Best badminton racket for doubles

10 Best Badminton Racket For Doubles 2022

Best badminton racket for doubles come under great consideration when it’s time to play the game on the go.

Badminton is one of the most played indoor games in the world with over 200 million followers. If you are a badminton player and want to conquer this field in 2021 than you have jumped into the perfect place as we are providing you the best badminton racket brands for doubles like Yonex, Sanston, etc.

These Rackets will help you to compete with the best players around you because of the fact i-e the better the equipment is, the better would be chances of success and lesser will be the time it will take.

I’ll get the racket do the talking.

List of The Top 10 Badminton Racket for Doubles

Rackets are the most important things that come to mind whenever one talks about badminton. For doubles, there are many famous racket brands. Check out our compiled list of top badminton rackets.

Either you are looking for the best badminton racket for beginners or the best badminton racket for intermediate players you must have to focus on some factors to buy a catchy, flexible and trendy racket. Things that matter while buying rackets for badminton sport are shaft, shape, thickness, weight, smash, power, comfort, shaft’s grip and much more.
Let’s just dive into the pool of best badminton racket brands.

1. Senston Badminton Racquets

Those doubles badminton players who have not enough money to buy Badminton Racket for playing Badminton Game then this Badminton Racket is available at affordable prices.

So the Badminton Players can easily purchase this Badminton Racket and start or continue their journey to achieve their dreams.

Grip Size

The Grip size of this Badminton Racket is G4. Those Badminton Rackets which have G4 grip size are mostly liked by most of the Badminton Players.


The Balance point of this Badminton Racket is almost 295 so which is in the head heavy category.

Those Rackets which have heavy head has the ability to increase power when the Badminton Player wants to hit the shuttle.

Most of the time Professionals recommend that if you want to play on the offensive side then head heavy Racket is very useful for you. Because it increases the power when the player wants to play smash.


The weight of this badminton racket is 5U (75g – 79g). So this is light in weight. Which is very beneficial for badminton players.

The Badminton Players will be able to play for a long time if the weight of badminton rackets is light. Because he or she easily hit the shuttle due to the lightweight of badminton Racket.

And you will also do not face shoulder pain due to a lightweight racket.

2. Young Passion Professional Badminton Racket


The weight of this Badminton Racket is 5U and also available in 4U. Most of the Badminton Players usually prefer those Badminton Rackets which are in weight of 5U or 4U.

Because those Badminton Rackets which have 4U or 5U are less in weight as compared to other U’s like (3U or 2U).Due to less weight, the Badminton Players can easily respond to opponent shots. And also due to less weight, badminton players can play well for a long time.

Because of if the Badminton racket for doubles has heavy then the players can easily tire and there will be more probability to lose the game.


The balance of this Badminton Racket is 295+5mm which considered in the headlight. Those Badminton rackets which are in the headlight category are best for a quick swing.

That also helps to improve fastness in-game. So it helps Badminton Player quickly respond against the opponent shot.

The most important thing to be noticed is that due to headlight it is very difficult to hit the powerful smashes.


The thing which is very interesting in this Badminton Racket is that the frame and shaft of this Badminton Racket are made in one piece that is this badminton racket has no T-joints and also there is not have any type of connector between frame and shaft.

String Tension

The string tension of this Badminton Racket is up to 30 lb which is very beneficial for single as well as this badminton racket is also very beneficial for doubles players.

3. Oppum Graphite Badminton Racket

This Badminton Racket is very useful for those Badminton players which are new in badminton games or those persons who play Badminton for fun or time pass.

This Badminton Racket is made of carbon fiber that improves its durability.


The weight of this badminton racket is 88 gram which is considered as 3U. Those Badminton Rackets which have a weight of 88 gram or 3U are heavy in weight than 4U, 5U, and 6U.

Due to heavyweight, I think that this Oppum Graphite Badminton Racket is not good for beginners. Because if they play badminton games with this Badminton Racket then they will lose their energy quickly and as well as easily lose the game.

So one of the most important things in the Badminton game is stamina.

String Tension

The string tension of this badminton Racket is 26-28 lbs. Those doubles badminton racket which has string tension of 26 to 28 lbs are very beneficial for those Badminton players which are advance in badminton games or professionals in badminton games.

Those doubles badminton players which are new in badminton games or intermediate in badminton games do not use this badminton racket due to its string tension amount.

Because this racket is specially designed for advanced or professionals badminton players.


This Badminton Racket has a square head frame in structure. The square head shape makes its string tension very better.

Due to the square head shape the string tension reaches 28 pounds.


The durability of this badminton racket is very good and it will make doubles happy. Because Graphite material is used in this badminton racket.

4. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7

In our top 10 pools of best badminton racket doubles at number 4. We have Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 badminton racket. Its best for the layer that loves to mix up their game. Titan G- Force held in the hands extremely well.

This Racket is made up of Japanese Carbon Fiber that held things together for a long time. In our best badminton racket brands, G-Force 7 is almost the must product for you if you want to compete.

This Badminton Racket for doubles has a history that is used by some professionals athletes around the globe because of the lightweight, flexible, beautiful design and can handle the strongest of the tension because of the use of Japanese built famous Strings.

This badminton racket for advanced doubles players weights almost 80 grams the shaft flex is also much low than other rackets in the market, these important features make it better and stand out equipment than others in the global markets.

This best badminton racket on amazon has a history behind it stating that ‘we love sports just like everyone and we are working day and night to produce such master class for you so, you can easily go on and break the shackles against any competitor’ Just one last thing to mention here if you have a bit aggressive nature and always want to attack the opponent that try using it with two or three grips it will surprisingly help you.

5. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

Yonex Racket is released in 2013 but still used by some big names in badminton. The racket has much t\hinner but flexible shaft having ARCSABER logo on it that makes it too catchy and trendy design. it is developed using the Nanoscience concept.

This Racket belongs to the best badminton racket deals. Yonex Racket has limited color variety and also has very hard flexibility but one thing that makes it better it SMASH!

Because of the Stiffness in the strings their lies a chance of getting damaged after few months. The material used in this racket on amazon belongs to Japan with carbon fibers.

Racket generates great feeling right from the first smash. It is easy to control and provides a lot more comfortable than others.

This Racket also has wavey like Grips that helps the player to hold it as better as anything. The racket has an oval shape that makes its momentum and stresses out well. It is finished very well with a gradient of white and red.

Initially, it feels that we are not going to get to it but once you stelled the length of the stroke than the world is all yours.

Racket consists of an ARRSCRABER frame that plays its part during the game by providing much force during the smashes. Racket produce more power because of carbon nanotubes. Because of the lightweight flexy frame, it feels softer which means that it will not be hurting your arm in long sessions making it easy even for beginners, having said that it may cause problems for the player with not good technique

Because of the best ARSCRABER frame player can through the short with complete merit and focus by using less force with more accuracy but not very much responsive as others.

Strings used in the rackets are effective ones. So if you are here to have the best badminton racket of Yonex you must have to go for this because of the above-mentioned facts.

In a nutshell, this best badminton brand has some pros and cons mentioned below.

6. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade

The best racket when it comes to ‘badminton rackets’ under 100. perfectly design, catchy looks and decent shaft making it pick of the rackets. It provides great smashing power and perfect control with more accuracy in it.

It consists of carbon fiber strings that allow more flexibility to the entire racket and making it easy for the player to use it during a long period of games. The frame design is also very impressive for the racket it comes in a golden frame with black shades making it look really good to hold. While the shaft in different colors without any logo and sponsor. The grip provides you with more comfort and will not slide or slip during smashing.

The concept behind the design is fluid dynamics that provide the racket more fluency and stability to control your short. T shape design connections provide more comfort level while playing your shorts. The Badminton Racket comes in different colors such as a Golden racket, blue racket, purple racket, and sliver racket.

As the Badminton Rackets for professionals depend on high frame precisions, So the player won’t feel instability in his/her game. That’s why they have used Unique Pyramid Frame Rim Frame for this badminton racket. This racket can be used in daily practices and you can also dive in competitions by using this piece of creativity.

The shaft of the racket is medium flexible. While the weight of the badminton racket is around 88 grams not very heavy. The balance of the Racket lays an important role in the stability and production of power for smash this racket has an insight point of 87 to 93 mm.

The racket suits both players of beginner and intermediate level of badminton. Its proper design allows you to go through the air very quickly with less resistance so a player can devise quick moves in the nets. Using this racket you’re able to make light fasting shorts.

This racket provides the best value for money because it’s appearing under 100$ and it’s a piece of art when it comes to its prices with more features in low dollars.

So, it’s time to move to the pros and cons section. let’s just dive in to determine whether it is the best badminton racket on amazon or not?

7. Victor Brave Sword 12 Badminton Racket

This racquet victor brave sword is technically designed for all-rounder players. This key feature of this racquet is to reduce the air resistance up to 10% that really helps for the perfect shot. Due to the air resistance feature, this racquet will be count on the best badminton racket. Most of the professional players prefer this racquet for fast Double game to win the match.

Isometric Head

The unique feature of this racket for doubles is the isometric head. The material used in the head is Graphite + Nano Resin is the ultra-high module of this racquet.
How isometric head help? Isometric head means the same all dimension if the head has isometric at all sides then there is a more sweet spot to hit.

Tight String

Stretching of the string is also a key factor for force full smash. This racquet has a high stretching string with proper isometric and square head.

Body Flexibility

The flexibility of racquet depends upon its material that is used to manufacture. Graphite is medium flexible and also medium stiff. Sometimes medium flexibility play’s an important role to achieve their goal in-game.


Light-weight racquet helps players to take quick action and a forceful smash on the shuttle. The weight of Victor Brave Sword 12 is(82-86) grams which is (4U) much lighter in weight. The player swings their wrist easily for the perfect shot.


The grip of this racquet is 83mm which is (G5) that is fit for All kinds of players. There is an anti-slipped tape over the handle of the racquet that is an extra feature of this racquet and provides good support for smashing with such the best budget badminton racket.

8. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

The latest head-light series of Yonex badminton that is used for extreme speed smash in badminton court. This light-head badminton easily swings in the player hand. The lower thicker part of this racquet has to generate maximum repulsion. The player puts a high force on the racquet and gets point easily.

Extra Stiff Quality

This racquet has Extra Stiff on quality-wise. This racquet is designed for all kinds of player so it is very hard and flexible.
Is hardness depending on smash? Yes the hardness of racquet depends on a forceful smash and player also exert extra force on racquet while smashing on the shuttle.


Quality of the product depends of effort of player. Higher in quality player can take fast step in game .This racquet contain Graphite + Sonic Metal there is high in quality and stiffness.

Square Head

This racquet has square head that is technically design for professional badminton player .this head have completely isometric and very hard.


The shaft of this racquet is elastic and made up of Graphite and Nano metric that is perfect combination of hardness. Player can handle all kind of challenges during game with this elastic shaft.

Net Weight

The net weight of this racquet is 3U the average weight is 88g.
These series have also another weighted racquet with the same feature the net of this racquet is 2U which is 93g.


The grip of this racquet is G4 which is 89 mm.G5 has 83 mm in size.
The grip size is the same for 2U weighted racquet. This type of racquet is for the small-handed players. Not only for small-handed but professional players recommended this racquet for the small-handed player.

9. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Badminton Racket

Most of the players prefer different racquet according to their feature quality and string strictness and other things. There is a very unique and impressive quality sound filter that makes this racquet unique and different from other series in Yonex badminton.

String weight

The net weight of this racquet is 4U which is 20-24 lbs. The stiffness quality is also good in a string which is the perfect combination and also helps them to take quick action and also in quick ideas in court.

Frame Flex

Frame flexibility depends on the quality of metal that is used to manufacture the racquet .this racquet contains Graphite +Nonmetric +Tungsten which is almost medium.


The weight of this racquet is 4U averagely 83 g. And also 3U 88g which is much lighter as compared to all other racquets in this series.


The shaft of this racquet is made up of Graphite +Nonmetric this is medium in flexibility but harder in quality, due to this feature player don’t worry about to lose the point during the game.


High in grip perfect in a shot. The grip of this racquet is G4 89mm and G5 83mm in size. When there is a high grip on racquet players easily swing the racquet.

10. ZOEA Badminton Racket

ZOEA badminton racket is perfect for those players who are beginners and intermediate players because the weight of this racket is very lightweight.


The weight of unstrung ZOEA Badminton Racket for doubles is about 80 grams and is so-called 4U which is considered as lightweight but if the weight of this racket is 5U then this racket is perfect but no problem because of its lightweight this racket is perfect for those players who are new in badminton game and this racket is also perfect for those who are intermediate badminton players. The 4U and 5U most used among the badminton players.Another thing which is because of its lightweight through this racket you can play for a long time if your racket is heavy and you are a beginner player then you can easily tired.


In this racket, the manufacturers used head shape frame structure and they also used nanometer material. The head shape frame makes its string tension very good. Due to this, the string tension can reach 26 pounds, which means it is easier to play this racket than other rackets.
In this racket, they used powerful T Joint which improves stability and its control deformation which is caused during playing badminton.

Shaft and Handle

Shaft and handle of this racket full made of carbon fiber and high-elastic shaft tube are used which makes this racket flexible.


The racket has texture, friction grips, soft material and it also absorbs sweat it is perfect for those players who have more sweat.


In the market, the ZOEA Badminton racket is available in two colors that are Black Gray and the other is Red White.


The above article went you through everything about the best badminton racket for doubles. For the best choices choose wisely.

All the rackets are good and properly researched. You can get one that perfectly suits you. In the end, let us know about your precious decision in the comment section below that will help others. Best of Luck!

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