a crossbow.

In this review guide, even better, I’ll discuss just what makes one the best in the first place, and hopefully, prevent you from wasting your money on the wrong variant.

We look in-depth at the top-rated mechanical broadheads’ brief understanding, features, pros, cons, etc.  In this context that will help you to pick smartly and buy shortly. 


Generally, top mechanical broadheads come up in two weight categories i.e. 100 grains and 125 grains. For the serious hunting or a large hunting contest, most obviously, you depend upon the superior grain weight.

This choice will frequently help you to take a better shot in compact and optimal hunting season like Turkey bow hunting, deer, elk hunting, etc.


Mechanical broadheads are good at accuracy. It is because of the mechanics used in these hybrid broadheads i.e. the narrow launch geometry. Since, in most of these, the blades are closed or opened in such a way to minimize the head’s diameter.

This advancement makes the flight more optimized and accurate, especially outside the 60 yards field view. So, these are less affected by winds and are more accurate than fixed broadheads.


In the mechanical broadheads, blades are expandable. If the expanded angle is greater, the more resistance is to come when coming in contact with the target. If you need high penetration, you will require a narrow blade design with a small expansion angle.


Precision in the way you install broadhead, examine target, pulling the arrow, aiming, etc. gives better accuracy.


Cutting power and digging a deep wound directly depends upon the material used to manufacture the broadheads. If it is good then the blades will be fine after the shot and could be used again after showering.

Mainly the Ferrule is made of aluminum. It is superior in cutting and also avoid adding unnecessary weight as it is a light metal.

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter is responsible for the blood trail. We saw, cutting diameter ranges from 1.5 to 2 inches.

If the cutting diameter is small then consequently, deep penetration and small blood trail are expected and vice versa. So, set the dimensions smartly.

Number of Blades

For a crossbow, mechanical broadhead comes with 2, 3 and 4. Select the bigger number for a better blood trail. But generally, hunters select 2 blades. This is because they can go for both penetration and blood trail.

If you need penetration, set small cutting diameter. Else you can also get a large blood trail and poke a massive hole by setting a large diameter.

Broadhead Tip

So, the tip is the thing that comes in contact with the target, at the first instant. There are categories of tips, Chisel point tips and Cut on Contact point tips.

  • Chisel Point Tip: Split the hide and crush the bones.
  • Cut on Contact tip: Begin slicing at the moment when coming on contact with the prey.


Most frequent questions and answers

To maximize the Kinetic Energy, you would choose Arrow to match your bow. For a big game of bear hunting, you would require more than 65 lb-ft.

It depends on your hunting skill, bow, arrow weight and more importantly on the type of broadhead. In case, if you use a razor sharp, fixed blade, broadhead and a fairly heavy arrow, then you can kill a bear at about 400 yards.

Medium-sized crossbows like TenPoint Venom with an arrow throwing speed of over 470 FPS are great enough to perfectly shot a prey. Also, these will be easy to carry in any unusual circumstances.

Mechanical broadheads! Fixed broadheads suffer inaccuracy which is not a good sign when hunting bears. Mechanical broadheads are associated with supreme accuracy, cutting and blood trail. 

Conclusion: What we have covered so far?

In the article above we have made a large effort to summarize a list for top 10 mechanical crossbow broadhead for black bear hunting.

Now, it will be easy for you to decide your broadhead that fits your needs. I must say that all the broadheads on the list are chosen very critically. You may select one and buy it comfortably.

In the end, let us know in the comment section below that which mechanical broadhead for a crossbow is your pick. Best of luck!

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