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10 Best Badminton Shoes in 2022

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Hey, Badminton shoes enthusiasts; are you ready to step onto the court? No, of course not. Without having the best badminton shoes, you can’t go out there.

For badminton players, footwears are the most important piece of gear they need for badminton. No matter what type of player you are, a good pair of badminton shoes will offer much-needed safety and comfort for your feet, legs, and joints. These are the vital solution from all the pressure and impact they take from running, plunging, diving, and twisting while playing.

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10 Best Badminton Shoes Review

This is a comparison of the best badminton shoes for men and women players; that sum things up by comfort, good structural design, support, protection, and wearable satisfaction. 

Badminton not only requires skills, a lot of cleverness and speed from its players. To handle opponent smashes, it requires quick moves. Any slip or delay means a great loss to your game, performance, and body as well. To be the best at your game plan, you need a well-outfitted pair of badminton shoes.

1. HEAD Men's Badminton Court Shoes​

The HEAD Men’s Grid Badminton Indoor Court shoes are made up of classic leather. These are know for optimal durability, flexibility and support.

Keep Your Feet Dry and Cool

The upper of the shoes have a breathable that has greater air circulation and which prevents your feet from overheating keeping them dry and cool. But Head Men’s Grid Badminton shoes are available in only two colors White/Navy and Black/white.

Allow Quick Movements

The outer sole is made up of rubber that provides great adhesive fraction. Because of this, you can do fast moves in any direction while playing badminton. It also prevents you from injuries.

These Perfectly fit on to the feet easily and the shoes are highly comfortable to wear. The soles are also thick which allows them to absorb a lot of impacts when instantly moving, jumping, and turning.

Feel Relax

The inner sole is more comfortable and you feel relaxed. You don’t feel any type of knee and feet pain. It Is important to note that these Badminton Indoor Court shoes do not come with a removable insole.

Good Looking Badminton shoe

You don’t just need to buy the best comfortable shoes but you should also keep their look maintained. These badminton shoes look beautiful on you while playing because they are not just only made for comfort but also beautiful.

2. Yonex SHB Men's Badminton Shoes​

Here one more brand comes, the well known name Yonex. Yonex is greatly achieving the master grip in the growing market of top badminton footwears.

Power Cushion

Fitness and stability are very important for a badminton player to be strict to the game plan. These Men’s Badminton Shoes have a POWER CUSHION. It is made for maximal stability. It provides high quality cushioning for the safety of ankles and feet.

The midsole is equipped with Power Cushion, Tough Bird and T.P.U technology. Due to which the cushioning absorbs the impact and puts off the stress from ankles and knees due to which you don’t feel any type of knee and feet pain.

Flexibility and Durability

This pair of Yonex Badminton sporty shoes also protects you from different types of pains. With a carbon graphite sheet, it greatly adds in the shoe flexibility.

Yonex SHB 65 Z Men’s Badminton Shoes has a P.U leather and polyester mesh and this leather is not only added to improve its durability but also gives it a great look.


The polyester mesh is used for better air crossing. The upper part of the shoe is seamless, which gives you a soft and comfortable feeling when you wear it. These characteristics of Yonex badminton sneakers result in good ventilation. That is very much preferred by most of the badminton players.

More Specifications

This Badminton shoe has a soft inner sole which makes it fantastic to wear it while playing badminton. It is also lightweight.

The combination colors of the SHB 65 Z shoe is the white, red, black and golden color underneath the shoes.

3. ASICS Men's Upcourt Shoes​

Best Traction and Flexibility

Asics Upcourt badminton shoes have a rubber outsole for the best traction. It is made for every indoor court game like badminton, workout and hiking, or any other sports. for which the player has to jump and move quickly. 

Asics shoes stand with you whenever you need the speed in plunging, jumping, running, or taking quick moves. 

In this shoe sock liner is made with EVA which ensures that the shoe is securely fit around your feet achieving flexibility.

Breathable and Comfortable

The upper part of these Asics badminton indoor court shoes is made up of synthetic leather and mesh underlayers. This makes it extremely breathable and comfortable. The feet are also cool and dry for the superior forefoot comfort. The tongue and padded collar make the shoe overall feel comfortable.

The interior of the shoe is made with mesh and a cushioned sockliner which provides more comfort and Flexibility.

Non-Marking Badminton Shoes

The outsole of Asics Upcourt 2 shoes has a gum rubber which makes it perfect for playing badminton in a wooden court and is also non-marking shoes. If you are not familiar with this term, let me make you sense. These shoes do not leave any mark on the court. Therefore, these are the best picks if you are looking for non-marking shoes.

Smooth Transitions

The Asics Upcourt 2 shoe also has a Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System that helps in reducing shock impacts and allows for a smooth transition movement. The cushioning ability of a shoe makes the badminton player truly happy on the court. 

There is a 1 cm drop from heel to toe which helps easy twisting and moves.

Replaceable Insole

What distinguishes this from the previous shoes in the list is it’s removable insole. And of course, it can be replaced.

4. LI-NING Men Saga Court Shoes

Li-Ning shoes are the most popular choice among badminton players. With a classic design, it feels like a legend. These have a classic leather cover bright neon colors like pink, yellow, green, orange.

 Keep playing for a Long Time

These are widely known as a tighten device to the heel. You strongly need comfort to your heel to keep striking for a long time. This is adjustable based on the need to improve good protection.

This special feature increases the badminton shoe stability and reduces the chances of injury to the ankle. So, you can consider them as an option if trying to get good ankle support.

 Lightweight badminton sport shoes

These Li-Ning Men Saga badminton shoes are light in weight. This factor is absolutely helpful to quickly move around when needed.

 Multiflex sole

This advanced badminton shoe design provides a flexible sole. It has multiple pivot points making the shoe perform and feel incredibly fast and comfortable. So, with this pair of badminton shoes, you are free to engage your opponent quickly and comfortably.

 Protection from Pain

An extra layer of reinforcement is used in this shoe which is applied for the inside front and toe area of the shoe. It protects you from knee and feet pain while you are having an intense badminton game.

 The exterior of the shoe gets a lot of consideration on the court-and the interior keeps the badminton player comfortable and doesn’t feel the aches, pains on feet or ankles or knee pain to the player.

5. Mishansha Men Court Badminton Sneakers​


When we seek lightweight and comfortable shoes for badminton court, the Mishansha Men’s Badminton Sneakers always make their way in the list. They come with long-lasting, synthetic, and fabricated leather that is highly scratch resistant. This factor greatly takes part in the durability.

Comfortable Fit

These shoes are for comfortable badminton play. The lacing system enables you to adjust the width of the shoe. As a result, you would get a much more comfortable fit, therefore, you don’t feel any type of knee and feet pain. It means the shoes can be worn by people who have wide feet too.

Moisture Control

The upper part of the Mishansha Men Court Badminton Sneaker also gives us a breathable mesh that allows the player shoes for air circulations and guarantees that the feet remain dry, cool, and comfortable and the player feels it.

Grip and Support

These have a curved ankle design. This, therefore, provides great support and prevents the wound. The sole is made from rubber providing an outclass grip.

Great Comfort to the Foot

This Badminton Sneaker is also having a full-length MD midsole that provides great comfort to the foot. Our team found the intricate lacing system in this shoe due to this they say the shoes are not easiest to wear and remove. If you are ok with comfortable lacing shoes for the badminton play, you can go with it.

At stores, it is available in a variety of different colors like blue, yellow, white, orange, and light blue and it is available in many sizes.

6. ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9​ Indoor sports shoes

The ASICS badminton shoes are very famous among the badminton players. These have specific characteristics that are required for indoor games, especially for badminton.

Excellent Design

The design of ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 badminton shoes is very excellent. The manufacturers use many things on ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 indoor sports shoes because this is specially made for badminton. On first look, it looks like a volleyball shoe well, not because these shoes are very comfortable, lightweight, and it has all the properties that make this shoe perfect for badminton.


The weight of these shoes is very light and the weight depends on many factors. Smooth mesh is used to avoid injuries and hazardous fit. Feel comfort and stick with your game plane.

Upper Side of the shoe

The manufacturers use mesh on the upper side of these badminton trainers. It is made up of synthetic overlays, which provide structured support and comfort to the ankle when it turns from a certain angle. You don’t feel any type of pain while playing badminton.

The inner side of the shoe

Asics Men’s badminton footwears also have a cushioned footbed to provide more cushioning to the player for comfort. Another excellent feature that really makes these Asics shoes is the rear and forefoot GEL Cushioning System. 

Mesh and sole

The mesh is made of breathable materials, so you never have to worry about your feet sweating or humidity issues and pains. It has a rubber sole which offers good grip on the court.

GEL Cushioning System

This is a type of system that was designed to offer shock-absorbing support for the entire foot and it also provides you superior movement because of both things you can play badminton for a long time.

7. LI-NING Mens Sports Sneakers​

Enough said about Li-Ning badminton shoes. They have some pro shoes that work best for badminton.

Upper side Of LI-NING Mens Badminton Shoes

The upper material of LI-NING Men Sports Shoes is made up of synthetic leather with textile material which provides your feet air circulation and helps you to keep cool, dry and comfortable.


It is designed with X structure technology which increases the badminton shoe stability, comfort and reduces the possibility of injury to the ankle because this shoe provides you comfort you don’t feel any type of knee and feet pain.

Incridible Midsole

The EVA midsole is designed to reduce the weight of instantly moving, jumping and turning during badminton.


Rubber is used in this shoe in the toe area which protects your toes from the collision and protects you from any type of knee and feet injury or pain, which makes it more comfortable.

Inner side of LI-NING Men Badminton Shoes

In this shoe, the extra layer of reinforcement is used which is used along the inside of the front and toe area of the LI-NING Men shoes to give the player the most comfort in the badminton game. This also helps to extend the life of the shoe.

8. LI-NING Sonic Boom Series

LI-NING Sonic Boom Series shoes also appears in the list of finest badminton sneakers because these offer you many features like comfort, durability and protection etc.


The LI-NING Sonic Boom Series is made up of synthetic leather and textile material which provides your feet air circulation and helps you to keep cool, dry and comfortable.

BOUNCE+ Technology

In this shoe LI-NING brand uses BOUNCE+ technology due to this, it improves 27% in vertical performance than traditional mid-sole can more help to reduce the energy which losses in the exercise.


ProBarLOC is used in this shoe which is a thermoplastic stabilizing device that is added in the arch of the foot to connect the forefoot and the heel for support function to the arch during playing badminton. This device also allows the arch of the foot to get good support in every step in badminton when touchdown it reduces the pressure of the arch of the foot.


In LI-NING Sonic Boom Series Professional Men Badminton shoes also use cushion due to this the player doesn’t feel any type of pain. It is used in the main impact parts in the mid-sole for providing cushioning which makes it smooth and stable transition during playing badminton and workout and other games.

9. YONEX Power Cushion Indoor Court Shoes

The other shoe comes from Yonex which is Yonex power cushion court shoes. It can be used for any game like table tennis, badminton and for workout etc.The Yonex power cushion badminton court shoes are made for mens.


If we talk about ventilation of Yonex power cushion court shoes then the manufacturers provide us in this shoe superior ventilation.This means that you don’t feel any type of sweat in this shoe on your foot while playing badminton.

Easy to Fit 

The Yonex power cushion court shoe is easy to fit and it will also fit well on your foot.


The weight of a Yonex power cushion court shoe is 270 grams. This weight is considered as lightweight because of this you can easily play badminton or any other games.

Durable Skin

In this shoe the manufacturers used double skin which is Russel mesh. This basically protects your shoes from scratches while you play on grass or like this other surface.

Cushioning and Comfort

If we discussed the midsole of this shoe then the manufacturers used  Hyper msLite Power Graphite Sheet Power Cushion which provides you maximum comfort during playing badminton or any other game.

10. Adidas Men’s Falcon Badminton footwear

Here the last shoe comes in the list of men’s badminton shoes which is from Adidas.

The synthetic and textile material is used in this shoe. The synthetic shoes are waterproof. This means that you can play with this shoe in any rainy season. But they are not durable so maybe after some time, you will have to buy some other shoes. Leather and mesh leather is used in this shoe from the upper side. They also used a heel cap which is made up of synthetic.

Sole and outsole

Adidas Men’s Falcon Badminton shoes the manufacturers used rubber sole which helps you a lot during playing badminton on the court. In the outsole they used rubber.


Everything in the shoe matters a  lot. But it’s the midsole that needs to be very good at its purpose of providing easement and fellow feeling. Over the midfoot of this shoe, they used a synthetic cage that provides you maximum comfort. This is quite handy when you practice long sessions. 

Shaft and Platform 

In this shoe, they also used a shaft and platform. The size of the shaft is 6-12 inches from the arch and while the size of the platform is 0-3 inches.

Boot Opening

The manufacturer provides 0-3 inches around boot opening in Adidas Men’s Falcon Badminton shoes.

Closure Laces

In these badminton shoes the manufacturers used closure laces through this you can easily lose or tight the shoes.

6 Best Badminton Trainers Review [For Women]

1. YONEX Aerus 3 Ladies Badminton Shoes

YONEX, the world leader in Tennis, Golf and Badminton. It presents YONEX Aerus 3 badminton for women badminton players. These are not just designed well only, but a versatile shoe for indoor games.

Durable Skin

The upper skin is double and made up from Russel Mesh. This is quite handy when you are getting your badminton game outside in your yard. Protects shoes from scratches and other uncertain conditions in the court.

Owing to this badminton shoe, a lady player can play at ease on any type of court. Make quick movements and right shots at the right movements.

Comfort and Cushioning

The midsole is a mixture of comfort and durability. Its graphite sheet hugely increases the power that helps in quick moves.

The rubber outsole is responsible for its non-marking characteristic.

Stability and Solid Fit

Yonex badminton shoes are lightweight. With superior ventilation and solid fit, it helps in maintaining player’s stability.

Easy to fit

In order to achieve the comfort during the game, a sports shoe has to be easy to fit. This Yonex shoe is one of those badminton shoes that are available in a variety of widths.

So, you can try your fit to be worth the money.

2. ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic Shoes Badminton

Asics has been designing excellent badminton shoes. They are not only restricted to badminton, but they are doing well with Tennis and Golf shoes also.

Excellent Comfort and Breathability

The upper open mesh provides good ventilation for retaining the moisture free breathability to the foot. The extent of comfort makes these quite impressive shoes. Its comfort and cushioning in combination with attacking design makes it a breeze for badminton players.

Good Cushioning System

This is made of 100% synthetic materials. That is to transfer impact energy to the next move. Structural integrity of the shoe makes it really a comfortable fit to leap on your forefeet and land on your heels. These will be quite handy when defending against powerful smashes.

Super Stable

This lightweight women’s badminton shoe offers aggression and stability. These two are greatly needed things to make repeated attacks on the opponent. With these shoes, keep your stability at the top. Continue playing with tune and enjoy the game.

3. ZOCAVIA Women's Sports Sneakers

If you are looking for women’s badminton shoes then this shoe is perfect for you. ZOCAVIA Women’s Sneakers are mainly running shoes that are easy to wear everywhere. It is lightweight. 

For who’s

It allows you comfortably for playing, running, workout, and walking for many hours and even for days. Due to this, it is perfect for other sports like badminton, hiking and workout, and other sports and due to more comfort, it protects you from any type of knee and feet pain, etc.


ZOCAVIA Women’s Sneakers have rubber soles which make it easy to wear and for playing any outdoor or indoor games and most people know this shoe as for comfort.


The mesh fabric makes this shoe extremely breathable and comfortable and also mesh fabric allows the air circulation. The feet are also cool and dry for the superior forefoot comfort.


If we discussed the price then the high level of comfort and wonderful design, the price is normal and affordable.


Some people complain about the lack of design but care more about the function that they give us in these badminton shoes than the style or design. There are many solid supports that appear on the sole and ankle. 

Support and protect

Overall, this is a very good badminton shoes pair that does its good job of supporting and protecting the feet and knee during all kinds of movements and jumping during playing badminton, workout and other sports.


The Zocavia shoes can be wearable during any season of the year. 


Zocavia brand provides 100% satisfaction guarantees and free returns on some purchases or money-back guarantees.

4. Li-Ning Women Badminton Sneakers​

If you are a woman, badminton lover and you want to play badminton then you need women shoes that fits best to your badminton game.The Li-Ning women badminton shoes also comes in the list.

Upper part of Indoor Court Shoes

The upper part of Li-Ning Women Shoes is made up of synthetic leather with textile material that provides your feet air circulation and helps you to keep cool, dry and comfortable.

Inner side of Women Badminton Sneakers

Li-Ning added 3D bandage structure which wraps your feet better and makes your feet more comfortable due to comfort you don’t feel any type of knee and feet pain.

Protection from inner side

Rubber in the toe protects your toes from the collision and protects you from any type of knee and feet injury or pain, which makes it more comfortable.


The EVA midsole is specifically designed for reducing the weight during instantly moving, jumping and turning during playing badminton.


When you buy any LI-NING shoes or other things they provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is something you don’t like or issue in the shoe just contact the manufacturer and they will solve your issue as soon as possible.

5. ASICS Gel-Blade 7 Women Badminton shoes

These are durable and middleweight that scores high for good badminton shoes.

Synthetic Rubber Sole

This type of sole imparts flexibility to the body when taking instant moves. It is also quite handy when you need a good grip on the court. Because it offers excellent grip in any position. It keeps control of the forefoot and restricts rollovers.

GEL Cushioning system

Shoes offer plenty of cushioning, ease and comfort. Their shape is quite fit for a normal foot but a player with wide feet may have some difficulties to fit in.

Play with Aggression

Low top is responsible for providing good balance to the foot. The rubber sole has enough grip to withstand aggression.

Imagine a scenario, where you have to instantly hit a powerful smash and then quickly move to the next location to attempt the next powerful hit, there is risk of slippage. This shoe will help you all around and will prevent all such incidents.

Super Stylish

As far as the style is concerned, these badminton shoes are great. Trusstic system technology used in the sole keeps structural integrity of the sole. It is rock solid durable shoes with a super stylish look.

6. adidas Women's Gamecourt

The Adidas women’s gamecourt shoes are also good for all games like badminton, golf, table tennis, running and workout etc because this shoe gives you all features that are important for playing badminton or any other game.


The synthetic material is used in this shoe.Because of synthetic material this shoe is waterproof, cheaper but this shoe is not durable for a long time this means that maybe after some time you have to buy some other shoe. I am recommending you to buy the YONEX Aerus 3 LX Ladies Badminton Shoes which we also cover in the list of premier shoes for badminton game.


It will easily fit any woman because it is made for only women. If your feet are wide then don’t worry because this shoe also fits on wide feet.

Breathable and airy

The manufacturers used breathable mesh on the upper side of this shoe and also they TPU reinforcements because of all these thing this shoe is more airy and breathable.This means that you don’t feel any type of moisture or sweat on your foot.


In Adidas women’s gamecourt shoes the manufacturers used Adituff.This means that it has an excellent abrasion resistance for the toe area.

Outsole and sole

The manufacturers used Adiwear 6 outsole which gives you ultimately high durability.They used rubber sole in this shoe.


Cloudfoam is used in midsole which provides you ultimately high level comfort because of this you don’t feel any type of pain like knee and feet pain etc.


Buying Guide To Your Next Pair Of Badminton Shoes

Each badminton player has its own choice. Whether it’s time to purchase a racket, shuttle or badminton shoes. Some of the players do not give necessary importance to their footwears.

Some prefer loose trainers, others prefer sporty, while some keep their eye on the strategic functions.

What is often neglected is the most crucial thing necessary to stick with the game plane.

Here are some of the important aspects to look into a good badminton shoe.


Look for lighter Shoes that will help you increase your speed. The ideal weight is 250 grams to 380 grams.

While looking into a sporty shoe; design, sole structure and quality are equally important. Hence, with the weight, you will see a dramatic effect on your performance. 

Heavy shoes decrease your speed and diversify your attention to some extent. Therefore, there is a great chance of losing the more points that might bring shine to you. Thus, make sure that your next pair of badminton shoes is not much heavier to lay your feet down. 

On the other hand, lightweight shoes are more than just their weight. These are responsible for quick moves, twists and plunges during the game. This greatly affects the speed.

What matters against power smashes? Your speed. The more quickly you take the position, the more effectively a smash is handled. The fast-paced nature of badminton requires players to be quick, as much as possible, on their feet.

Ankle support

During badminton a player has to twist and jump frequently and quickly. More often, a player has to run forwards and backwards. All the movements start from the ankle. It means, in badminton, ankle support is greatly concerned.

You might have thought that high-top athletic shoes provide better ankle support. The question is very debatable but the short answer is “It depends”.

It depends on player nature, type, and playing position. On their point, surface also matters. It may be a slippery court or uneven playing area.

High top can help support your ankles. But it is not a perfect solution to your query. You should concentrate on strengthening your muscles. High top shoes can cause your muscles to activate later and be less effective.

Our suggestion is, whether a shoe has high-tops or low-cut, choose shoes that fit well. It must have enough range of free motion. If they are narrower to your heels, it may cause injury. As your ankle is not used to extreme physical stress.


You know very well about badminton. It is an extensive game. In no time, you’ll be sweating from top to bottom. Throughout the game, your feet will sweat a lot.

This situation results in production of bacteria and fungi with a very bad and ugly Odour. This is unbearable.

To avoid such conditions, your footwear must have a ventilation system. So, to remain cool and dry.

The footwear ventilation system must include at least one opening in the upper shoe and one guiding surface in the opening. From the guiding the air is directed to the opening as you take any move. For good ventilation, there must be multiple opening and guiding surfaces.

Sole thickness 

A badminton shoe requires a low center of gravity to improve balance and stability during quick actions and full of intense game. The requirement is fulfilled by a thin sole.

Your footwear sole must be thin for a lower center of gravity. With this, you can move, jump and twist quickly with a good balance.

Thicker sole shoes are not recommended for badminton players. It resists the quick moves and disturbs the balance oftenly.

Sole type

Just like other parts of a shoe, its sole is also important. It defines your grip on the court surface. A wood or PU surface requires less shoe grip as compared to a slippery cement court. So, remember your court structure before selecting the sole.

Normally, there are two main types of sole:

  • Gum Rubber sole: Provides extra grip and Traction
  • Rubber sole

If you are playing on a PU or Wood court, then keep your eye on Gum Rubber sole. Enough said, it serves with extra grip and traction too. But on the other hand, if you are playing on a cement floor then Rubber soles will serve you the best.

Soles of badminton shoes are designed to not leave any mark on court. Unless you drag your legs.


What is traction in a badminton shoe? In badminton, when tackling with aggression, there is a great possibility of getting slip and slide. But the sole patterns along the underside of the shoes means they will still be in place until you want. This is traction in a shoe.

When making a purchase decision for your next badminton shoes, make sure to check out the outsole rubber and sole patterns. Rubber should be soft and flexible.

Sole patterns are responsible for multidirectional traction making sure the smooth moves without slipping. This characteristic helps players to play aggressively without thrilling the knee.


Firmness of the foam and thickness of the swift and smooth material under the midsole truly defines the cushioning. With all jumping and twisting, badminton players should look for reliable underfoot protection.

Though thick midsoles are preferred for badminton players, but it does not mean that they are not good at the shocks. Mostly, midsoles have an organic foam that provides comfort. Here remembers one thing, you have to ensure breathing works fine. Without proper breathing, foam and soft mesh will hold sweet that will result in having heavier and uncomfortable shoes with a bad smell.

Asics badminton shoes use Gel. That keeps heel-to-toe transition smoother and quicker.

Ergo shape

Your foot may be at high injury risk during instant forward and backward motions. Here, the toe must be comfortable and flexible as well. These brisk movements need your shoe to be ergo shaped.

Ergo shaped shoes offer enough torque into the shoe. On the base of this torque toe-to-heel movements become fast and quick without causing any injury to the ankle or knee.

Extra Moisture Control

Moisture should be definitely controlled. Shortly discussed, sweet in your foot causes slipping your from inside of the shoe. This may greatly harm your foot and more often it may result in a great injury at your ankle.

Moisture is controlled by

  • Proper ventilation system in the shoe
  • Double Russel Mesh

Normal sporty shoes don’t have enough features for this purpose. Therefore, make sure that your next pair of badminton shoes comes with the ability to fight against moisture. Else there will be a great productive place to grow bacteria and fungi.


Feel comfortable right away with a flexible pair of shoes. It is the most important factor to look into.

You can compromise on design and look but flexibility is not in that queue. If a shoe is stiff and not easily bent then it’s useless to spend your valuable money on it. Flexible shoes have torque in their sole, enough space to move the heel around.

It is recommended to have a small amount of torque in the shoe body. Hold both ends in your hands. You should be able to twist it slightly.   

Benefits of a good pair

Here is how a good shoe benefits you:

  •         Quality shoes avoid discomfort and other foot problems
  •         Perfect sporty shoes alleviate pains like foot and knee pains
  •         Provide ankle support
  •         Prevent foot odor
  •         Regulate your foot moisture
  •         Protect against infections
  •         The dramatic change in performance
  •         Best suit your money as they are long-lasting


Top Badminton Shoe Brands for Men and Women?​


Asics is a Japanese multinational corporation. They are widely known for their sports shoes and other sports equipment designed for millions of sports enthusiasts and athletes.

Asics badminton shoes are classified according to players types:

  1. For Net players: With a big pivot point these are designed for net players.
  2. For Back-court players: These have more layers of cushioning on them. All mechanisms work together to deliver shock absorption and comfort to the badminton players.


YONEX corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of sports equipment. They are the world leader in Golf, Tennis and badminton equipment and gears.

In badminton their footwears, racquets, shuttlecocks and bags etc. are committed to excellence. They are well known all over the world.

YONEX badminton footwears have a natural bounce. When wearing them you will be astonished and see their Power Cushion Technology. A YONEX badminton feels like having a spring under foot. This characteristic helps you in quick foot transitions.


Li-Ning company is a Chinese company which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods. They offer the best athletic gear both in China and all around the world.

If you are looking for a pair of Li-Ning badminton footwears then expect a lot of top support. Most of their shoes have thin soles and hence presenting a low center of gravity to yield greater stability. Keep feet balanced while quickly moving in multiple directions.


Adidas is a German multinational company. It’s famous for manufacturing shoes, clothes and accessories. It is the largest sportswear store in Europe. They are known for their original products.

Adidas badminton shoes have a great popularity among the players around the globe.


Mizuno is a Japanese sports equipment company. This is not so famous like other sports companies.

They offer varieties of styles and designs. Step into Mizuno and feel the difference.


What is best for you depends on what type of player you are, how and where you play, and what type of feet you have.

For me, there is only one thing that helps you the most while choosing the best sports shoes for badminton. It is the playing style. Firstly, find your playing style. Whether you are an aggressive player or baseline player?

Badminton Shoes for Aggressive Players

With your bullet movements and placing the most aggressive type of offensive strokes like Liem, you require great traction and ability to make quick moves. This is possible when your badminton footwears have:

  • Great Traction
  • Large Pivot point to turn around
  • Lightweight

Badminton Shoes for Baseline Players

This position also requires aggression but less as compared to aggressive players. But they still require some quick turns. They also need extra support and stability to avoid ankle turn and knee pain. So, here is the short summary of what you need to look:

  • Lightweight
  • Stability and Support
  • Impact protection


1.  How do I need to buy a pair of badminton shoes?

It’s a good idea to buy professional badminton trainers for your game. Shoes that are specifically designed for badminton offer extra in the game. But if you are new in badminton and do not have enough money to buy specific shoes for the game then it’s not bad to use any indoor game shoes

2.  Which brand is best for badminton shoes?

There are many brads famous for manufacturing badminton trainers. We can’t recommend only one. Asics, YONEX, Li-Ning and Adidas are the toppers in this regard.

3.  What type of shoes should I wear for badminton?

Use specifically designed shoes. These should have thinner and gum or rubber sole, lightweight and flexible structured shoes. Cushioning and sole grip are must. 

4.  How much does a pair of badminton shoes cost?

These cost between 30 to 150 dollars. You can expect good and reliable technologies for the cost of roundabout $100. Do not go with very cheap shoes. They will provide you limited features like traction and shock absorption only. So, Spend your pennies for the shoes that go best for your badminton game.

5.  When should I replace my badminton shoes?

According to our experts, if you play 3 or 4 times a week then you need to replace your badminton trainers after 5 to 6 months. This will ensure your feet’s protection against pains and injuries. 

There are also some other conditions that may result in the replacement of your badminton footwear.

  • Loss of traction
  • Loose upper
  • Loss of protection
  • Foot slip inside
  • Difficulty in fit and hold

6.  What type of outsole my badminton shoes should have?

If you are looking for a non-marking outsole then go with Gumsole. Otherwise, rubber soles offer better grip by expanding on the court when pressure is applied.

7.  Can badminton shoes be used for other outdoor activities?

Badminton shoes are designed with soft soles. It damages when it comes with rough surfaces. Also, attracts dust and other rubbish particles that are hazardous for any indoor court. Therefore, these trainers are not for other outdoor activities except badminton.  

8.  Can I use my running shoes to play badminton?

Running shoes are designed for enough support and cushioning. Where they are not suitable for badminton is their outsole. It is tough and rigid. But we need some rubber or gum sole with some flexibility.

9.  Can I use my badminton shoes for other sports?

Yes, but for indoor sports only. Because indoor game shoes require the same things. A cushioning, support and protection, ankle supports etc.

10.  How do my badminton shoes fit?

Every player likes their own fitting. But make sure that your heel has enough space to allow your ankle turn around. Do not fit too close to your toe. It will feel your toe is pinched.

11.  Are badminton shoes good for knee pain?

Yes, these have enough technical support to overcome your knee pain. It is the most common problem in badminton players. But good badminton trainers will avoid such problems.

12.  How do badminton sneakers provide the best ankle support?

Yes, of course. Good badminton trainers are equipped with many characteristics, discussed above, that are quite handy for ankle support.

13.  How should I clean my shoes?

Clean your shoes frequently. This will help you to retain good grip. You need warm water, soap, brush and a towel for this purpose.

Firstly, take any pointed object to remove dirt and other particles. Now, use warm water with soap and rub the sole with brush. Meanwhile make sure not to use too much water on the upper side of the shoe. After a complete wash use the towel and wipe the shoes. Keep them in the clean and dry area to pass air.

At the end, when shoes are completely dry and clean place them in your bag for the next contest.


In this article, we have discussed the top badminton trainers for both men and women. All the badminton shoes are reliable and worth your money. You can buy any of them that suits you best.

Make your buying decisions comfortably with the help of our buying guide. Let us know about your pick in the comment below. It will help others. Do check our buying guide for the best badminton rackets.

If you feel I have missed anything or have any advice, please contribute and leave your feedback. Thanks for reading.

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